Everything about Bean Bag Filler


Bean bags have a long history and have become popular in this era. Many people are on the move to purchase them. You can use them as chairs, pillows, mattresses and playing gear for children. Before buying one, there are a few things you should know about them, to make sure you don’t settle for the wrong one.

You need to know what to fill bean bags with. It is also essential to know if they are washable, safe for your children and helpful during pregnancy. There are different materials used to fill bean bags.

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1. Expanded Polystyrene bean bag refill

EPS (expanded polystyrene) beads are man-made hard-celled plastics. They are light weighted but rigid enough to retain their form for several years. 98% of the beads is air, and they’re resistant to moisture and heat. You can recycle them after use.

2. Expanded Polypropylene

Another material is EPP (expanded polypropylene), common in Asia. When bent out of shape, it quickly returns to its original form, meaning it can compress without losing its cushioning qualities. However, it is very susceptible to fire and burning, and degrades when exposed to oxygen.

3. Compressed Foam bean bag chair filler


Compressed foam is used in making chairs. It’s easy to transport because it can compress to about one-quarter of its resting size during shipping. This foam can be found cheap in terms of off-cuts. However, because of its irregular shape, some people do not like its texture when used in bean bags with thin linings. It’s best used with leather and 1680D polyester.

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4. Natural Fillers

Beans, rice and natural fillers load bean bags. As the name suggests, beans have been common fillers, but with time people are moving from manmade fillers to natural fillers. A good example is buckwheat hulls which are hard, but when used inside a thick lining they are comfortable. It’s essential to change the beads once in a while to ensure that the bean bag retains its quality.

Can bean bags be washed?

Now that you’re in the light on what to fill bean bags with, it’s crucial to know how to wash them. You can clean models that have removable covers in a washing machine. Others designed with leather covers, vinyl, velvet or velour can be wiped with a cloth dipped in warm, soapy water.

Are bean bags safe for toddlers?

The safety of your kids is important . When purchasing a bean bag, ensure it is tightly stitched. Your little ones will not tear and inhale or swallow the beads which can lead to choking and at times death. Some brands fail to fill the bags correctly. A study conducted in America in 1996 found that 35 deaths occurred to toddlers who were found lying face down on bean bags that were not filled well.

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Is bean bag good for pregnancy?

When a woman is pregnant, she might experience back pains, and it may be uncomfortable to sit on hard-backed seats. A bean bag is comfortable for the pregnant woman and the baby, and it goes a long way in relieving back pain. So, if you want to change your furniture, you might consider buying a bean bag chair, pillow or mattress.

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