Best Makeup Mirror Ideas You Will Absolutely Love

19 Best Makeup Mirror Ideas You Will Absolutely Love

When we talk about self-care, makeup mirrors are a girl’s best friend. But how can we forget about men, even they need it for shaving and some touch-ups. After all, be it men, or women, everyone has become conscious about their personalities. So, let’s talk about “Best Makeup Mirrors” in this piece of writing. These mirrors are also referred by different names such as magnifying mirrors or tabletop mirrors, vanity mirrors or pedestal mirrors.

Makeup mirrors are available in many styles, designs, and features so that you can have the one that is perfect for you. Where round, oval, and square ones are designed for tables and walls, the lighted ones are custom-made for special settings. Choosing a great makeup mirror is all about your taste, requirement, and preference. And, it isn’t hard as long as you do some research and knows some great products to compare.

Well, to make the task of choosing a great makeup mirror easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of some great products. To make it further easier for you, we’ve separated the list into three main categories.

  1. Simple Wall-Mounted Lighted Mirrors
  2. Touch Control, Stylized Makeup Mirrors
  3. Decorative Makeup Mirrors

Let’s check them out:

Top 10 Best Wall-Mounted Lighted Mirrors 2018

1.Revolving Wall-Mounted Day/Night Lighted Mirror

Danielle Revolving Wall-Mounted Day/Night Lighted Mirror, 10X Magnification, Chrome


This revolving makeup mirror by Danielle Enterprises features incandescent lighting with two settings to simulate evening and the daytime. Isn’t it a great feature? You can use this mirror effectively during daytime as well as evening. This wall-mounting mirror comes with a pivoting arm and measures 8-inches in diameter. You can easily adjust your view to any angle using the collapsible arm.

Also, it’s a two-sided mirror where one side is 10 x magnifications for a close-up view and the other is a true image, which is again a great feature. As far as the installation concerned, it’s really simple as you just have to follow the instructions that include plugging it into a wall for better usage.

Why choose this makeup mirror – If you’re looking for something handy yet practical, this revolving mirror can be an ultimate choice. Some of the best features to look for include two-sided view, incandescent lighting, dual settings, and easy installation.


2. LED Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

GURUN 8.5 Inch LED Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror with 10x Magnification,Gold Finish


This beautiful LED lighted wall mount makeup mirror by GURUN can be a great choice for your bathroom as well as the bedroom. Made of heavy brass, this mirror comes in the gold finish which makes it look luxurious and blend with any room décor. This double-sided mirror is illuminated with natural white and bright LEDs on both sides and comes with 2 magnification setting: 1x & 10x for a better view.

What makes it even better are the rustless and anticorrosive properties along with a foldable function. It comes with a built-in 5- pieces LED strip and the arm can be extended up to 11-inches.

 Why choose this makeup mirror – If you’re looking for something that looks luxurious, this stylish gold finished makeup mirror can be your best pick. Also, this revolving mirror gives you 2 magnifications setting for precise makeup and come with 5-years warranty. The mirror is easy to install as it comes with screw fixings.


3. LED Lighted Direct Wire Makeup Mirror

LED Lighted Direct Wire Direct Wire Makeup Mirror with 8x Magnification


The direct wire wall mount mirror in nickel finish by Jerdon can be a beautiful addition in any room. There are various angle options available for your easy application and 8x magnification for better viewing.

It comes with a LED Halo light design around the perimeter of the mirror along with a smooth rotation to adjust angles. Also, there is an on/off rotary switch on the base to activate the halo lighting.

The arm can be extended easily from the wall and seems to adjust better even at odd angles. The smooth nickel finish protects against moisture and condensation and it comes with complete mounting hardware for easy installation.

Why choose this makeup mirror – It’s a direct wire wall mount with smooth 360-degree swivel design. The two-sided circular mirror gives you convenience and precise magnification. Best of all, both sides light up in which one is a regular mirror and the other is the magnifying one.



4. Magnification Cordless LED Lighted Dual-Sided Wall Mirror

Zadro 10X/1X Magnification Cordless LED Lighted Dual Sided Wall Mirror, 7-1/2 Inch, Oil-Rubbed Bronze


This simple yet functional dual-sided wall mounted mirror by Zadro allow you to put your reflection light where you need it. It’s a cordless LED lighted, oil-rubbed bronze wall mount mirror with 10x and 1x magnification. It requires 4C batteries or power adapter to run the eco-friendly LED lights.

The dual-sided magnification offers better view and the dual-joined arm extend up to 12-inches. The mirror is equipped with an energy-efficient, ultra-bright ring light. Additionally, the mirror is extremely easy to install in any room and can blend with any décor.

Why choose this makeup mirror – Dual-sided makeup mirrors are becoming the standard due to the aesthetic appeal and functionality they offer. As far as this mirror is concerned, it’s cordless so you can mount it anywhere and offer 360-degree head rotation.



5. LED Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

Ovente LED Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror


The LED lighted wall mount makeup mirror by Ovente is dual-sided 360-degree featuring 1x 10xmagnifications. 1x for a close-up view of the face while 10x for precision. It’s an acrylic edge, polished chrome mirror that can either be operated by battery or USB adapter. The acrylic edge helps this product emit bright lights as compared to those with metal frames. It is designed to stand different temperatures as well as 6. 6.chemicals.

Furthermore, it comes with an extended arm for better use even in rooms with limited space. The internal ring allows safe and easy rotation to any angle. It is available in different finishes such as nickel-brushed stainless steel, polished chrome, and antique brass.

Why choose this makeup mirror – As the mirror is sleek and stylish, you can easily create a focal point by using it in your bathroom or bedroom. If you love to keep your rooms organized, this clutter-free mirror can be a good investment. Also, the mirror comes with built-in long lasting LED lights.



6. Lighted Wall Mount Oval Makeup Mirror

Lighted Wall Mount Oval Makeup Mirror with 10x and 15x Magnification


This is a lighted oval-shaped makeup mirror by Jerdon that comes with dual magnification, 10x and 15x. The nickel finish wall mount mirror is designed for a sleek and modern look. Some of the interesting features include 360-degree swivel design, an adjustable arm and smooth rotation.

The extension arm can help you easily rotate the mirror as per your convenience, even to the odd angles. Additionally, there is an on/off rotary switch on the round base that you can use to activate the halo lighting as and when required. Also, the installation is very simple as the mirror comes with all the mounting hardware and 25-watt replacement light bulb.


Why choose this mirror – The great thing about a lighted mirror is that it eliminates shadows and gives you a clear view of your face. Apart from the convenience of a rotatable mirror, it has a nickel finish that protects the mirror against moisture and condensation.


7. Lighted Brushed Nickel Wall Mount Fluorescent Makeup Mirror

Lighted 7X Brushed Nickel Wall Mount Fluorescent


When we talk about lighted mirrors, brushed nickel and LED lights is a great combination. This wall mount makeup mirror by Conair is a fluorescent stain nickel mirror that features a jointed arm and 360-degree swivel design.

As far as the magnification is concerned, the dual-sided mirror offers 1x and 7x magnification for better makeup application, shaving, and usage. Furthermore, the articulation of the arms and mirror offer endless positioning options. The finish and quality seem to be good and the installation is very easy.

Why choose this makeup mirror – If you’re looking for a makeup mirror that is both stylish and functional, this brushed nickel, and clear plastic mirror can bring style to your home décor and furnishings. It also comes with various wall screws to save your trip to any hardware store.

8. Double-Sided LED Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

Excelvan LED Make Up Mirror 8 Inch Double Sided Swivel


This double-sided, lighted wall mount makeup mirror by Excelvan has an elegant design. For better usage, it comes with a swivel design with a 360-degree rotation that can be fixed to any angle of preference. The 11.43-inch arm is foldable and adjustable while the mirror surface is 8-inches.

As far as the basic design is concerned, the mirror has a chrome finish and round shape. Made of brass and high polished chrome, this is a double-sided lighted mirror with 5x magnification and 1:1 mirror image. Furthermore, the mirror is powered with LED lights that last longer than those conventional bulbs. The installation is also not very challenging.

Why choose this makeup mirror – This wall-mounted lighted mirror has an elegant design with a silver-tone that blends well with any furnishing. Also, the mirror is foldable and come with an adjustable arm. The chrome finish makes it both functional and eye-pleasing.



9. LED Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror in Chrome Finish

Jerdon HL1016CL 9.5-Inch LED Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror with 5x Magnification, Chrome Finish


This is another in the list of lighted makeup mirrors by Jerdon. It’s a single-sided round wall mount mirror with 16-inch arm extension and can be adjusted to many angles. It comes with 5x magnification and the LED bulbs are lined evenly around the mirror.

It has a 9.5-inch diameter and an on/off rotary switch on the base to activate the halo lighting around the perimeter of the mirror. The LED light is always a great option for the environment and it lasts long as compared to those traditional bulbs. The company promises a life of up to 40,000-hours.

Why choose this makeup mirror – First of all, the chrome finish works well with almost every home design and décor. Secondly, it’s a single-sided mirror and can offer more durability. Also, the mirror is adjustable to all angles for a better view and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


10. Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror With 5x Magnification

Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror with 5x Magnification


Again by Jerdon, this wall mount makeup mirror has a chrome finish and smooth 360-degree swivel design. The two-sided mirror is equipped with a 14-inch arm extension and 1x and 5x magnification.

Furthermore, this fog free mirror comes with an easy on/off rotary switch on the oval base to activate the halo lighting. The extension arm gives you the complete freedom to adjust the mirror as per your need.

Also, the chrome finish protects against moisture and condensation which is again a great feature. For easy installation, the company provides you with mounting hardware and 25-watt replacement light bulb.

Why choose this makeup mirror – If you want to add luxury to your bathroom, bedroom, or any other room, you can use this chrome-finished makeup mirror. It has a sleek and modern look and also provides close-up magnification for flawless makeup application and shaving.


7 Ideas Touch Control, Stylized Makeup Mirrors

Well, when we talk about makeup mirrors, the choice is endless and we’ve already discussed some popular lighted ones. If you’re looking for something really unique, there’s a wide variety available for you. Let’s check out some touch control, stylized makeup mirrors:

11. Lighted Vanity Mirror With Dimmable Touch Control

Nitin Lighted Vanity Mirror with Dimmable Touch Control, Hollywood Style Makeup Cosmetic Mirrors with Lights


This advanced lighted vanity mirror by Nitin comes with dimmable touch control and Hollywood style bulb layout. The mirror has an aluminum frame and 9 LED bulbs with warm light and color temperature setting. We can say that the mirror is quite sturdy as it has a solid feel with metal frame and base. Also, the mirror is equipped with non-replaced LED bulbs with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Best of all, the mirror comes with a smart touch control design which is a unique feature as compared to the simple lighted ones. As far as the installation is concerned, no wiring or assembly is required as all you have to do is simply plug and use.

Why choose this makeup mirror – This mirror can be used in both home and professionals ways. Using the touch control button, you can easily turn on/off the light and change to warm light and daylight. The 360-degree rotation gives you the perfect viewing angle.



12. Lighted Makeup Round Mirror With Base Touch Button

Lighted Makeup Mirror 1X 7X Magnification Double Sided Round Shape with Base Touch Button


Seems like everyone is going gaga over touch control and this is a double-sided makeup mirror by KDKD. What makes it different is that the mirror is cordless and rechargeable. Also, this chrome finished stainless steel mirror has a touch button on its base for easy operation.

All you have to do is just touch the on/off button given on the ivory stand base. Pressing the button for 3 seconds will adjust brightness. As far as the magnification is concerned, this double-sided mirror offers 1x normal viewing and 7x magnification.

Also, it can be easily rotated to 360-degree as per your need. Additionally, there’s a charging indicator that flashes white color is its charging and extinguish when fully charged.

Why choose this makeup mirror – The very first thing you may like about this mirror is that it is cordless and rechargeable. Secondly, it comes with a snow pattern touch button for better control. Last but not the least, the package contains a 40-inch USB 2.0 A make to Micro B cable.



13. Portable Tri-fold Makeup Vanity Mirror with LED Lights

Portable Trifold Lighted Mirrors


So far we’ve discussed one-sided, two-sided, and foldable makeup mirrors but now we will talk about the tri-fold design. This tri-fold lighted makeup mirror by Angelgear is totally unique and seems to be really functional. It has 3 different magnification mirrors (1x2x3x) with 180-degree rotation.

Also, the mirror is equipped with touch control button to easily adjust the brightness and color. Furthermore, it has an accessory storage base for keeping small items like rings, studs, etc. The dual power operation is another great feature which makes it versatile.

Why choose this makeup mirror – You may like the tri-fold concept which is totally different from other models. It also has a touch button to easily adjust brightness, color, etc. Best of all, you might be interested in those 7 piece makeup brush and 1 extra long USB cable that comes for free with this mirror.


14. 10x Magnifying Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

BESTOPE 10X Magnifying Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror with 16 Led Light


This is a beautiful and sleek makeup mirror by BESTOPE that is equipped with 16 LED lights. The dimmable light design helps you adjust the brightness as per your need.

Also, the LED lights provide natural white light from all angles, making the mirror easier to use. Coming to the magnification, the mirror offer 10x magnifying zoom to see every detail of your face and therefore, ideal for a lot of things.

This battery-powered mirror comes with a suction cup that locks to prevent falling. All you need to do is twist clockwise to lock in place and twist counter-clockwise to unlock. So it can used in both ways, mounting on the wall or used as a table mirror.

 Why choose this makeup mirror – If you’re looking for something durable, this mirror can be your perfect choice as the design is simple and it comes with a suction lock mechanism. It also has a touch button on the front of the mirror that works by just tapping it.


15. Lighted Magnifying Wall Mounted Mirror With Strong Suction Cup

Bathroom Shaving Makeup Mirror, Wall Mounted Shower Mirror, Strong Suction Cup


Till now we were discussing round or oval-shaped makeup mirrors, but this is a square lighted magnifying mirror by ELFINA. This wall mounted mirror comes with a suction cup to hold it in place and built-in 16 LED lights. The suction cup makes it convenient to secure the mirror on a smooth and clean area.

As far as the magnification is concerned, it has a strong 10x magnifying glass. Also, the mirror rotates 360-degrees so can be used at any angle as per your convenience. It is powered by 3 AA batteries and cannot store the power itself.

Why choose this makeup mirror – As the mirror comes with a powerful suction cup, you can easily use it in your bathroom, vanity, or bedroom. Also, the design is quite simple and elegant which is perfect to blend with any home setting.


16. LED Trifold Vanity Makeup Mirror

Easehold Led Vanity Make Up Tri-Fold with 21Pcs Lights 180 Degree Free Rotation Table Countertop Cosmetic Bathroom Mirror


In the trifold list, this is a lighted makeup mirror by Easehold with 3-panel for providing a wide-angle viewing experience. It’s a vanity mirror with 21 LED lights that can be controlled by the touch sensor installed on the mirror screen. Pressing the touch sensor for long with let you adjust the brightness of the light.

The white-colored makeup mirror stands by itself on any table or countertop and can be adjusted 180-degree from the upside and down direction.

There’s also a small storage compartment at the base to store your tiny possessions. Coming to the power front, this product is both USB chargeable and battery operated. It requires 4 AAA batteries that are not included in the package through the USB cable is included.

Why choose this makeup mirror – It’s a trifold makeup mirror so you can view your face from different angles at the same time. Another thing that may entice you is that it has a touch sensor for easy use and no assembly is required. It stands by itself and can be placed anywhere you want.


17. 10x Magnifying Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

Beautural 10X Magnifying Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror with Natural White LED


Round mirrors are a big hit as they blend well with any home décor. So, next in the list is this lighted, fully-rotatable makeup mirror by Beautural. This circular mirror has natural white LED lights to reflect true colors and adjustable angles.

It can be adjusted to 360-degrees depending on your different viewing angle requirements. The 10x magnification offer close-up viewing or performing beauty treatments that need extra precision.

Coming to the installation part, the mirror comes with a powerful suction cup which allows for mounting on mirrors, window glass, and walls. It is powered by 3 x AAA batteries that are not included in the package.

Why choose this makeup mirror – It offers you 10x magnification which makes it an ideal makeup mirror for beauty treatments that require extra precision. Though it comes with a suction cup with a locking mechanism, you can place it on the table also. Also, it has a slim frame with a small base which makes it a portable solution.


Decorative Makeup Mirrors

We’ve talked about the simple LED lighted makeup mirrors and some stylish touch control ones, but the list does not end here. As we told you earlier also that the possibilities are endless when we think about mirrors. So what’s next? Now we will discuss some decorative makeup mirrors that work both as a mirror and a piece of art. So, here we go:


18. Decorative Square Gold Finish Makeup Mirror

Makeup Mirror,Decorative Makeup Mirror Cosmetic Mirror,Square Vanity Mirror Decorative Mirrors Rose Gold Finish Table Mirror in Single Sided


The first in the list of decorative makeup mirrors is this square rose gold vanity mirror by WAYCOM. The single side 360-degree rotatable mirror is made of stainless steel and finished with polished chrome.

What makes it different is the design which is retro yet elegant and matches with any home décor. The simple and compact design is ideal for both traditional and modern homes and can be easily placed on any table.

Why choose this makeup mirror – If you are looking for something that has a vintage feel, this rose-gold mirror can be your perfect choice. Also, it takes up much less space than any other vanity mirrors. There’s a velvet material behind the mirror to provide it a bit of resistance when moving.



19. Metal Gold Round Makeup Decorative Mirror

Decorative Mirrors Perfect Dressing Table - Champagne Gold


Second in the list of decorative makeup mirrors is this beautiful metal gold round mirror by PuTwo. This champagne gold makeup mirror features a smooth 360-degree swivel design and comes with a beautiful stand. It’s a single-sided mirror with some design on the sides with the elegant gold metal finish. However, it’s a bit small as compared to the other models.


Why choose this makeup mirror – Champagne gold color goes well with different home decors and it is portable enough to be used in any room.


Benefits & Tip

So, we are finished with some great makeup mirrors such as simple lighted makeup mirrors, touch control mirrors, and the decorative ones. A right vanity mirror can change the way you put on your makeup. Aside from being easy to use, there are many other benefits to having a makeup mirror in your bathroom, dressing or bedroom. Let’s discuss a few of them:

  • You get better lighting and amazing results
  • You save space as modern mirrors are thinner and more compact
  • You enjoy versatility as these mirrors have some degree of magnification
  • You have a proper place to apply your makeup
  • You enjoy improved visibility and can apply your makeup more precisely
  • The more increased magnification, the less distorted image
  • LED lighting will give you a more natural reflection
  • Metal frame mirrors are heavier as compared to plastic ones
  • LED and Fluorescent lights are more energy-efficient

Well, once you know the benefits, you should also know how to find a mirror that fits your style and preferences. Here are a few tips:

  • Know your requirement and check different styles and designs to suit your individual style.
  • Good lighting is the key to clear views and, therefore, you should never ever ignore this point.
  • In choosing a lighted makeup mirror, go for the one with more natural light source as it’s always better for applying makeup.
  • Makeup mirrors are a great addition to any bathroom, bedroom, and dressing room.
  • The right mirror offer better overall visibility and you apply makeup like a pro


A makeup mirror is an essential used by almost everyone, every day. So, it would be great if you invest in the best. We’ve discussed some of the most popular models including the benefits they offer. There are enough styles and designs available to let you have a different one in every room as per the design and requirement.

If talking about which one is the best among all, I would pick two models – one is the lighted one and another is the decorative one. This is because the lighted makeup mirrors offer more visibility which is like a necessity while applying makeup or shaving. On the other hand, the decorative ones serve two functions – as a practical mirror and a piece of art. However, features may be simply a matter of taste.



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