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5 Things You Need to Know About Painting Furniture with Latex Paint

Painting furniture with latex paint is a fast and easy process if you know how to do it right. Some latex paints are labeled acrylic, vinyl, or rubber-based. These materials are added to make the paint dry fast and become more durable. Acrylic latex paint dries quickly, is easy to wash, durable and ready to repaint in less than an hour. Vinyl-based paint is self-priming and fast drying. Rubber-based latex paint is used efficiently on metals and masonry.

1. Latex paint dries fast

Latex paint can be painted on anything including furniture. Whether it is a card, canvas board, or paper, you can use latex paint to get the best results. Latex tends to dry quickly. After applying it on a surface, it dries really fast. This may be a problem for beginners because they may not paint at a fast pace.

The fast-drying ability shortens its working time, giving oil paint an upper hand if you’re looking for paint with long working time . To solve this issue, you can add a retarder to keep the paint wet for long. It’s also an advantage because if you want to do other things, it’s possible because you don’t have to wait for a day for the paint to dry.

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2.Latex paint makes it easy to get crisp edges

Painting furniture with latex paint has one great advantage. It is easy to get crisp edges because you can mask out areas and work over them quickly. It’s also easy to cover a hard shape with thicker paint as well as mixing clean, bright colors. This might be hard to achieve with oil paint. On the downside though, it is hard to achieve a smooth blend. It may not be entirely impossible, but you’ll have to work faster because of its drying rate.

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3.Latex paint is fade-resistant

The color of latex paint does not fade after a while – it is long lasting. A color painted today will look the same after a decade or so. This cannot be said of oil paint because it turns yellow mostly due to the oil used. Latex paint allows you to paint thickly.  It dries and will not crack over time. Another significant advantage is that latex paints have less smell and are non-toxic. The only thing you need is water, meaning you can use it around kids. Because it does not require turpentine, it is cheaper.

4.Latex paint is non-flammable

Prep-Work-before-painting-Rust-Oleum-Chalked-PaintLatex paint is resistant to fading, peeling, blistering and chalking which is common with oil paint. Moreover, it is non-flammable because it doesn’t contain turpentine and white spirit which are highly flammable.

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5.It is Eco-friendly

It is easy to dispose of latex because it’s environment-friendly, unlike oil paint which has hazardous materials. When washing latex paint, all you need is soap and water, and you’re good to go.

Over to you

Now that you understand all the merits and demerits of painting furniture with latex paint, it is easy to make an informed decision. Depending on your preference and needs, you can find out whether you prefer latex paint or oil paint.

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