8 Interesting Things You Should Know About a Good Sewing Machine

Sewing is a skill that can be comfortably learned because it’s simple and fun. However, one thing to know is that not every sewing machine available for sale will work for you. Therefore, having the right knowledge at your fingertips concerning sewing machine is vital for anyone who wants to venture into sewing. Sewing is so easy that a kid can pick it in days. Though with the wrong machine, sewing can be an obnoxious nightmare, and an awful experience will make you hate sewing.

1. What is a good sewing machine for beginners?

A machine that works for a beginner should have the necessary features. An excellent straight stitch, be able to sew a button hole, a zigzag stitch as well, and it should have an option of free arm capability. Built-in needle threader makes it easier to load a thread and a top loading drop-in bobbin because it’s easy to see the thread running out. Manual sewing machines are deemed fit for beginners because they learn the basics of sewing from an ordinary sewing machine. However, electronic machines also work for beginners because most of them come with different types of stitches where you chose the one you want to use, and they can as well measure the length of stitches for you. You can also set the speed of sewing.

2.How to pick a sewing machine for quilting.

Everyone wants a type of equipment that can multitask. The same case of sewing machines, one would wish to acquire a sewing machine that can quilt. The question is, how do I pick a sewing machine for quilting? Before tackling this query, it’s prudent first to know what quilting is. Quilting is sewing two or more layers mostly three layers of fabric together to make a thick material, and mostly quilting is for decoration purposes on bedspreads or wall hangings.

Source: https://www.amazon.com Janome MC-6300P

If you decide to quilt using a machine, the following brands are helpful; Janome MC-6300P professional heavy duty computerized quilting sewing machine, Singer 9960 quantum stylist 600 stitch computerized works miracles with 600 in-built stitches, 13 styles of buttonholes and 25 needle positions. Brother HC1850 project runaway machine is also great for quilting with 100 stitches, eight styles of buttonholes and with a speed controller. With these machines, they cover your quilting job.

3.Handheld sewing machine

Sometimes one needs something small and portable that can function as a standard sewing machine. The handheld sewing machine comes in handy. These machines include: singer stitch sew quick, Lobo portable cordless mini hand-held clothes sewing machine among others. Their pros are that they’re affordable, conveyable, simple to use and light. Their cons, their stitches are weak, they’re loud while in use, and they quickly break down.

4.Why sewing machine thread keeps breaking

When sewing, your thread might break. Many reasons could cause this, but I will mention a few. The thread itself might be of poor quality and weak. The needle could be damaged or bent. The needle might not be inserted correctly in the machine. Wrongly wounding the bobbin thread causes thread breakage. The upper thread tension could be set too tight, or improperly installing the top thread. In case of the thread breaks, you can efficiently troubleshoot the cause.

5.Do you need a sewing machine for quilting?

Not really because it depends on your task. Hand quilting is a person’s work of art. When you decide to hand quilt, it depends on what you’re quilting. If you’re quilting an antique quilt, you would want to try hand quilting. Some materials are slippery like silk and might be a headache when using a machine thus you can decide to hand quilt it. However, if you’re quilting bedding regularly washed machine quilting would do. Because it will require durable stitches but in general, hand quilted pieces look “wrinkled,” and they look “softer,” and you can always quilt to suit your preferences unless you want to go for a modern design of quilting that can be only quilted using a machine.

6. Which is the best sewing machine brand?

Source: https://www.amazon.com

A good sewing machine should be able to meet your needs as a sewer, and that means you’ll have to get one from a renowned brand. Janome 8077 computerized sewing machine has automatic features that work for you and a fair price. It has an option of setting the length and width of the stitches among other features that work for beginners.

Brother CS6000i sewing machine offers a quilting table, it’s faster to sew, it has 60 stitches and the option of altering the stitch length and width, also buttonholes auto size, and it has a twenty-five years’ warranty. Since most of the requirements like the type of stitch are already there, you only have to choose; this works for beginners. Singer 4411 heavy duty sewing machine works wonders with sturdy materials like leather, denim, vinyl and so on. It can also stitch lightweight fabrics. When going for a sewing machine, these brands won’t disappoint; Janome, brother, and Singer whether it is a computerized or manual sewing machine.

7.Can a sewing machine sew leather?

Source: https://www.amazon.com

It’s essential to purchase a sewing machine that can help you with a leather material in that you don’t have to take such clothes to a tailor yet you have a home sewing machine. Tippman leather sewing machine which through any leather with ease. It has adjustable stitch length, thread sizes, ten different sized needles to pick from and two bobbins. Since it’s manual, it’s entirely independent, and it works in any environment and delivers excellent results.

8.Sewing machine for jeans.

If you want to sew jeans fabrics, acquiring a heavy duty sewing machine like Janome HD3000 strong and tough sewing machine and Singer heavy duty 4423 sewing machine would be of help. Something to consider is also using a strong and sharp needle and change it regularly because a needle dulls over time. Apart from using a sturdy needle, it would be essential to use an indestructible thread to ensure the stitches last for long.

With the acquired knowledge at your fingertips, you’re good to acquire a sewing machine that works for you and get to enjoy the sewing process.

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