Price & 14 Factors to Consider When Buying an Adjustable Bed Frame

A modern adjustable bed frame is one with a surface that can be adjusted to different positions by a touch of some buttons or a remote. Some of the common features comprise of height adjustments or tilting the bed to raise either the upper or lower body.

Adjustable beds have turned out to be a favorite commodity in many households and for noble reasons. People have realized that using adjustable beds contributes greatly to a comfy sleep, relaxation, and health. Presently, they are no longer viewed as beds just for the elderly or those with disabilities.

But do you know how to find one that meets your needs and brings a great significance to your health and comfort? Figuring out which one is best might not be stress-free or quick for you.  In this article, we will show you the factors to consider before making a choice, what attributes distinguish each model from the other and some of the top rated brands. We will further expound on the health benefits associated with using the adjustable bed frames. Our goal is to help make your bedroom a haven where you can gain complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Adjustable Bed Frame

The features and budget you choose must make sense to you. Doing your research will require time but the end results will be worth your while. The information here is well researched and will help lessen your legwork.

Below are the specific things to keep in mind.

  1. Number of users

You need to ask yourself if the bed will be used by you alone or shared. Nowadays, the market has split/twin models. These enable you to control each side of the bed independently.

  1. The strength of the deck

The bed frame you choose must be sturdy enough to support you and your partner’s weight.  It’s recommended that you look out for Plywood deck of no less than 5/8″ to ¾” thick. This bed can lift a little bit over 600 pounds, the mattress included, without crumbling under your weight.

  1. Make of Legs

Never go for aluminum legs. Steel is regarded to be more strong and durable.

  1. Battery backup

Your so cherished bed will be rendered useless in cases of power failure.  This calls for a backup plan.

  1. Pre-sets or no pre-sets

Some bed frames come with inbuilt settings like anti-snore. Others allow you to make minute adjustments as you wish.

  1. Customer support

It’s wise to deal with the distinguished companies when buying delicate gear.  New users will require ample customer support from the supplying company.

  1. The Work you do in bed

You may be planning to turn the bedroom into your home office.  A bed frame that comes with USB ports and outlets is what fits you.

  1. Modular systems

Every mechanical gadget demands parts’ replacement or maintenance once in a while. A segmental system allows easy replacement of mechanical parts without having to dismantle the whole bed.

  1. Size of the Remote

This should be a big, backlit one. You may be wondering the reason behind this. It’s simply for easy locating purposes. You don’t want a tiny piece that will be disappearing among the pillows and bed sheets. Can you picture yourself having inclined your bed frame to one of those crazy high positions then just when you need to get out of bed, your remote goes missing?

  1. Type of motor

Quiet motors are the best. This allows you to change your individual position without disturbing your partner.

  1. Sliding back mechanism

This is also referred to as wall hugger or wall climber. It’s a mechanism which enables you to decrease the gap with the back wall when the bed is uplifted thereby maintaining your chosen position without the mattress making a downward slide. It will also keep you on the same head level with your partner and the bedside table within reach. What a luxury!

  1. Extras

Massage function is another plus in some bed frames not to mention telescopic legs for various height preferences and silent alarms.

  1. Other Accessories

In this case, it’s the mattress. Is the bed frame of your choice compatible with your mattress or you need to buy another one? Even a world-class adjustable bed won’t give you the comfort you’re looking for if you’re using the wrong mattress.

With the above points in mind, we’ve no reservation that you’ll pick a frame that will help you achieve Grade ‘A’ slumber of your life.

Top Ranked Adjustable Bed Frame Brands and Their Prices

Lately, there are uncountable brands of adjustable bed frames in the market.  After going through numerous reviews, we opted to discuss the 4 highest ranked.  All factors such as price, consumer ratings, and reviews from 3rd party websites, durability, and warranty plus health benefits were put into consideration.

Amerisleep came first, followed by Costco, then Reverie and lastly Serta.

  1. Amerisleep

It’s a fairly new online startup brand.  It offers more flexibility and choice on whether to buy the base and foam mattress individually or as a package.  It has features such as USB ports, Remote (wireless), Phone app controls, Massagers, pillow incline articulation, and under-bed lighting. Amerisleep bed frame also boasts of a state of the art wall hugger mechanism.

Reviews – Amerisleep’s adjustable bed frame collected dense reviews with an average of 4.8 stars. This was just but one of the many reasons it ranked top in this evaluation.

Durability – The bases are ISO 9000 and UL certified. It shows a consistency in customer reviews as a highly long-lasting invention.

Warranty-  Amerisleep’s offers a 20 years warranty with an extra two for parts.

Prices: Going from $1,800 for a twin to $3,760 for a king-sized split bed.

  1. Costco

Though this brand comes at a decent price, it doesn’t rank as the best adjustable bed. It comes as a surprise to many buyers to discover that the store also provides two adjustable bed models namely, the Leggett & Platt S-Cape and a base by Sleep Science. Costco wins customers with its unlimited return policy and customer service.

Reviews –  Customer scores hit an average of 3.0. More scores lean towards the Leggett & Platt S-Cape than the Sleep Science model. Bed noise and longevity seem to be the biggest complaint.

Durability – Clients have expressed durability issues as well as with the remote.

Warranty –  The manufacturer gives one-year full, two-year parts on the Leggett & Platt S-Cape. The Sleep Science has a one-year full, two to five-year parts warranty and lifetime limited warranty for all.

Prices –  They vary. A twin Sleep Science goes from $1,000. An S-Cape California king from $2,180. Costco offers unbeatable prices to members but non-members will part with an additional 5% above the sticker price.

  1. Reverie

Reverie has maintained a stronghold in the adjustable bed frames business since 2003. It might be because of the wide range of choices it offers. The models presently available are Deluxe (5D), the Essential Plus (3E) and the Supreme (8Q).

Each model has its pros and cons. The Deluxe, for example, lacks massage.  If you’re looking for a Bluetooth enabled technology, the Supreme is the way to go. For preset positions, massage settings and anti-snore function, the Essential Plus and Supreme are your fit.

Reviews –  The costly models received superior reviews. Complaints about the mattress moving on the frame when adjusting positions and as durability issues with motors were mentioned.

Durability – The 3E gathered more customer complaints compared to the 5D and 8Q beds when it came to motors and other mechanisms.

Warranty – A 20-year but limited warranty is given for all models. That is full coverage for the first year and for two to three years with parts coverage.

Prices – Between $900 for a twin 3E to $3,000 for a split California king 8Q.

Pros – Exceptional lumbar support, massage function and a wireless charging pad

Cons – The Reverie 9T is exorbitant. It ranges from $1,399 for a twin xl  up to $2,798 for a split kin

4. Serta

This is a renowned name brand. Serta is also ranked for its mattresses since 1931. It’s believed that they spend a lot of money in advertising and these costs are inevitably passed to customers. Serta is pricey. It provides a varied range of options just like Reverie. These comprise the Motion Custom, the Motion Signature, the Motion Perfect II and the Motion Essentials II. All are made by Reverie. The features are also attractive with things like a speaker, Bluetooth, massage and USB with 2 AC outlets. However, this is not so for the basic Motion Essentials line.

Reviews –  Great reviews overall. Nonetheless, high prices and the mattress moving on the frame was a huge letdown on top of poor customer service.

Durability – These frames rated objectively well in sturdiness and durability.

Warranty – A fairly good warranty policy is offered. One-year full coverage, five-year parts, and 20-year limited warranty.

Prices –  Twin Motion Essentials goes from $699.  Split Motion Custom from $5,800.  A few deals are good but not all choices are pocket-friendly.

Just note that every consumer is dissimilar and therefore, there’s no one adjustable bed frame that’s going to seamlessly meet every customer’s needs. Nonetheless, by using the information available, Amerisleep pulled off as the top adjustable bed frame. But remember, there exists no one description of comfort. It’s a biased experience that’s not the same for everyone.

The Health Benefits

Having an adjustable bed frame has been proved to enhance sleep which then promotes good health. This results in an overall heightened lifestyle.

There are many benefits that come with an adjustable bed base.

  1. Relieves Back Pain

The spine needs to be supported to boot out pressure on the sciatic nerve. A slanted head reduces compression on the lower back. With adjustable bed frames, you are able to set your bed to meet these needs thereby saying bye-bye to back pains.

  1. Independence

Factors affecting mobility such as age, illness, accident or disability will not be a huge burden to people around you.  At a touch of a button, you are able to lift yourself off the bed by raising the head of the base.

3. Relieves Sleep Apnea, Asthma, and Snoring

All these are breathing problems brought about by the neck putting extra weight on the windpipe when lying flat on the bed. By raising the frame on the head, the neck will be angled in a way that allows unobstructed airflow.

  1. Better Lifestyle

There will be no more seeking comfort by utilizing stacked pillows in which to sit up in bed either to read, work or even eat.  The adjustable bed frame is designed to offer you abundant comfort.

  1. Relieves Arthritis and Pain

This is achieved by positioning the mattress in an angle that takes off weight off the problem areas. Persons suffering from morning stiffness also find adjustable beds a source of comfort. By raising the head and lowering the foot, it helps them rise from the bed without difficulty.

  1. Enhanced Circulation and Eases Insomnia

Maintaining a flawless circulatory system condition has numerous benefits. There is a recommended position to enhance blood and oxygen flow. This further contributes to the ease in which you fall asleep.

  1. Improves Digestion and Lessens Acid Reflux and Heartburn

The recommendation is a 6-8 inches lift of the head to realize the fittest digestion. Lying flat has a hindrance on digestion. Note that, it doesn’t necessarily require sleeping on a full stomach to experience acid reflux or heartburn. When you lie flat, the stomach acids usually find their way up to the esophagus thereby giving you that discomfort of reflux and heartburn.

  1. Lighten Leg Swelling

Health professionals teach that legs should be elevated to lessen inflammation and its effects. What better way to beat this than by using adjustable bed frames?

  1. Massage

This therapy arouses blood flow and transporting more oxygen to banal body parts. Your masseur is rendered redundant!

  1. Zero Gravity Position

This balances the influence of gravity from corner to corner of your body. How? The heart finds it easy to pump blood which in turn increases lung capacity, blood oxygen levels, and spinal decompression.

Adjustable beds can be a permit in the direction of a contented night’s sleep, a restored level of independence and a better well-being.

Advantages of Adjustable Bed Frames

  1. Relief from pain

Users suffering from diverse conditions have found adjustable beds exceptionally beneficial. In addition, adjustable beds users have consistently experienced relief from insomnia, breathing, sinus, allergy problems, snoring, swollen legs, asthma, heartburn/acid reflux, heart/circulation problems, and restless leg syndrome (RLS).

  1. Convenience factor

The day-to-day activities such as watching TV, reading,  having breakfast in bed, breastfeeding, and even jumping in and out of bed are simplified by the way it lets you sit-up in bed at any incline you wish.

  1. High ‘intimacy factor’

Let’s leave this to your imagination without going into details.

  1. Independence

Your partner will sleep sweetly undisturbed whenever you feel the need to move your side of the bed to an incline of your choice. This is more so with split-queen and split-king types of adjustable beds.

  1. Built-in massage

You no longer have to book an appointment with your masseur. Most adjustable beds come with a built-in massage feature with innovative features like different modes of massaging, timers etc.

  1. Low maintenance

The warranty packages go up to 5 years of full warranty and 25 years of limited one depending on the manufacturer.

  1. USB chargers

These will save you from spending extra and gives you the ease to charge your phones or tablets in the comfort of your bed.

  1. Silent Alarms

Most, if not all people hate the sound of that wake-up alarm and keep wishing for an option that would be used to shake them awake without a near heart attack feel. Adjustable beds have finally innovated noiseless alarms to nicely massage/tickle you at the pre-set time.

Disadvantages of Adjustable Bed Frames

  1. Compatibility

Your mattress may not work best with adjustable beds, e.g. the spring one. This will force you to buy what fits best.

  1. Cost factor

They are pricey than conventional beds

  1. 4. Time-consuming

there isn’t a standard comfortable position to suit all users. You will, therefore, spend a few days trying out to find the settings that will appease you.

  1. Mechanical failures

Just like any other electronic gadget, adjustable beds do fail. Pray that this happens within the warranty period.

  1. Exposure to injuries

Your hand might end up being caught between the bed foundation and the frame while it’s being lowered. The good thing is that most modern models come with in-built safety measures so the probability of being injured is minimal.

  1. Bulky

Most are really heavy (over 100 pounds). If the delivery man leaves that bed on the patio, you can imagine how you will struggle to get it to your bedroom which probably is upstairs.

Adjustable Bed Vs Regular Bed

Adjustable bed frames are more customizable than the average bed frame or mattress.

Below is a summarized comparison of the two bed types.

  1. Regular beds have no specific health benefit linked to it while an adjustable bed helps in healing and relieving pain.
  2. There is no electrical power needed for regular beds as is the case with adjustable bed frames
  3. Regular beds require marginal or no assembly. On the other hand, adjustable beds call for a complex assembly.
  4. You can only lie down on a regular bed comfortably while an adjustable bed allows you to choose different types of positions as you deem comfortable.
  5. Regular beds offer no convenience options such as USB charging ports like adjustable beds.


It’s now time for you to choose the adjustable bed frame that suits your needs. Do not be fooled by some attractive features like fancy fabric covers, sleek legs, elegant remotes or classy mattresses. Know what you want to buy and stick by your needs.

If you’re wondering the best type of mattresses for adjustable beds, it’s one that can be able to bend and flex easily while maintaining support. The most recommended ones are memory foam, latex foam or air beds.

It’s worth noting that Medicare and other health insurance plans cover adjustable bed frames. So you can choose to talk to your provider about it and follow their plan.

You are now well armed to go hunting for the adjustable bed frame and enjoy the finer things in life.


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