Are Bean Bags Good for Your Back?

People are going for bean bags furniture in huge masses, but the question is, are bean bags good for your back? With the current situation where so many things are health hazards, no one wants an additional risk to their health. Like any other household item, it depends on how you use it.

They conform to your body

Bean bags are excellent for your back because they support and conform to your body in whichever position you sit, meaning you can shift sitting postures and it still accommodates you. The soft bean bag chair will mold to your shape and fully support you.
After a day’s hard work and sitting on a hard-backed seat, the soft chair comes in handy. You get to relax and not try to adjust to the shape of the sofa to be comfortable. For the bean bag chair, whichever position you sit, it has got your back.

Bean bags are super comfortable

One thing we should acknowledge is that bean bags are comfy. Depending on its size, you can sit or sleep on it. It doesn’t matter how huge or tiny you are, it accommodates everyone or should we say junk and all! The bag adapts to your body and curves around you to back your weight. This is unlike the sofas where you have to imitate to their shape to be comfortable.

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Bean bags help reduce back pain

perfect Recliner with back supportOn top of being comfortable, they help in reducing back pain. After long hours of hard work, one might develop back pains. Bad posture and wrong sitting habits like leaning forward increase back pain.

With big bean bags, most of the body parts are supported including the back hence no straining when sitting on them. When sitting on the regular sofa, one stresses to stay upright which at times is uncomfortable. Bean bags have got you covered because you don’t try to sit in a particular pose. You can sit in any position comfortably.

On the downside

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Sitting on a bean bag once in a while is relaxing and fit for your back, but if used for a very long time, it becomes dangerous. This is because when you sit on a bean bag, there is no support on your upper back. Again one tends to be in a slouchy posture which is not suitable for spinal curvature in the long run.

When sitting on a big bean bag, the legs might not be supported well if they are suspended in the air. The legs are well supported when the knees are folded at 90 degrees. If this isn’t achieved, one might develop muscular pains.

When reading a book or using a phone while sitting on a beanbag, the neck is bent forward which can cause severe muscular pains. These effects happen due to long-term use of bean bags hence it’s advisable to use bean bags once in a while, not always.

Wrapping up

As earlier said, back pains are results of poor sitting posture. Health practitioners recommend bean bags as a way of easing back pain and promoting good posture. Hard furniture is uncomfortable, and the soft ones are not supportive.

Bean bags offer a middle ground where they are supportive and at the same time flexible to support the shape of the body. This helps maintain a good posture hence a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re planning to change the house furniture, it’s good to consider bean bags for their merit on one’s health. They are also affordable and available in different colors and sizes.

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