Benchcraft Contemporary Small Chaise Sleeper Sofa W/Awesome Fabric

Benchcraft Contemporary Small Chaise Sleeper Sofa W/Awesome Fabric

Benchcraft have the reputation of making some of the best sleeper sectional sofas in the market and this one is no exception. This chaise sleeper sofa is the kind that will give you value for money. In this review, we are going to look at the essentials things about it.

As you will find out, this is the one that you will need when you want quality, a dynamic that works perfectly and a price that is reasonable.

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Benchcraft Aldie Chaise Sleeper Sofa Reviews

Benchcraft Aldie Nuvella Contemporary Sofa Chaise Sleeper


This Sofa Chaise Sleeper is covered with a sturdy fabric that is the definition of true high performance. When you are getting this one, you will notice the firmness of the seats and the way that they support the back easily. You will find it to be a really reliable piece of furniture because of the way that it deals with abrasion effects, color fastness and the brutal nature of children. It has been made to fit into places that are high traffic like the kitchen and the breakfast table. The upholstery is a polyester blend that will give it the modern look that fits right in with every room.

The Benchcraft Aldie Reversible Sleeper Sectional is one that has been designed to impress and you will find that these features stand out. Let us look at the reasons why you could possibly want to buy it.

  1. Excellent NuVella Fabric

The fabric has been made by NuVella and colored by a solution dye. You will notice that it has transcended the normal resilience that most fabrics have. The tautness of the fabric can be relied on and when you couple that with the design of the cushions, it works perfectly.

With this fabric, you have better stain resistance and a surface that can withstand abrasion.

  1. Memory Foam Mattress

You will want to have something that will give you the comfort that you need whether you are sleeping or seated. That is why you will find the foam filling in the cushion seat very efficient at this.

As furniture pieces go, you will need to have one that will support the back easily without making you feel like you are sitting on a slab.

  1. Easy Assembly

Benchcraft Contemporary Small Chaise Sleeper


Despite the fact that some of the users complained it was hard to get the bed open, this sectional is easy to assemble. All you have to do is a screw on the legs. When you try without instructions, opening the bed is not easy.

You can find YouTube videos that will give you the help you need. Screwing the legs on may be easy but sometimes, the Benchcraft chaise sleeper sofa doesn’t level out properly.

  1. Versatile use

This sectional comfortably seats three people at a time. Space is enough to take naps on. However, there is the fact that it cannot fit very tall people. However, if you are anywhere between 5”2 and 5”3, it will be comfy like a real bed.

Space will allow you to have an easy time when you are lying on it.

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing

Even from the pictures, you can tell that this is a piece of furniture that will increase the appeal of any room that you will put it in. the grey color fits in with nearly everything and that is something that I think you will find pleasing to look at.

The modern, clean and edgy look is what will make it an even more appealing piece of eye-candy.

Who should get the Benchcraft Aldie Chaise Sleeper Sofa?

Benchcraft Aldie Chaise Sleeper Sofa


This is a sleeper sofa that was made to be used by anyone who wants to save space and also get great value for money. It is a chaise sleeper that has garnered mostly positive reviews and they all come from verified buyers on Wayfair and other furniture selling sites.

This is for the person who wants something that looks good and also serves the functions for which it is advertised. You will love the way that the fabric does not stain easily and does not scratch easily either.

It is made to last and many of its buyers have said as much in their reviews of this sleeper sectional.


  • The NuVella fabric is high-performance which means that you will not have to worry that it will fray too early. You will get some use out of it.
  • The assembly is required yes but it is not what you think. By assembly, they mean you just have to screw in the legs and that is it.
  • The sofa is easy to expand when you have the instructions nailed down. If you can’t find any, there are demos on YouTube.
  • This is a spacious couch that will comfortably seat three people at a time with plenty of wiggle room.
  • With the material that it is made of, you will find that it is comfortable to sit on for long hours and napping too.


  • The leg design may not be perfect in all of these units and some may put all the weight on one leg.
  • The threads pull sometimes and they are thick, to say the least. You may also notice some discoloration with some units.
  • The bed is not easily opened when you do not have any instructions on how to do it. A lot of buyers complained about that.
  • If you are anything over 5”4, this may not be the most comfortable place to sleep on peacefully because you won’t really fit.

Alternative Products

Some of the other sleeper sectionals you might want to look at include Arachne and Larkinhurst

My Final Opinion

One thing you need to know Benchcraft Aldie Chaise Sleeper Sofa – this is a smaller version, there is the queen size that has all the space you need. However, talking about this one, you will find it easy to work with because of the space it saves and the price which is modest.

Delivery is prompt and you will not have many things to complain about.

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