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Best Adjustable Bed Frame – Top 8 Awesome Zero Gravity Bed Base 2018

Are you looking for a comfortable night of sleep without tossing and turning? Do you enjoy watching TV in bed or working on your laptop but you don’t want to sacrifice the comfort? Well, pilling several pillows together won’t cut the deal. We have a better solution for you – find a best adjustable bed frame (zero gravity bed).

There’s no mess or fuss with these ones, all you have to do is press the remote and it adjusts to the perfect position you want. That’s not all, a zero gravity bed, unlike flatbeds, have numerous health benefits thanks to their flexibility. You are looking for the best adjustable bed frame because you want nothing but an awesome model available on the market today.

We’ve got something even better for you. Aside from giving you some of the best adjustable base beds, we have also answered some of your questions (because we know you have them) to help you find the right fit. Best of all is, we show you where to shop for the best product at the lowest rate so be sure to read on.

1. iDealBed 4i Zero Gravity Bed – Best Adjustable Bed Frame for Sleep Apnea.

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    Full head and foot articulation

  • Anti-snore position
  • Furniture grade upholstery
  • Non-skid material
  • 3 in 1 leg height design
  • Fully-featured backlit remote

This model offers the best price for adjustable bed frame. We begin this list with the iDealBed 4i Custom because it is not only affordable but it is the best adjustable bed to buy this year.

Why do we say this? Well, for starters, the iDealBed 4i boasts a sleek modern design that matches any room décor. It comes with state-of-the-art features that allow full customization in the bedroom. It has a lifting capacity of 850 lbs which is, in fact, massive given the affordable price tag. Aside from this, the range of tilt head is much higher than advanced adjustable bed frame.

As if not enough, this model also comes with a feature-rich remote control. The remote control boasts a total of 18 functions. You need to check out this model because it comes with a lot of advanced features that were previously considered as part of high-end beds. The list could go on but hopefully, we will give you a full review of this bed to help you understand all the top-notch features. In our zero gravity bed reviews, we feel that this is the ideal model for those looking for a bed with an anti-snore position.


  • Ultra quiet lift motors
  • Full body massage
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • 3 preset memory positions
  • 2 customizable memory positions
  • Wireless ergonomic remote
  • 4 USB ports to charge your devices
  • Under-bed night light


  • No pillow tilting
  • It is not a wall hugger

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2. Best Budget-Friendly Adjustable Bed Base Zero Gravity Bed Hofish model

  • HOFISH One-Step Assembly Customizable Positions Queen Solid Wood Slat Adjustable Bed Base with Backlit Wireless Remote, USB Ports Queen


    Anti-crushing motor technology

  • One-step assembly design
  • Backlit wireless remote
  • 4 handy USB ports
  • Convenient flat button
  • Wall-mounted AC adapter

The HOFISH model is an adjustable bed with some awesome features that comes ready to use. The model can support a weight of up to 750 pounds and boasts a powerful and noise-free motor designed with German technology.

The anti-crushing technology is among the best features of this model because it does not put pressure on objects under the bed, in turn, preventing injury to kids and pets. For convenience, the zero gravity bed comes with a wireless remote control that is back-lit.

There are a total of four USB ports for charging your electronic devices. While this adjustable bed does not have a retainer bar, it features a non-slip grip at the base that helps keep the mattress in place. We love the modern design of this model because it perfectly fits into any room décor. Another great feature of this model is the flat button feature that returns your bed to a flat position during a power outage. While it does not feature the anti-snore position, we still conclude that this is the best price for HOFISH adjustable bed. We recommend it to someone working on a tight budget because it is very affordable.


  • Anti-crushing motor
  • Stylish and modern design
  • USB ports
  • Comfortable and noise-free
  • Flat button perfect during a power outage


  • No retainer bar

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3. Best Adjustable Bed Base for Back Pain LUCID L300

  • LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base 5 Minute Assembly-Dual USB Charging Stations Head and Foot Incline-Wireless Remote Control-Upholstered-Ergonomic, Queen, Charcoal


    Steel and polyester materials

  • Independent head incline
  • Independent foot incline
  • Convenient charging ports
  • Wireless remote with built-in flashlight

The Lucid L300 takes comfort to a whole new level. With just a push of a button, you can find the most comfortable position for you. It supports a maximum weight capacity of up to 750 lbs. After hours of research, we conclude that the zero gravity bed L300 model is the best adjustable bed base for back pain.

Whether you suffer from lower back pain, upper back pain or chronic back pain, this is the best adjustable bed frame to consider. Like other models, this bed comes with convenient USB ports on each side near the head. You can easily charge your devices simultaneously without getting out of bed. The motor is quiet and does not interfere with your favorite TV show. Another great thing about this bed base is that it has an attractive design that adds style to any master suite.


  • Easy assembly
  • Programmable memory option
  • Looks stylish in any room
  • 10-year warranty
  • Folding hinge makes shipping affordable


  • Not a zero gravity bed
  • No adjustable height ability

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4. Adjustable Bed Base for Older Adults Zero Gravity Classic Brand

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    Wireless remote

  • USB port
  • Leg height options
  • Foot retainer bar
  • Ergonomic features
  • Zero gravity position

Classic Brands model is a Zero Gravity bed built with numerous ergonomic features for convenience. This Zero Gravity Position makes the model perfect for the elderly. This position eliminates stress in the lower back, increases blood circulation, takes pressure off the heart and allows easier breathing. While it is the best deal for your medical needs, this bed frame also comes with many lifestyle benefits.

You can relax comfortably in any position as you read or watch television. It is also pretty easy to sync and features a mattress retainer bar that prevents your mattress from sliding when you raise or lower the bed. For convenience, the remote control is wireless so you can operate it from anywhere in the bedroom. We believe that this adjustable bed frame is a low-cost alternative to the expensive high-end models that come with the same features.


  • 4 factory-preset positions can be overridden
  • 3-speed body massage
  • Adjustable legs
  • Affordable price tag


  • No pillow tilting
  • Not a wall hugger

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5. Best for the Side Sleeper Sealy Ease Adjustable Base

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    Wireless remote with LED light option

  • Head position adjustment
  • Foot position adjustment
  • Bed flat button

If you’ve gone through some of the zero gravity bed reviews but haven’t found what you are looking for, allow us to give you the Sealy advantage. This adjustable bed base is the best model if you are looking for adjustable beds frames that give you ultimate comfort.

From the flat position, this model can raise the head up to 60 degrees and the legs up to 50 degrees. We have included the Ease Adjustable Base in our review of the best models because it allows unlimited ergonomic positions. We also feel that this is the best adjustable bed base for the side sleeper. It holds up to 650 pounds and boasts an attractive look that fits any room space.


  • Easy to use
  • Top-quality material
  • Simple assembly
  • Looks stylish


  • A bit heavy

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6. ShipShape Adjustable Bed Base – Best Zero Gravity Bed for RV

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    Ultra-quiet motor

  • Wired remote
  • Slender profile appearance
  • Dual-wheel locking casters
  • 450 lbs maximum weight capacity

We give the ShipShape adjustable base bed 97 percent for convenience and comfort. This model is an entry-level adjustable bed designed with some of the best features. It has a ShipShape design and comes with a whisper quiet motor that does not interfere with your sleep or favorite show.

Furthermore, the base of this bed is customizable to different levels for maximum comfort when reading or watching TV. The zero gravity bed has an ultra-light construction and comes with UPS-shippable packaging no wonder it is the most sought-after portable bed. Because of these features, we believe that this is the best adjustable bed for RV. It also takes a small space so you don’t have to worry about your room space.


  • The base is strong and sturdy
  • Conforms well to the contours of your body
  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable
  • Whisper-quiet motor


  • Hefty
  • Wired remote

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7. Leggett & Platt S-Cape Adjustable Bed Base, Wireless, Massage, Wall Hugger

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    Ultra-quiet motor

  • Maximum weight capacity of 700 pounds
  • Backlit wireless remote
  • Emergency power-down feature
  • Contemporary gray patterned upholstery
  • 2 programmable custom positions
  • Legs with casters
  • Wall hugger engineering
  • Press and hold safety feature

The head and foot articulation mechanism capable of lifting a maximum weight capacity of 700 lbs is incorporated into this adjustable bed frame. The s-cape model is among the best models this year with a full line of features for ultimate comfort. The zero gravity bed increases blood circulation and reduces soreness in the body. It elevates the head to a 59-degree angle and the feet to a 45-degree angle.

For a mid-range model, we fell that this bed frame provides a wide range of motion. The material makes it a great neutral model that matches any décor. The dual wave full-body massage and 2 programmable positions are some of the best features of this zero gravity bed. We give it an overall rating of 90 percent for convenience and comfort. It, unfortunately, does not come with USB ports but overall, this model still ranks among the best adjustable bed frame in 2018.


  • Elegant design
  • Comes with dual wheel locking casters
  • A wall-hugger


  • Does not have USB ports

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8. PragmaBed Pragmatic Adjustable Bed Frame

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    Folding design

  • Quiet motor
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Capped feet
  • Recessed wire supports

This is the best deal you can get for adjustable beds frames. Because these models come with numerous health benefits, you want to settle with a simple, affordable adjustable bed that does not compromise on this. With this bed frame, you can easily adjust the head and foot sections to a variety of positions. This adjustable bed frame makes it easy to read a book, watch TV or work on your laptop. And like other models from this brand, the Pragmatic Adjustable Bed Frame is simple to assemble. The best feature about this bed is the folding design that makes it easy to transport and store.


  • Extremely quiet motor
  • Durable steel frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to set up and store
  • The capped feet prevent damage to your hard floor


  • Wired remote control

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Does Zero Gravity Bed Help Snoring?

Answer: Yes, zero gravity bed are the perfect solution if you have occasional snoring problems. The best thing about having an adjustable bed is that it gives you the freedom to sleep in any position you find most comfortable. We believe that they are the most effective solution to keep the airway clear as opposed to other methods like using pillows to prop up your head. Adjustable beds frames, when set in the right angle eliminates the possibility of your head sliding back to the position that causes you to snore. Let’s explain these points in detail.

best adjustable beds reviews

Adjustable bed help you adjust to the correct sleeping position

Issues with the mouth, nose and throat tissues cause contractions in these areas, in turn, blocking the air passage. When you use an adjustable bed, you sleep in an elevated manner allowing for an even flow of air. A Zero Gravity Bed also gives you proper body support. When your body is relaxed and in the right position, snoring subsides.

Zero Gravity Bed are perfect for side sleeping

Sleeping on your back puts a lot of pressure on tissues present in the lung airways which worsens snoring. If you lay on the side however you eliminate the pressure put on the lungs, in turn, reducing snoring to the minimum level. Normal beds are unfortunately not the best option for side sleeping because it does not conform to your body’s curves. This is why we recommend adjustable beds for side sleeping.

Zero Gravity Bed are ergonomically designed to reduce back and neck pain. They prop you up to the right degree without compromising the spinal alignment. This is why they are the safest and most comfortable solution to sleeping without snoring. Besides, you can easily change your position if you feel uncomfortable throughout the night.

If you are worried that purchasing an adjustable bed may interfere with your partner’s sleep, you can always settle for the models that come with two different movable mattresses. You can easily change your position at night without waking them up because the controls work silently.

Are Adjustable Beds Good for Back Pain?

perfect Recliner with back supportAnswer: we are not the only people who feel adjustable beds are good for back pain. Medical practitioners also recommend them because they offer some relief for many symptoms of back pain. Factors like poor posture, our work habits, and unsupportive mattresses make a larger percentage of people suffer back pains. This, in turn, causes many people to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars annually on surgeries and medical bills.

Zero Gravity Bed is long-term investments and help you save a lot of money spent on frequent hospital visits. Because they let you customize your position, you get some relief from back pain symptoms like muscle tension. There are certain positions that help reduce pressure on your back by distributing weight more evenly.

The zero gravity position is perfect for back pain relief because the pressure is more evenly distributed across the body. Rather than straining the back when watching or reading in bed, you can easily find a more ergonomic position by adjusting the head of your bed with a remote control. We also find adjustable base beds safer when getting in and out of bed which in turn reduces the risk of injury.

If you can afford it, you may want to consider an adjustable bed with built-in massage features. These features are perfect because they help improve circulation and relax sore muscles, especially after a long hard day. You may want to pair your model with a supportive mattress like natural latex or memory foam which contours to your body.

There is no single bed that works for everyone with back pains therefore before making a purchase, it is important to choose a model based on your preference for back support and sleep comfort.

Are Adjustable Beds Good for Your Health?

Answer: there are numerous health benefits that come along with buying an adjustable bed frame. While a few people still consider them to be ‘special’ beds for older people, a majority of the population no longer look at them as models designed for hospitals.

When compared to flatbeds, these models can give you better sleep experience without worrying about soreness when you wake up. Flatbeds are uncomfortable because they cause your body to shift into a cramped position. Many people today work on their laptops, watch TV or read in bed. Flatbeds won’t just cut the deal. You have to arrange pillows to be comfortable and when they move out of position, you end up with neck or backache.

We have explained some of the health benefits above but if you still aren’t sure if these models are the best, here are other health benefits of Zero Gravity Bed.

Reduce acid reflux and heartburn

If you suffer from acidity, you may benefit more from having your upper body elevated 6 to 8 inches. This position helps keep acid in the stomach and away from the stomach which in turn reduces episodes of acid reflux or heartburn.

Ease insomnia

The best and most important feature of adjustable bed frames is that they offer numerous ergonomic positions so that you can find the right position to sleep faster. Choosing the right bed position helps improve blood and oxygen circulation making it easy to fall asleep.

Improves digestion

Lying flat hinders the body’s ability to process food. Studies show that eating before sleep results in weight gain and using a flatbed does not help make things better. Sleeping in an adjustable bed frame, however, lifts your head to the recommended position for proper digestion. This, in turn, allows better sleep and healthier waking.

Improves circulation

Proper circulation means proper sleep. Thanks to adjustable bed frame, you can easily and comfortably fine-tune your sleep position to reduce pressure allowing blood to flow throughout the body. If you are dealing with specific circulation issues, you will benefit the most from an adjustable bed frame because it lets you rest in the recommended position to enhance blood flow to the heart and throughout your body.

There are other health benefits that we have not mentioned including helping patients with restless leg syndrome and relieving arthritis. Well, when it comes to matters health, adjustable beds ensure nothing but the best performance for a healthier living.

Question: Do Adjustable Bed Damage Mattresses?

Answer: well, yes and no. The answer to this question depends on the type and quality of mattress you use. Flatbed mattresses bend and easily move around corners but they are not designed for repetitive bending in the same spot. Using these mattresses on adjustable beds causes them to break down quickly.

Adjustable bed frames need mattresses designed for years of adjustability. Therefore, the most important thing to consider when purchasing a mattress for your adjustable bed frame is its flexibility and durability. Adjustable mattresses bend and flex to follow the contour of the base while still maintain its structural integrity.

If you are shopping for the best mattresses for adjustable beds, you might want to give memory foam and latex mattresses a top consideration. These mattresses are flexible and maintain its support and durability longer than other models.

Don’t be too quick to choose though because finding the perfect fit equally depends on the quality of material and difference in construction among manufacturers. Other options you can consider are innerspring mattresses and airbed mattresses. And while they come with their share of flaws, these mattresses are still worth considering if you are looking for the best adjustable mattresses.

Benefits of Adjustable Bed

adjustable bed for sleep apneaThere are numerous reasons why many people prefer best adjustable bed frame over flatbed. One of the main benefits of adjustable bed is that they let you sleep or relax in an ergonomically correct position which allows for proper circulation of blood and oxygen in the body. Aside from the health benefits that we already pointed out above, Zero Gravity Bed also:

Promote greater independence

You may understand this point better if you have an ongoing health issue that limits your mobility. Zero Gravity Bed allow greater independence because they are easy to get in and out without any help. Whether your mobility is limited because of old age or an injury, you’ll find the adjustable bed frame quite useful.

Come in a different sizes

Yes, this is one of the benefits of buying an adjustable bed frame. These models come in different sizes today so you literally have a wide variety of options to choose from. You can never run out of options when shopping for adjustable bed frame.

Keep you comfortable when doing other things

Today most people do different activities in bed like working on their laptop or reading a book. If you spend most of your time working on your laptop, watching TV or reading a book, then you need to purchase a bed that keeps your comfortable throughout these activities. This is where a Zero Gravity Bed shine the most. You have the freedom to adjust your head and feet in any position you find comfortable for the best performance.

Support for vibration

Vibrations help stimulate aching muscles. Zero Gravity Bed help you relieve potentially difficult physical symptoms like back and neck pains. If you want to have relaxed muscles and relieve tension in your muscles, then these are the models to go for.

Minimizes the amount of pressure from gravity

Adjustable beds are the best because elevating them accordingly helps reduce the amount of pressure from gravity. This, in turn, helps create a minimum amount of pressure for the body which is particularly great if you are dealing with back or neck pain.

Have USB ports

Call it whatever but this is a benefit you can’t overlook on adjustable beds. Imagine the freedom you get to charge more than three devices simultaneously from the comfort of your bed. This is only a benefit you’ll enjoy with most adjustable beds.

Where to Buy Zero Gravity Bed

You can easily find the best adjustable bed from high street furniture stores around you. There are also specialist stores that let you choose the best model that suits your particular needs.

If you are working on a tight budget, you can consider settling for second-hand adjustable beds that sell at cheaper costs. While this method helps you save a lot of many, you might want to check the bed thoroughly before you put your cash on it to make sure it is in good condition. There are a lot of things to consider before buying a second-hand adjustable bed.

affordable signature Sleep Adjustable Bed ReviewThe best thing about technology is that online shopping has become pretty easy. Many companies, aside from in-store shopping, give you the flexibility to shop online regardless of your location. You can buy an adjustable bed directly from top brands like Amerisleep and Reverie. Worldwide shopping has become easier thanks to online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. If you are looking for the best prices for adjustable bed frames, you might want to check out Amazon deals.

Zero Gravity Bed prices vary depending on the number and types of features included. Expensive models have high-end features like full-body massage and under-bed lighting. Mid-range models come with features like multiple ergonomic positions and wireless remotes. Depending on your particular needs, you can go for adjustable bed frames selling as high as $1800 or as low as $700.

Wrapping up

There you have it! Some of the best models we have on the market right now. We made sure to give you adjustable bed with high ratings and numerous customer reviews on Amazon because it is where you get the lowest prices. Hopefully, our list helps you make the right decision so you can head over there to make your purchase.

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