Best Ceiling Lights Ideas

34 Best Ceiling Lights Ideas That Will Make Your Home Sparkle

Looking for ways to add a sparkle to your home? Ceiling lights can be a perfect investment because it is an excellent way to play with the lights. These lights can range from basic to bold, and dimmed to dramatic. Gone are the days when fancy lights and chandeliers were only appropriate for big and modern houses. But that isn’t a case any longer because a huge lighting variety is available for every space, design, décor, lifestyle, and budget.

Today, the sky is the limit when we talk about ceiling lights and you can literally use them anywhere you want and your home will shine like diamond.  Well, with so many options for ceiling lights available in the market, we’ve prepared this idea book with different categories so that you pick the right one for your home.

The ideas are divided into several categories which include:

  1. LED Kitchen Lighting Fixtures
  2. Ceiling Lights for Low Ceiling
  3. Ceiling Lights for Dining Table
  4. Ceiling Lights for Baby Room
  5. Ceiling Lights for Living Room
  6. Ceiling Lights for Bathroom
  7. Ceiling Lights for Bedroom
  8. Ceiling Lights for Hallways

So, let’s get started and know what each category has to offer us to light up our homes. And, here we go:


LED Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

The kitchen is one of the most visited places in any home and lighting is one of the key elements that help you do the tasks easily. The right lighting makes you feel comfortable and allows you to enjoy the full potential of your kitchen. If you’re uncertain about what type of lighting you need for your kitchen, here are a few ideas…

1.LED Flush Mount Ceiling Oval Lighting

This beautiful 35-watt oval ceiling light by Light Blue USA can be used as lighting and decoration. The dimmable 4000K cool white light has 2800 lumens. It’s an oval LED light made of brushed nickel and designed to blend into any décor. The light is ETL certified and Energy Star rated for your safety and comfort. It is an ideal light for the kitchen as well as bedrooms, hallways, offices, and other residential or commercial purposes.

What makes it a good investment is its clean design, fresh appearance, and uniformly diffused light. Also, it comes with removable twin steel rings for easy access and cleaning. It is rated to deliver L70 performance at 50,000 hours and comes with all mounting hardware for easy installation.


2. Semi Flush Modern Metal Mount Ceiling Light

This is stunning chandelier lighting by VINLUZ and ideal for kitchens as well as dining and bedrooms. The dimmable light has an appearance of modern art and made of brushed nickel industrial vintage material. The bulbs are UL listed and the arms come pre-wired and pre-threaded for easy installation. All you need to do is tight each arm turning clockwise and bring lighting in any area you want. However, the arms are not flexible and you cannot change the shape of the chandelier.

What makes it a good investment is the vintage industrial look of the light that goes perfectly with both modern and traditional homes. The simple design and appropriate lighting make it a perfect choice for your kitchen.


3. Futra 2-Light Linear T8 Design Fluorescent Light

This is a contemporary light by Lithonia Lighting and can be a perfect addition for kitchens, attics, and basements. The brushed nickel appearance and simple design blends with any home décor. It uses two 32-watt T8 straight tube bulbs and the light is UL listed for safety. It offers general illumination and has a linear design with a white, acrylic diffuser and brushed nickel end caps.

What makes it a good product is the simple design as it can be easily used with any home décor. Also, the light is energy star qualified and very easy to install. It can be a perfect alternative for bringing light to your kitchen without spending a fortune.


4. White 2-Light Ceiling Light Fixture

This white 4-foot 2-light ceiling light fixture by LED has a simple design and uses 2x LED T8 24 watt tubes. This is an Orilis 4ft wraparound ceiling light with a set of 2 LED bulbs of 48 watts in total. As the LED bulbs are brighter as compared to traditional bulbs, it makes this product a good choice for spaces like the kitchen. Also, it is made of a clear, prismatic acrylic lens with white steel end plates for better illumination. The fluorescent bulbs are eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

This light fixture comes with a 5-year warranty which makes it a good investment for your kitchen as well as other rooms. As far as the installation is concerned, the existing wiring can be used for this light fixture.

Here are a few tips for using ceiling lights in your kitchen:

  • Use functional light fixtures to perform tasks easily
  • Use energy-efficient and higher watt bulbs in task areas
  • Use a beautiful chandelier for a wonderful first impression
  • Make sure to use the appropriate size as per space
  • Use light fixtures that bring out the best in your kitchen
  • Use under-cabinet lighting to prevent shadows


Ceiling Lights for Low Ceiling

Have low ceilings? Just because you have low ceilings doesn’t mean that you need to make sacrifices or they can’t be adorned with stunning lights. All you have to do is think out of the box and be a little creative with the available lighting options. You will have to choose designs that are flexible, adjustable, and close to ceiling lights. There’s a huge variety available in all lighting fixtures including the flush mount, contemporary, transitional, traditional, and crystal. Well, to make things a bit easier for you, we’ve compiled a few products that work great for low ceilings. Here we go:


5. Sienna 15” 3-Light Semi Flush Ceiling Light

This beautiful 15” 3-light semi flush mount ceiling light by Kira Home can be used with low ceilings. It is UL listed for damp locations and used 3 LED or CFL bulbs up to 60-watt. It has an elegant chrome finish which is perfect for all spaces with low ceilings such as den, living room, bedroom, hallway, or closet. It also comes with detachable metal tubes to add length so that it can be used with any ceiling height.

What makes it a perfect choice for low ceilings is that the light features a removable metal drum shade. It has an intricate lattice design surrounding the sleek fabric shade which provides a modern feel without occupying much space. The chrome finish makes it suitable for any home décor.


6. Sienna 13” 2-Light Flush Mount Ceiling Light

This is a stunning oil-rubbed bronze finish mount ceiling light by Kira Home which features a removable metal drum. It’s a 13” 2-light flush mount ceiling light which uses 2 LED or CFL bulbs up to 60-watt. Just like the one mentioned above, it also has a beautiful intricate lattice design surrounding the sleek fabric shade which makes it ideal for any home décor.

The removable and adjustable metal drum makes it a perfect fit for rooms with low ceilings. Also, the lamp comes with detachable metal tubes to add length. The modern design and UL listing makes it safe to be used in living rooms, den, foyer, hallway, or closet.


7. White Dimmable LED Disk Flush Mount Ceiling Light

This dimmable 13” flush mount ceiling downlight by SOLLA is a warm white light. It has a modern sleek design with 0.2” thickness and comes with customizable brightness to set the preferred mood. The energy star certified light is ETL-listed to avoid electrical shocks and fire hazards. It makes it an ideal choice for different spaces with different ceiling height. Also, this light fixture can be installed into any 2.75”, 3.5”, or 4” junction box. The 28-watt LED bulbs provide 50,000+ hours of life.

It provides 2000 lumens high bright light and very easy and simple to install as mounting accessories are provided. The sleek yet modern design makes it an ideal choice for residential as well as commercial buildings. The smooth and large shade makes the light even and wide, making it perfect for low ceilings. Also, it can be used with a dimmer switch and comes with fast heat dissipation. What makes it even great is that it is fully waterproof and can be used in showers.

Here are a few tips for using low ceiling lights:

  • Add appropriate light and charm with close to ceiling lights
  • Choose crystal close to ceiling lights with sleek design and elegant lines
  • Pick a close to ceiling light pendant to add a dramatic look
  • Think uplighting as it’s a great way to make low ceilings look a bit higher
  • Use recessed lights or flush mounted lights to create the illusion of a higher ceiling
  • Avoid using big chandeliers or pendants that appear closer to the floor


Ceiling Lights for Dining Table

When it comes to choosing a lighting fixture for the dining room, it’s all about creating a focal point. Whether it’s a formal dining space or a cozy casual corner, you will have to very wise to brighten up your dining. Though there’s no hard-and-fast rule, a basic rule is to use linear fixtures over rectangular tables and circular ones over round or square tables. The pendant lights are a great investment as they bring a glow to the table and create a focal point. With so many options available, you don’t have to worry. All you have to do is to take a peek at the following products:

8. Rustic Wood 5 Lights Chandelier

Pendant lights are a big hit when we talk about ceiling lights for dining room and this beautiful rustic wood chandelier by Baiwaiz is designed for both flat and sloped ceiling. It is made of sturdy iron and solid wood which adds a rustic industrial feel to the dining room. This unique chandelier requires 5 bulbs and is fully dimmable and compatible with a dimmer switch. As far as the installation is concerned, it comes with all mounting hardware and instructions. There are 3 rods that need to be assembled and the fixture is UL listed for use in dry locations.

What makes a pendant light or a chandelier perfect for a dining room is the fact that they really center the space and give it a focal point. Also, these types of light fixtures provide direct light to the dining table. The authentic wood framework with rick black iron fence makes it a perfect piece of art that can be used in dining room, kitchen, or bar.


9. Nordic Designer 3 Head Colorful Round Acrylic Lampshade Ceiling Light

A sleek and modern light fixture never go out of style and this stunning Nordic designer 3 head colorful ceiling light fixture by Waineg is perfect for the dining room. This is an iron ceiling light made of auxiliary material: PMMA high transmittance lampshade.

As it’s a colorful light fixture and light in weight, it is ideal for dining rooms to create a focal point. It is perfect for those who want to add a pop of color to their dining room without making it look clumsy.


10. Modern LED Pendant Ceiling Chandelier Light

There’s nothing like a sleek and modern chandelier for a dining room and this stylish and adjustable LED ceiling light by FOSHAN MINGZE is a true example. It is a 4-light LED ceiling chandelier with warm light and adjustable hanging lamp. Made of satin nickel finished metal frame and Glass Bridge led plate, this pendant light fixture is suitable for large as well as small dining rooms. It can also be used above Kitchen Island, indoor bars, and commercial spaces.

The stylish LED pendant and simple installation makes it an ideal choice for dining table. The instruction manual and assembling steps are included for confusion-free installation. Also, the height can be adjusted as per the requirement and it’s an energy saving product.

Here are a few tips for using dining table ceiling lights:

  • Choose a beautiful yet functional light to create a focal point
  • Consider the shape and size of the dining table
  • Choose fixtures with flexible chains or cords to make hanging easier
  • Pay attention to the room’s theme and choose accordingly
  • Crystal chandeliers are traditional while chrome or glass ones are more modern
  • Use adjustable halogen recessed light fixtures on the table and chandelier


Ceiling Lights for Baby Room

There is a lot that goes into choosing the ceiling lights for nursery or kids. Whether you’re planning a nursery or renovating your kid’s room, lighting plays an imperative role. Apart from the natural light, artificial lights are also very important to make your kid’s room functional and fun. The lighting plan in a baby’s room can have a big effect on the sleep quality and pattern. With so many different day and night lights for baby rooms, choose the most suitable one can be a bit challenging. But you don’t have to worry as we have listed a few products that you may like. Check them out:


11. Children’s Room LED Ceiling Light

Kids love colors and there’s nothing like a colorful ceiling light for a baby’s room. This colorful light by Ceiling Fans appears as a fan chandelier and has the decorative lights. It is designed to create a soothing and happy environment and suitable for kid’s entertainment areas and kindergartens. The chandelier is hand-polished and made of wrought-iron lacquer for added strength. It has two wind direction adjustments which mean it’s like a fan-come-light which allows you to stay away from air conditioning.

The beautiful design, colorful pattern, and no-noise wind direction adjustment make it an ideal light fixture for children’s bedroom.


12. Nursery Star Moon Bedroom Ceiling Light

Kids just love stars and moon and this stunning ceiling light by AWAMA can be a perfect choice. Made of acrylic material, this modern/contemporary flush mount chandelier has a star and moon design over it. This rust-proof and durable light fixture feature an intelligent LED chip, uniform lighting, and high-temperature back-paint.

It’s a lightweight and durable iron ceiling light which is ideal for baby’s rooms and nursery. This light fixture is very simple to install as it is sleek and comes with AC adapters. Apart from using in kid’s bedroom or nursery, it can also be used in entrances, study room, bathroom, and dining room.


13. Helicopter Design Pendant Light for Kid Room

Both boys and girls love toys and this 3 lights pendant lighting fixture by Zgear offer the ultimate solution. It is a helicopter-shaped pendant light for kid’s room and nursery. You can use 3 LED bulbs to light up this light fixture and hang it anywhere in the house. Apart from the kid’s room, it will look great on entrance because of its unique and catchy design.

What makes this downlight light fixture worth investing in the unique helicopter design. The design blends well with both modern and traditional home décor and this kind of patterns never go out of style.


14. Roundabout Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan Light

Kids love colorful and you can cheer them with colorful light fixtures. When we talk about colorful lights, this beautiful fan-come-light by Westing House can be an ideal choice. This 3-inch light fixture has an attractive and compact design featuring 5 reversible blades. The fan comes with a reversible switch to help keep the room warm. Also, it has an energy-efficient motor that comes with a lifetime warranty on motor and 2-year warranty on all other parts.

If your baby’s room is small, this 2-in-1 light fixture can be an ideal solution as it’s both a light and a fan. Also, the shades of different colors will blend well with any room décor especially the kid’s room décor. The two modes, summer and winter, makes it even a better option for kids’ room.


15. Football-Shaped Pendant Light for Kid Room

Apart from catchy colors and toys, kids love to play and football never goes out of craze. This football-shaped pendant ceiling light by Zgear can be a great choice if you’re looking for something quirky. It is like a crystal pendant light with LED bulbs. As far as the installation is concerned, all parts come wrapped in foam along with an instruction manual. Bulbs and screws are included for easy installation.

The contemporary style makes it suitable for any home décor and the glass material adds a luxury appeal to the light. Also, it has a chrome finish that makes it suitable for kid’s room, living room, hallway, kitchen, beauty salon, waiting room, and more.

Here are a few tips to use ceiling lights in kid’s room:

  • Choose dimmable night lights for kids who are afraid of the dark
  • Choose portable and soft night lights for kids
  • Consider the size and layout of the room
  • Pick lights with a dimmer switch to gently turn down the lights before outing baby to bed
  • Consider soft shade overhead light fixtures for nurseries
  • Go for lights that are specifically designed for kids’ bedroom and nurseries
  • Keep switched and lights out of the reach of children


Ceiling Lights for Living Room

When you think about making your house warm and bright, lighting plays an imperative role and has an impact on everything. Living room deserves that most attention and lighting can make or break the entire design and decoration of your room. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose the most suitable light fixtures to maintain the great ambiance and serenity. Since your living room makes the biggest statement, you need to be extremely careful while choosing ceiling lights. Here are a few lights that you may consider for your living room and make it shine:

16. Effimero 5 Light Pendant Chandelier Ceiling Light

Living room is like the biggest opportunity to be creative and make a style statement. It’s the only room that is visited by family and friends. When talking about the right ceiling lights for living room, this 5-light chandelier by Linea di Liara can be a great investment. The brushed nickel design with clear cylinders makes it suitable for living room. It features rigid stems for hanging, 5 medium base sockets and a swivel canopy for mounting on sloped ceilings.

The unique style of this ceiling light makes it worth investing especially when you’re looking for something affordable yet stylish for your living room. Also, the light fixture is UL listed and fully dimmable.


17. Luxurious 10 Lights K9 Crystal Chandelier Candle Cognac Pendant Ceiling Light

It will be really great to adorn your living rooms with something luxurious and this shiny chandelier by Ridgeyard can be a perfect choice. It features the cognac crystal and silver metal bulb base and k9 crystal body with lots of sparkle. It is compatible with a variety of bulbs such as LED bulbs, dimmable bulbs, halogen bulbs, and more. The rustic style makes it ideal for living rooms, corridor, hallway, entryway, and bedroom. As far as the installation is concerned, the chandelier comes with an instruction booklet for a trouble-free setup.

What make it different are the candle-shaped bulbs and diamond-shaped hanging crystals. It can be a great pick for those who want something luxurious for their living rooms because there’s nothing as luxurious and shiny than crystals.


18. 10-Light Sputnik Chandelier Mount Ceiling Light

Lighting is the key element that helps make your living room sparkling and this beautiful 10-light sputnik chandelier by BONLICHT can be a great choice. This is a 10 socket modern brushed nickel flush mount ceiling light fixture that has an impressive sleek design. The modern chandelier comes with a matching stem and canopy. The fixture is UL listed and compatible with LED, CFL, halogen, and other bulbs.

This light fixture is great to create a mood in your living room as it is fully dimmable and compatible with a dimmer switch. Best of all, this light fixture is easy to install as all mounting hardware are included in the package for quick setup. Apart from using in your living room, you can use the chandelier in your dining room, over Kitchen Island, coffee bar, hallway, lobby, and commercial spaces.


19. 6-Lights Semi-flush Mount Ceiling Light Sputnik Chandelier

Brushed brass never go out of style and this 6-light semi-flush mount ceiling chandelier by VINLUZ can be a perfect addition to a living room. It is made of brushed brass with a modern metal art design and appears as an industrial vintage light fixture. The light is UL listed and fits every E26 light bulbs like LED, incandescent bulbs, Edison light bulbs, and other energy-saving bulbs. As far as the installation is concerned, the light fixture is easy to install as it comes with pre-wired and pre-threaded arms. All you have to do is to tight arm to the main chandelier.

What makes it worth investing is its modern design which is perfect for bringing that vintage charm to your living rooms. Also, the ceiling light is dimmable when used with a dimmable bulb and dimmer switch.

Here are a few tips to choose ceiling lights for living rooms:

  • Know the space such as ceiling height and room area
  • Flush mount and semi-flush mount light fixtures are great for rooms with low ceiling
  • Minimal drop always create an illusion of height
  • Consider the function of the ceiling light and choose accordingly
  • Choose from the task, ambient, and accent lighting
  • Pay attention to the type of bulb as it has a huge impact on the entire lighting design scheme
  • It is always good to choose decorative yet energy-efficient bulbs
  • The living room is a focal point of a home and so should be the ceiling lights
  • Stay away from over lighting as it may ruin the entire room décor
  • Pay attention to the positioning of the light fixtures and scale of the lighting
  • When going for a mix of traditional and modern ceiling lights, choose wisely


Ceiling Lights for Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our homes and when it comes to lighting, this particular space is often overlooked. This room requires the best of lighting as you often use it for personal grooming. The process of choosing that the perfect ceiling lights for your bathroom can be very enjoyable. A bathroom offers a lot of opportunities such as vanity, bathtub, and shower where you can go with different lighting choices. There’s a huge variety of ceiling lights available just for bathrooms. With endless choices available, it becomes challenging to pick the right one but you don’t have to worry. We’ve listed a few products to make your choice easier or at least give you an idea of some popular light fixtures. Take a look:

20. Wide Chrome Bathroom Light

You don’t have to choose boring lights for your bathroom when you have some great options in your hand. This beautiful bathroom light by Possini Euro Design can either be used on the ceiling or a wall. This wide chrome bathroom light has a 4-light design and comes with a sleek chrome finish with a shine. It has clear glass cylinder shaded and hand-wrapped aluminum wire decorations inside which makes this light fixture totally unique.

This light fixture can either be installed horizontally or vertically depending on your personal preference and requirement. As this is a contemporary light fixture, it blends well with both traditional and modern home décor. Also, it is compatible with dimmers and bulbs.


21. Liberty 36” 4-Light Industrial Vanity/Bathroom Light

Add enough light to your bathroom with this stunning industrial-style bathroom light by Kira Home. This is a 4-light fixture that comes with a brushed nickel finish and a cage design with white inner shades. It can be installed with or without cages as per your choice and requirement. The product is ETL listed for damp locations that make it ideal for bathrooms and it uses 4 LED bulbs. Also, it comes with a 1-year product warranty so that you can use it without hesitation.

As it has an industrial style, it can be easily used in a bathroom and blends with any room décor. You can mount this lighting fixture anywhere as per your convenience and design of the bathroom or vanity.


22. Parker 5-Piece All-in-One Bath Lighting Set

Investing in an all-in-one set is always a good idea and this stunning piece by Glove Electric offers everything. This multipurpose light fixture has a chrome finish and can modernize any bathroom. Either use it as a light fixture or a holder, it solves multiple purposes. It’s a 3-light light fixture that requires E26/medium base 60W bulbs. It is also compatible with dimmer switch to create a warm ambiance when you want to relax in a bathtub.

What makes it a wonderful investment is the fact that it can be used for multiple purposes such as light, towel bar, towel ring, robe hook, and toilet paper holder. Therefore, it is a great light fixture for small bathrooms where space is the biggest concern. Also, it comes with all the mounting hardware for easy installation.


23. 4-Lights Modern Glass Stainless Steel Bathroom Lighting Fixture

A sleek design is always a big hit for bathrooms and this modern lighting fixture by SOLFART can be a great choice. It is crafted by mirror 304 stainless steel and bubble crystal glass shade for beautiful lighting effect. It has a simple yet luxurious design that is perfect to modernize any bathroom and bring enough shine. The chrome shining finish and crystal glass shade makes it ideal for different types of bathrooms. The aluminum fixture works great with any room décor. This fixture uses high-quality Samsung 2835 LED chip and gives a white light.

You can use this light fixture over the painting, the bathroom mirror, over the vanity table or your bath tub. It can be installed in many ways as per your requirement and no professional assistance is required.


24. Sylvestre 3-Light Interior Wall Light Fixture

Just like other rooms in your house, you bathroom may sometimes need a touch of sophistication. This stunning 3-light fixture by Westinghouse can bring that charm to your bathroom or vanity area. It has a contemporary style and the cylinder glass shades are adorned with a delicate seeded texture. The light fixture is ETL/CETL listed for safety and also come with a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. As far as the installation is concerned, it comes with mounting hardware and instructions guide.

Decorative and features make it a great addition to your bathroom. Best of all, you can the light up or down for the look that you’ve imagined for your bathroom. It is ideal for both general and task lighting and blends well with any room décor.

Here are a few tips to wisely use the bathroom lights:

  • Consider side-mounted light fixtures for better shades
  • Install layers of light to enhance the beauty and functionality of the space
  • Choose light fixtures that blend well with the overall design
  • Do not overlook the tub area and use ambiance lights to create a mood
  • Brass and chrome light fixtures are the most versatile and blends well with any décor
  • Consider the size and style of the bathroom
  • The compact fluorescent bulbs are a great option
  • Always mount one light fixture over the mirror as it will light up the entire bathroom
  • Use extra lighting for decoration purpose
  • Never ignore functionality when choosing any type of light


Ceiling Lights for Bedroom

When it comes to choosing light fixtures for your bedroom, it can be both a challenging and enjoyable task. There’s a lot to consider while picking up the ceiling lights for this particular room such as the furniture, color scheme, design and décor. Even if you have a small bedroom, it does not mean that you need to compromise with the lighting. There is a huge variety available for both small and large bedrooms. All you have to do is be creative while picking up and installing the lights.  Here are a few ideas to create a beautiful yet functional lighting plan for your bedroom. Check this out:

25. Modern 4-Light Chandeliers With Crystal Drops

When we talk about lighting for bedrooms, it has to be both functional and decorative. This round chandelier with crystal drops by LightInTheBox can be a great addition. It’s a 4-light silver pendant light with every crystal bead cut precisely for that flawless look. It features a crystal encrusted drum shade, three rows of cascading hanging crystal pendants, and a chrome finish. Also, the chandelier comes with an adjustable chain to adjust as per the ceiling height. Therefore, this light fixture is ideal for both large and small bedrooms.

This chandelier is perfect for creating a soothing ambiance and brings a luxury to your bedroom. Best of all, the light when filters through the crystals give a unique radiant sparkle. It is neither too sparkly nor very dim and can work with any room décor.


26. Ecopower Vintage Barn Semi Flush Mount Large Ceiling Light

Vintage lights never go out of style and if you’re looking for a timeless beauty for your bedroom, this 8-light flush mount ceiling light fixture by MKLOT can work well. It has a black metal steel painted finish and uses E26 bulb sockets. It is UL listed for safety and compatible with the different type of bulbs such as LED bulbs, Edison style bulbs, and more.

The black metal finish makes it an ideal fixture for bedrooms as it blends well with different room decors. It can either be used alone or in combination with multiple lights fixtures.


27. Chrome Finish Crystal 3-Lights Chandelier

Crystals add a luxurious look to any room and this stunning piece by LightInTheBox can be a great pick. This mini style chandelier has a chrome finish and uses 3 lights. It features crystal balls and has a flush mount style. The so many crystals will reflect glass and steel, making it perfect for any ceiling height. Also, crystal chandeliers blend well with different type of furniture and fixtures. Apart from being decorative, it has 3 lights to provide a sufficient amount of light.

The crystal flush mount lights make it an ideal choice for bedrooms and it can be installed in both large as well as small rooms. Crystal chandeliers are a great way to make any room look radiant and glamorous. It’s a perfect choice for those who are looking for decorative modern light fixtures with great functionality.


28. Elipse Crystal 2-Light Ceiling Flush Mount Light

A simple yet stylish design is a perfect choice for those who don’t like to do too much to their bedroom. This stunning ceiling flush mount light by Elegant Designs is a true example of simplicity and functionality. It’s a 2-light light fixture with chrome finish and features a beautiful metal and crystal titles shade. It is designed in a round shape with a lot of crystals for that superb reflection. Apart from your bedroom, this fixture can be used in the dining room, living room, and office. As the design is simple, it takes very less time for installation.

What makes it worth investing is the simple design that blends well with a variety of decors. Whether you’ve a small bedroom or a large one, it will complement the existing design. It is more like a jewelry piece for your bedroom but with no compromise with functionality.


29. Mini Style Bowl-Shaped Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture

Being a little creative with the light design never hurts and this is a stunning piece by GLANZHAUS. This chandelier has a chrome finish and crystal layers in the shape of a bowl. It is made of stainless steel and crystals which makes it a durable light fixture. It uses 2 bulbs of max 60W and E12 bulb base. The transparent shade color blends well with different room settings, furniture, and fixtures.

The mini style of this chandelier makes it ideal for rooms with any size or ceiling height. As the design is pretty simple, it is very easy to install and maintain. Also, chandeliers are a great way to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedrooms.


30. Crystal 3-Lights Silver Chandelier

If you’re looking for something classy, drop style chandeliers are a great choice. This wonderful crystal silver chandelier by Surpars House can be a great pick for your bedroom. The K9 crystal chandelier has 3 lights and drop design with dimensions as 11-inch wide and 10-inch height. As it has a chrome finish, it can be used with a variety of room settings. It requires 3pcs of E12 media base bulbs of 120volts.

The K9 crystals are very clear and suitable for any room décor. Also, all assembly hardware is included for easy installation. If you have an electric box, it can be easily installed into that box or you will have to drill 4 holes in the ceiling.

Here are a few tips to use ceiling lights in bedrooms:

  • Flush mount light fixtures are ideal for both large and small bedrooms
  • Use semi-flush mount light fixtures for a little drop down
  • Keep the size of the light fixture in scale to the bedroom’s size
  • Choose dimmer switch compatible lights for creating an ambiance
  • Pendant lights are trendy and versatile and ideal for rooms with high ceilings
  • Use pendant lights at the bedside for creating an amazing look
  • Pendant lights work great when installed over the bed or other furniture
  • Add a style statement and drama with beautiful chandeliers
  • Don’t go for extra-large chandeliers for bedrooms
  • Avoid hanging the chandelier directly over the head of the bed
  • Ceiling fans with light is a great way to brighten up the bedrooms
  • Go for recessed lights along with a dimmer
  • Avoid too bright or glitzy lights for your bedroom


Ceiling Lights for Hallway

As the first impression is the last impression, choosing the ceiling lights for entryways is extremely important. Hallways are an opportunity to adorn with beautiful lights such as flush mounts, semi flush mounts, pendants, sconces, recessed lights, and more. Though there is a tremendous choice available for hallways, it should be softly lit. Create a warm and cozy space to come home by using the best possible designs. There is a brilliant selection of hallway lights available in the market; all you have to do is picking wisely. Choose one that will leave a lasting impression who visits your home. Check out the following products and get an idea:

31. Vintage 3-Light Ceiling Spot Track Light

When looking for ceiling lights for the hallway, there’s nothing like a vintage light fixture. This antique metal 3-light ceiling spotlight by YOBO Lighting can be a great choice. It is ETL tested and hard-wired for extra security. This light fixture is not dimmable and very easy to install. It comes with the suction cups, the bulb installation tools.

The oil rubbed bronze color and simple design makes it a wonderful investment. Apart from the hallways, it can be used in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.


32. Antique Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Antique lights are a great way to impress visitors and this semi-flush mount ceiling light by Light Blue USA can be an excellent choice. This LED light features a brushed nickel finish and an acrylic shade for warm illumination. As far as the construction is concerned, the twin steel rings surround a dropped acrylic diffuser. The light fixture is available in two color temperature: 3000K and 4000K. Also, the twin steel rings are removable to make maintenance and cleaning easier. From the safety point of view, the light is ETL listed and suitable for damp locations.

The contemporary style of this light fixture makes it ideal for your hallway. This light fixture comes with a 3-year limited warranty so that you can invest without worries.


33. Mesh Back 3-Light Brushed Nickel Ceiling Light

Spotlights are a great way to adorn entryways and this ceiling light by Lithonia Lighting can be a smart purchase. The light fixture is super bright and provides 480 lumens. From the design front, this round brushed nickel light has 3 lights and a stylish track head with a mesh back. It can be easily installed in both residential and commercial buildings.

It has adjustable track heads which makes it a good investment especially for hallway. You can point the head to almost anywhere as it rotates 360-degrees and has a 60-degree tilt.


34. LED Flush Round Mount Ceiling Light

A simple and sleek design is a big hit for entryways and this beautiful flush mount ceiling light by Cloudy Bay can be your perfect pick. It is oil rubbed bronze round lighting fixture that is compatible with most standard dimmers. As it has a CRI90+ rating, it produces more accurate and vivid lighting as compared to other alternatives. Also, it is ETL listed for energy efficiency and safety.

The simple and classy design makes it ideal for a hallway, stairwells, basements, and even closets.

Here are a few tips to choose ceiling lights for hallway:

  • Use dimmable lights so that you can adjust as per the requirement
  • Start with the height of the hallway and choose accordingly
  • Consider the hanging length or height of a light fixture
  • Consider the spacing around and between ceiling light fixtures
  • Choose decorative yet functional lights for entryways

Well, the above-mentioned are a few popular ceiling lights for different rooms like kitchens, bedrooms, baby rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and hallway. However, the choice is endless and you can browse the Internet for your preferred lighting fixtures.


I must say that choosing the ceiling lights for different rooms in our homes is one of the most challenging tasks. This is because it takes a lot to pick the right lighting for different room settings. However, by being a little creative and having an idea about different types of lights, we can make this annoying task an enjoyable one. All we have to do is become familiar with some popular ceiling lights so that we can have at least an idea from where to start.

My rule is to pick the lights that are safer, comfortable, decorative, and functional. Uh! Seems like I look for everything in light fixtures but that’s good I guess. This is the best way to choose the most suitable ceiling light fixtures because we cannot overlook functionality over looks. There has to be a balance between everything – the style, the design, the color, the texture, the material, the form, and the function.

As far as my choice is concerned, I prefer a mix of ceiling lights with some beautiful chandeliers for my living room, pendants for my dining area, and dropdown lights for my bathroom. Using a combination of lights gives us the opportunity to enhance both the looks and functionality of every single room. This way we can choose a perfect light fixture for every room because no room is the same and so are the requirements.

As each room has specific and unique lighting needs, we have to be very careful while choosing. We have to take things one by one, room by room…

Best Ceiling Lights Ideas That Will Make Your Home Sparkle

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