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Top 6 Best Chalk Paint Brands for Furniture 2019 – Interior Eco-friend Paint

The world of chalk paints is full of surprises and you will find that to be something that is good. What I mean to say is, best chalk paint brands are taking the world of furniture painting by storm. This is because of the effect that they produce when used on wood.

This is something that you will find to be especially true when you get the right paint. That is the reason why you will need to find one that works. This is a review to look at all of them in summary.

When we are done walking through this listicle, you will find out why this list is important. You will also find out which is the best furniture paint can be taken seriously.

How To Rank These Best Furniture Paint Brand

Top-8-Best-Paint-Brand-for-FurnitureWe have here with us, a list of chalky paints that have been ranked in order of how they will appeal to different people. They have not been ranked according to what is best overall but according to the following criteria.


This is the one thing that most people will want to look at when they are ranking the paints. They want to find something that is not overpriced and that is what you get when you have this one. It will give you all the paints that have been ranked according to prices.

2. Quality

The definition of quality will tend to differ with each person and that is why you will need to make sure that you have seen each one. This means that some paints may be thick and others thing. It doesn’t mean that thick ones are better, it means the ones that work best for you are the better paints. We also looked at toxicity.

3. Prep Work

Chalky paints were and are known for their zero to none prep work requirements. That is something that we have also looked. Some of the ones that appear here will need thinning but you will find them to be as good as you need them to be to qualify.

Ultimate List of Top 6 Best Chalk Paint Brands for Furniture 2019

1. Renaissance Chalk Paint Brand – Decorative paint for furniture

Painting-Cabinnet-with-Rust-Oleum-Chalked-PaintThis is the pioneer who started it all and that is the reason why her name will crop up very often when you are looking for a top chalk paint brand. She made the first of its kind and even gave it the name. The name is patented by her and you will find its different variations on other brands.

Renaissance has the reputation of being the best on account of being in the market for so long. You will find that to be a big selling point. They have had time to make better paintings every year. Their diversity is also unparalleled.

The reputation that Renaissance has seems to be the reason why they are a little more expensive.


  • No sanding or priming required
  • You will find small and large can sizes.
  • You do not need to prime to get the best results.
  • It cleans out easily with just water and no additives.
  • It is FDA approved for food contact and contains no toxins.
  • You will get at least 150 sq. ft. of coverage.


  • It is a bit more expensive than the counterparts.
  • It has to be waxed to look good which is not the case with all chalky paints.
  • The application drags and streaks when waxing.

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As you can see, there is so much to be gained from Renaissance chalk paint and the application will be easy. You will find out why it is such a talked-about paint in the chalk paint circles. There is so much to be offered by it.

2. Rust-Oleum Chalky Paint Brand – Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint

Rust-Oleum Chalky Paint Brand Best Chalk Paint Brands for FurnitureAs you can tell from the name, they are not exactly known for being the home décor go-to company. This is because they have mostly specialized in paintings that are meant to take care of cars and protection of products that rust. That is why they are called Rust-Oleum.

Rust-Oleum has been on the market since 1921 which is a long time. For a brand to stay in the market for that long, whatever they are making has to be of high quality. That is the reason why you will find that they did a good job with their version of the chalk paint.

This is a paint that is cheap considering the reputation of Rust-Oleum.


  • It is less expensive than the others in its level.
  • It can be in a spray can which is the only chalk paint of this style.
  • It cleans easily.
  • It dries in just half an hour.
  • You will get at least 150sq. ft. of coverage.
  • It dries in an ultra-matte finish.


  • It has a latex base which is toxic.
  • It has just a range of 8 colors.
  • The content of VOC is modest at top.
  • It will need a primer. 

You will find out, the paints that need priming in the chalky paints world do not score very high on the cards. The appeal comes from the little to nothing prep work that is involved in a chalky paint endeavor. Rust-Oleum is still a big name.

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3. Chalk Mountain Paint Brand – Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Paint

People will recognize this as the paint that competes with Renaissance Chalk Paint very closely. There is a reason why it is so popular among the people who have used chalky paints. This is due to the fact that it is very easy to apply and it has an edge over most chalky paints.

It may be a little thinner than you are used to but that is not a big problem. This is because there is so much that you can do to remedy that. Applying two coats will make this problem go away. As much as that may be said about Chalk Mountain chalky paint, you will find it to be very awesome.

After seeing the pieces that have been painted with this one, I can say that it is one of the few paints that has really stepped up and done a good job.


  • This one has been certified to have zero VOC content, safe for indoor.
  • It will not need any priming to work well with the surfaces.
  • It is less expensive than most of its kind.
  • This one will dry in a record 30 minutes.
  • Waxing this one is optional as the paint is fine without the waxing.


  • Sometimes, you will find that it flakes a little but that can be taken care of with wax.
  • You will need to apply two coats to get the best results as it is thin.

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Chalk Mountain Chalk Paints is one of the few types that will give you what you need at a price that is healthy and that is something that is not that common in the world of paints. Chalk Mountain brand is also known for the way that it works on most surfaces with no problem.

4. Krylon Chalkboard Spray Paint Furniture – Superior hardness Paint

Chalk Spray Paint Krylon Chalk SprayNow, we have seen the big can paints, the small cans, and the regulars. This is a different kind of special that we have here. The Krylon paint is one that will give you the chance to play around with the paints without having to struggle too much. There is a reason for that.

That is something that has been shown to be true in the way that they have been made. They come in small cans that are in a myriad of colors to choose from. That is how you will be able to get what you need. The low-end consumers will find this to be a godsend.

It is not that expensive and you can use spray paint it without having any problems at all.


  • It comes in 16 different colors which is enough to give you a choice.
  • It will clean easily.
  • As always, you will not need to have any priming.
  • It dries into an ultra-matte finish.
  • The finish is dry, smooth and dries quickly.


  • It comes in 8oz. cans and that is not convenient at all.
  • You get just about 20 sq. ft. of coverage with this one.
  • The paint application may be messy sometimes.

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Krylon Chalkboard Spray Paint is very easy to use and even when some bubbles of air appear, you can remedy that by spraying several thin coats

5. Premium Chalked Finish Paint- Low VOC Interior Paint Brand for Furniture

Devine Color by Valspar Best Chalk Paint Brands for FurniturePremium Chalked Finish Paint is one of the biggest names in the paint and it was obvious that they would get into the chalky paints craze sooner or later. In keeping with their consistency in quality, Premium Chalked Finish Paintwas the offering that they made. It is a paint that will give you what you need.

There is so much to be got from it and that will include the best finish that you can have when you wax it and much more. The application process will not be a headache. The paint may not hold up if not waxed but that is not a problem, just wax it and lie back.


  • You will find it in small and large sizes.
  • It will self-level itself.
  • This paint has very low VOC content.
  • It will clean up easily.
  • This paint has no toxins.


  • With the quality, it is more expensive.
  • It has to be waxed.
  • This paint has to be thinned.
  • It drags when painting.

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Even with the cons that it has, Premium Chalked Finish Paint is one of the top for a reason. It will not present a challenge when you decide to get creative with it. Try this one to get the best of what you need as that is how you will get paint that is awesome in all ways you can imagine.

6. Sherwin-Williams Chalky Paint – Best Wall Paint Brand

There is so much that can be said about this one but you will find that there is more to it than you thought. That is because Sherwin-Williams is the best kind to use with a paint gun and that is not something that can be said for all the paints that are on this list.

Now, this one has been aimed at the people who want to do less when they ate painting and that is something that works. There are so many people who want to do minimal work and get the most out of everything. This is the paint for those people.


  • There is no need or you to do any priming.
  • You can use this with a paint gun. That is a selling point for it.
  • You will not need to thin it.
  • There is a very low VOC content.
  • You will cover 150 sq. ft. of space.


  • You can only find it in one size.
  • It is more expensive because of the quality type.
  • This paint will chip sometimes and that is not good.

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There is nothing that is better than the Sherwin-Williams Paints especially when you want to use it with a paint gun. That is the reason why it has been talked about so much by the people who have used it. It may have been expensive but it is worth it.

A Rundown Summary of these Best Chalk Paint Brands for Furniture

There is so much to be learned when you want to get the best chalk paint brands and that is what we have here. We have seen which ones are best for what and you will find that they do have differences. They may have the same underlying formula but they are unique.

Some are made to work better with paint guns and others just won’t work with it. This will depend on what you prefer to have.

My Final Take

There is a paint that is awesome for cabinets, there is one that is good for food contact and some is good without wax. You just have to find something that will work best for you and you will have exactly what you need.

When you find out which one will work for you best, find out what the sizes are and you will have an easy time buying what you need.

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