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Big Joe Muji Bean Bag Floor Chair Reviews 2020

Nothing beats relaxing in a comfortable chair after a day of hard work. Wait, there’s something better than your ordinary chair – bean bag chairs or Muji Floor Chair. Not any bean bag chair but the Big Joe Muji Bean Bag. Everyone is talking about them. If you read the latest Big Joe Muji Bean Bag Floor Chair reviews, you’ll realize there’s more to them than just elegant designs.

We believe the brand stands true to their promise of being F.A.T – Functional, Affordable and Trendy. The latest designs should tell you this. If you have bought the latest Muji Floor Chair, you’ll realize that these models have generous seating capacity. They also boast unique features that make them highly functional and worth buying. If you are shopping for the best models, here are the top most-preferred features of the Big Joe Muji Floor Chair.

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Big Joe Muji Bean Bag Floor Chair Reviews

Durable material

Big Joe Muji Bean Bag Floor Chair Reviews


We love the Muji Floor Chair because it is not only durable, but it is also sturdy. We love that this material is both water and stain resistant. This means that maintenance is a breeze. The Big Joe can withstand all the rigors of jumping and sitting by people of different weights. The double stitches and child-proof zippers make the chair safe even for children and pets. The Ultimax beans conform easily to your shape to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in any position.

Seating Capacity

We did not find any model that matches the seating capacity of the Big Joe Muji Bean Bag. The chair is great for people of different ages and weights. Adults enjoy their comfort and kids love that they can lounge in any position while playing video games. The generous seating capacity can comfortably accommodate two kids. You can even relax with another adult, and it will still hold its ground. The Big Joe Floor Chair does not lose its shape easily.


What we love about the Big Joe Muji Bean Bag Floor Chair is its multi-functional nature. We know you will love it too because you can use it for anything. Whether you want to set it on the floor or prop it on your bedroom wall, this bean bag chair will serve you well. You can sit on the bean bag chair when:

  • Playing video games
  • Working on your laptop
  • Watching TV
  • Relaxing
  • Reading a book

Most of all, the chair lets you keep everything you want close from the remote control to your bottle of beer. The Big Joe Floor Chair is perfect for dorm rooms, the man cave, teen rooms or the family room.

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Why should you buy the Big Joe Muji Bean Bag Floor Chair?

Big Joe Muji Bean Bag Floor Chair Reviews


According to the Muji Floor Chair reviews online, the model is packed with great features that make it worth buying. Of course, there are a few concerns from other buyers like the fact that it loses its shape, but well, who knows a model that does not? We are yet to see this, but you can easily fluff it up whenever you want. On the upside, the Big Joe Bean Bag Chair is:

Simple to setup

It does not take you any effort to setup the Big Joe Floor Chair. The procedure is quite simple and easy. All that’s required is to take it out of the package and fluff it up a few times.

Easy to use

The Big Joe Bean Bag Chair is easy to use. You can use it as a couch or flatten it to use as a bed.


Because you can put it in any position, the lounger is super comfortable. It is the best muji bean bag floor chair to buy and relax all day without feeling any back pain.


The chair does not take too much space. Plus, when you are done using it, and you do not want it within the vicinity, you can easily slip it under your bed or keep it behind a sofa. This flexible nature allows you to squeeze it even in tiny spaces.



  1. I bought two of the Milano chairs for my grandchildren for Christmas. You have to know that kids are going to be rough with these. It is mid to late January and we have had 3 leaks of the fill. Two were in seams and one had to have a patch. I like the fabric, it wipes clean well. You should double seam stitch these things with dental floss or fishing line. Single seams are not appropriate for the abuse these chairs are going to take.

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