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21 Wall Mounted Mirrors Ideas for Your Bathroom Décor & Design 2020

Looking for great mirror ideas that reflect your style? Wall mounted mirrors are a great choice when you’re looking for ways to add sparkle and shine to your bathrooms or other rooms. From sleek to ornate, there’s a huge variety available at online stores. It simply means that you have an endless number of ideas for your bathroom décor and design.

Why Mirrors?

Mirrors are a necessity in the bathroom and the perfect mirror is the finishing touch to any bathroom. Large or small, mirrors play an imperative role in a bathroom’s décor. A well-picked piece can make even the smallest spaces look bigger. When appropriately installed, these wonderful pieces give the impression of a larger space. They reflect light and make your bathrooms look bright and cheery.

Mirrors are the perfect accessory for any bathroom, dressing room, vanity, and hallway. Whether you choose a simple one or the lighted one, they add an aesthetic appeal along with the functionality to any residential or commercial space. Mirrors are like your best spot where you stop and do makeup, touch-ups, hair or outfit. Also, mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that they can be mounted in any direction.

However, it doesn’t mean that the mirrors have to be basic, you can reflect your style with an eye-catching piece. And, here we’ve compiled a 21 great wall mounted mirrors ideas for your bathroom or any other rooms. As the choice is endless when we talk about mirrors, we’ve separated them to 3 main categories: the Traditional Mirrors, LED Light Mirrors, and Decorative Mirrors. This way you will be able to know which one work best for you.

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Top 10 Best Classic Wall Mirror Idea for Your House

1. Large Framed Rectangular Wall Mirror

Large Framed Wall Mirror with 3 Inch Angled Beveled Mirror Frame

Source: Amazon.com

This premium silver-backed glass panel large framed wall mirror by Hamilton Hills is ideal for your bathroom or bedroom.

The sophisticated wall mount mirror comes with a 3-inch angled beveled mirror frame and can be used horizontally or vertically. This large, rectangular mirror is designed to bring opulence and sophistication to any room.

The solid core wood ensures stability and safety polished edges ensure durability. The entire line-up by this company is said to pass a rigorous 8 point inspection and comes with reinforced D-ring hanging clips, hardware, and screws for easy installation.


Why choose this mirror – You can use the mirror either horizontally or vertically depending on the space available and design of your rooms. Also, the mirror comes secured to a solid wood backing which includes pre-installed slimline 1/4 –inch hanging hardware hooks. It’s great to achieve that clean, streamlined yet modern look. The company offers you a 100% money back guarantee and easy refund.

2. Full-Length Bedroom Floor Leaner Mirror

 Hans&Alice Full Length Bedroom Floor Leaner Mirror,Free Standing Dressing Mirror 65

Source: Amazon.com

This free-standing, full-length dressing mirror by Hand&Alice can be a great addition to your bathroom or bedroom. Simply styled and classically designed, this is a 65”x21”, 5mm thick mirror which is more durable than those common 3mm mirrors.

It comes with scatter prevention and explosion-proof membrane for enhanced safety. Made of glass and PS, the mirror is big enough to provide many viewing angles.


Why choose this mirror – A full-length mirror allow you to view yourself from head to toe. You can either rest the mirror against a wall or get it attached as per your requirement and space availability. It can be a great choice to attain that clean and sleek look. Also, these types of mirrors are perfect to fit with any décor, vintage or modern style.

3. Rectangular Streamlined Wall Mirror

Large Simple Rectangular Streamlined 1 Inch Beveled Wall Mirror

Source: Amazon.com

This premium silver backed rectangular streamlined 1-inch beveled wall mirror by Hamilton Hills is a great choice for your bathroom. This sleek and modern 24”x36” beveled mirror has a floating, frameless design with solid core wood backing.

Also, it comes with safety polished edges for a finished appearance. As it’s a frameless design, the glass is securely mounted to solid core wood. The D-ring clips, hardware, and screws help in easy yet durable installation.


Why choose this mirror – If you’re looking for something simple yet elegant, a frameless, floating design can be an amazing choice. It adds both functionality and glamour to your bathroom or bedroom. A large, frameless mirror adds to a designer impression and defines the space. Also, the company offers you a 100% money back guarantee and easy no-questions-asked refund.

4. Large Beveled Scalloped Edge Square Wall Mirror

Large Beveled Scalloped Edge Square Wall Mirror

Source: Amazon.com

This uniquely designed square mirror by Hamilton Hills features scalloped edges that add a designer look to your vanity, bathroom, or bedroom.

The 1-inch bevel curved corners squared mirror offer a traditional and elegant look. It features soft curved corners and beveled edge with a floating, frameless design. Backed by solid core wood, the design ensures better reinforcement and stability. Just like other mirrors by the same company, this particular piece also comes with safety polished edges and D-ring hanging clips, hardware, and screws for easy installation.

The glass is mounted to solid core wood for extra protection.


Why choose this mirror – If you’re bored with those traditional rectangular and square mirror designs, this mirror with curved corners can be a perfect pick. It is ideal for all rooms including your bathroom, bedroom, or living area. This particular piece has 3 main features to look forward to: a unique shape, the more substantial bevel, and the durable backer. Also, you can hang it both ways either horizontally or vertically.

5. Rectangle Beveled Polished Frameless Wall Mirror

 Fab Glass and Mirror 24

Source: Amazon.com

This sleek and elegant rectangular frameless wall mirror by Fab Glass and Mirror can really define your bathrooms.

The 24”x36” frameless rectangle beveled wall mirror comes with polished edges and hook set for easy installation. The vinyl safety backing makes it ideal for bathrooms, kitchen, or living room.

The smooth surfaces and finely polished edges allow you to use the mirror as a wall décor. Each mirror is finished with 1” beveled edge and come with a safety backing and a hooks set for DIY. The mirror is available in different size options so that you can buy as per your requirement.


Why choose this mirror – The large, frameless mirrors look impressive and help you bring in enough light. Also, a frameless design works wonder for more minimalistic spaces. You can achieve a seamless and fresh look by hanging it both vertical and horizontals ways.

6. Large Silver Vanity Wall-Mounted Mirror

Hans&Alice Large Silver Vanity Wall-Mounted Mirro

Source: Amazon.com

This retro-style, ready-to-hang large silver wall-mounted mirror by Hans & Alice is ideal for your bathroom, bedroom, and living room.

The semi-distressed frame wall mirror seems to be highly durable as it comes with double coated champagne backing. The artistic wavy edges are carved on thick, strong solid wood. The baroque style frame is made of solid wood and comes with a protective explosion-proof membrane.

Also, hooks and rope included for easy installation.


Why choose this mirror – The glass and solid wood construction makes it ideal for both vintage and modern style homes. It’s you who will decide whether to hang the mirror horizontally or vertically. As the mirror has a clean and sleek surface, it’s perfect for any home décor and lifestyle.

7. Big Rectangular Wall-Mounted Mirror

Hans&Alice Rectangular Wall Mounted Mirror

Source: Amazon.com

This huge, frameless rectangle wall-mounted mirror by Hans & Alice is perfect for bathroom, home, and gym.

The 38”x26” silver mirror is backed by a solid core and the frameless design with beveled edges. This is a heavy mirror but the leaf scrollwork in silver and black makes it durable.

The leaf design on the bezel and silver tone makes it great to use around brushed nickel faucet and chrome fixtures. However, you need to be extra cautious while installing this mirror because it’s way too heavy. All you need to do is follow the instructions carefully and the final result would be flawless.


Why choose this mirror – Anyone looking for a solution to create openness, a big frameless mirror is always the right choice. Also, this particular piece can be hanged horizontally as well as vertically. The contemporary style makes it compatible with many decors and fixtures.


8. Handmade Frameless Rectangle Clear Mirror

 MIRROR TREND Frameless Mirror Rectangle Beveled Wall Mirror with Solid Core Wood Backing

Source: Amazon.com

This upgraded clear silver frameless mirror by Mirror Trend is a must have for those who want something simple yet elegant.

It’s a rectangular 28”x28” mirror that can be hanged in both ways, horizontal and vertical. This mirror comes with a handmade bevel edge and the glass is mounted to solid core wood.

The edges are hand polished for a beautiful look and the mirror comes with sturdy 3-hole hooks and care instructions. It seems to be an impressive one when it comes to beauty, craftsmanship, and size.


Why choose this mirror – This rectangular mirror comes with a great finishing and handmade bevel edge that makes it a good choice for bathrooms and bedrooms. The company provided 100% satisfaction guarantee and a full refund with no question.


9. Oval Beveled Polish Frameless Wall Mirror

Fab Glass and Mirror Oval Beveled Polish Frameless Wall Mirror with Hooks

Source: Amazon.com

This stylish round beveled frameless wall mirror by Fab Glass and Mirror can be a classic choice. A round mirror can soften the sharp angles in modern spaces and make them look stunning.

It comes with 1” beveled polished edge and available in a wide variety of sizes. It comes with vinyl safety backing and 3 hooks attached to back for easy set-up.

Also, the mirror can be hanged both ways, vertically and horizontally. Whether you’re looking for a perfect piece for your bathroom, bedroom, or living room, an oval-shaped mirror is always a great choice as it blends well with different designs and themes.


Why choose this mirror – When everyone is busy hanging rectangle or square-shaped mirrors, you can stand out by installing an oval-shaped one. An oval mirror can be used for two purposes, increasing the functionality of a room and wall décor.


10. Farmhouse Antique Wall Mirror

 Sandberg Furniture Farmhouse Wall Mirror, Antique Turquoise

Source: Amazon.com

This 4-inch weathered ad antique farmhouse style wall mirror by Sandberg Furniture is a great fit for both traditional and modern homes.

What makes this piece different from others is the antique-style frame which features beveled glass. Made of glass and polystyrene, it can be mounted both horizontally and vertically which is again a great feature as you can choose to hang it as per your preference.

The package comes with D-ring brackets for hanging without the use of a wire. The antique finish reflects an old weathered barn and the beveled glass adds a touch of softness. Also, you can choose from different sizing options and even a full-length one.


Why choose this mirror – The vintage-designed mirrors can be used in any area of your home. You can hang an antique piece in your living room, entryway, and hallway and of course the bathroom. It is a great way to make a style statement and add timeless country style and rustic flair to any room.


Top 3 Best Lighted Wall Mounted Mirrors You can find on Amazon

When we talk about mirrors for your bathrooms and bedrooms, the choice is endless. Apart from those simple ones mentioned above, you can also pick the most stylish ones – the Lighted Mirrors. Let’s continue with the counting and take you to a shiny and bright world. Check them out:


11. LED Lighted Rectangular Wall Mounted Mirror

 Hans&Alice LED Lighted Rectangular Wall Mounted Mirror

Source: Amazon.com

This IP44 rated LED light mirror by Hans & Alice can be an amazing addition to your bathroom. Tested and approved for bathroom use, this mirror is adorned with energy-efficient white lights with touch button. Isn’t it great? It has simple styling that blends well with any home décor or vanity architecture.

Talking about the specifications, the 20mm aluminum frame is adorned with a moisture-proof stripe. Also, it has a defogging mechanism and can be hung either vertically or horizontally. The LED light is replaceable and has an approx. 50,000 hours burn life.


Why choose this mirror – You can easily create a focal point and stand out using an LED light mirror in your bathroom. It blends function with sophistication as you are bringing both the functionality and beauty at the same time. It can be a perfect choice for those who want something stunning yet functional.


12. Large LED Bordered Illuminated Mirror

Lighted Image LED Bordered Illuminated Mirror

Source: Amazon.com

This large LED bordered illuminated mirror by Lighted Image can be a simple yet functional addition to your bathroom. The white LED lights are IP44 approved and tested for bathroom use. It has white LED lights and you can use the sensor switch to turn the mirror on/off via a light switch.

A few requisites for this piece include hard wire installation and demister pad. Best of all, the powder coated steel base is rust-resistant. It simply means that you can a wonderful lighting that is functional.


Why choose this mirror – Lighted mirrors are the perfect accessory for any bathroom as they offer exceptional lighting and aesthetic appeal. LED is an energy-efficient option as it uses less energy and has an efficacy of over 50,000 hours. LED lighting comes in a variety of lumens and temperatures.

13. Vertical LED Bathroom Silvered Touch Mirror

Vertical LED Bathroom Silvered Mirror with Touch Button

Source: Amazon.com

This simple yet elegant vertical LED silvered mirror with touch button by Better Home Better Life can be a perfect choice for both residential and commercial spaces. It has a 40mm aluminum frame and the glass with touch button control. As the glass has a touch button, the mirror is meant to be hung vertically only.

Also, this rectangular-shaped, moisture-proof mirror comes with screw mount option. The ON switch is near the lower area of the mirror and lit up red when the surrounding white glowing light is off. The same switch turns blue when the LED light illuminates.


Why choose this mirror – The very first is that it has a touch button to illuminate the mirror which is really great. Even though your bathroom has plenty of light, that extra bit of shine directly on your face is never a bad idea.

Decorative yet Functional Wall Mount Mirrors

We’ve already discussed some simple and some LED light mirrors, but the list doesn’t end here. The sky is the limit when we talk about mirrors and now we’re coming to some of the aesthetically amazing pieces that are functional too.


14. The Glow Modern Frameless Wall Mirror

Vertical LED Bathroom Silvered Mirror with Touch Button

Source: Amazon.com

This beautiful glow modern frameless wall mirror by Décor Wonderland is a piece of art. Crafted of thick 3/16 glass and metal, it has double coated silver backing with seamed and bevel edges.

It is framed with over 50 hand beveled mirrors that surround the main center part. This particular piece can be used to improve the lighting in dark rooms as glass mirrors reflect light. The best way is to install it in rooms with chandeliers for creating a dazzling effect.


Why choose this mirror – The decorative glass mirrors are like design statement as they attract the eye. Also, they can create the illusion that you have a much more space means you can create a sense of spaciousness. The right decorative mirrors can do wonders…


15. Sapphire and Silver Handmade Wall Mirror

DecorShore 24

Source: Amazon.com

When we talk about decorative mirrors, there’s nothing as beautiful as a handmade one. This sapphire and silver handmade wall mirror by Décor Shore is an artfully hand-crafted round mosaic piece. Backed with double wood, it reflects a true craftsmanship through glass mosaic tiles. A handmade piece is a great way to make your walls interesting and eye-catching. Sapphire and silver blend easily with any home décor, making this piece a wonderful addition.


Why choose this mirror – A lot of color options are available so that you can choose as per your home décor. The glass tiles surrounding the mirror will make the mirror pop on the wall. The decorative mirrors create a centerpiece in a room by adding a stylistic element to your walls.



16. Baltic Amber Mosaic Wall Mirror

Baltic Amber Mosaic Wall Mirror, Decorative Handmade Beveled Round Mirror

Source: Amazon.com

This is another in the line of handmade mirrors, a Baltic amber mosaic wall mirror by Lulu which is a round beveled wall mirror. The frame size is 23.50” and the mirror is 11.50” which makes it a portable option that can be used in any room.

The copper color and round design seem to be compatible with most furniture and décor. However, you need to be very careful while hanging this particular piece as it is decorated with the copper glass tiles manually.


Why choose this mirror – When you look for a sense of refinement and style, there’s nothing like a handmade wall mirror. The ready-to-hang pieces give both beauty and functionality to ay room.

The tiles used to embellish this mirror have the sparkle and really pretty with great workmanship. It’s an excellent piece for those who are looking for something unique yet functional.


17. Prisma Wall Mirror

Umbra Prisma Wall Mirror, Matte Brass

Source: Amazon.com

This is a totally unique and beautiful decorative Prisma wall mirror by Umbra. Today, a lot of modern homes need something unique and Prisma mirror is a great approach for wall décor. The oval 3D geometric shapes surrounding the main mirror are made of plated metal wire that doubles as a wall art.

Though the shape is geometric, it can be easily hanged horizontally or vertically. As it’s a decorative piece, it can be used in your bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, hallway, and even the kitchen. The geometric pattern and metal decoration will brighten up your space.


Why choose this mirror – First of all, this beautiful Prisma mirror doubles as a wall art. As the size is quite big, you can use it to reflect both the natural and artificial lights in any room. Also, oval-shaped mirrors are a great fit for a multitude of space and home decors. The geometric design on the exterior of the mirror is 3D which makes it a stunning piece of art.


18. Oriental Round Silver Metal Beveled Wall Mirror

Oriental Round Silver Metal Beveled Wall Mirror

Source: Amazon.com

This handmade decorative oriental round wall mirror by Lulu is a great choice for the residential and commercial purpose. The size of the metal frame is 19” and the beveled mirror is 11”. The silver design in full metal body that surrounds the main mirror seems really welcoming.

It is as big that can add dimension to any square pieces in any room. Also, it is lightweight and, therefore, easy to install and easy to clean. You can use a light above the mirror for more of a statement and reflection.


Why choose this mirror – If you want to create a soothing ambience in your home, this round metal beveled wall mirror can be a perfect pick. The design is hand carved to give it a unique style and the silver metal finish will blend well with any home décor. If you live in a small apartment, you can incorporate decorative mirrors.


19. Silvershine Mosaic Round Wall Mirror

Silvershine Mosaic Wall Mirror, Decorative Round Wall Mirror

Source: Amazon.com

So the next in the list of decorative mirrors is this handmade mosaic round wall mirror again by Lulu. What makes it different from the rest of the decorative and handmade piece is the use of mirror pieces in white cement. With the frame size 23.5” and inside mirror 15”, this beautiful piece is sturdy and ready to hang.

It comes with a wire on the back so that you can easily put a screw in the wall and hang vertically. However, make sure you handle it carefully or the mirrors at the side may fall out.


Why choose this mirror – The use of mirror pieces in white cement means you can bring a style statement and functionality to any room at the same time. A carefully placed silver wall mirror can maximize the natural light in your home. Also, you can place them in a way to reflect the artificial lights such as a chandelier or lamp.


20. Trio of Decorative Mirrors for Wall

Umbra Dima Mirrors, Set of 3, Trio of Decorative Mirrors for Wall

Source: Amazon.com

A set of alike mirrors is always a great way to add a style statement to a room. The Umbra Dima mirrors, set of 3, by Umbra are far from typical. These mirrors are diamond shaped hanged in a charm or chain which works as a decorative element.

Available in black and copper, the mirrors are suspended by dainty chains and rounded knobs. Made with powder coated metal, Dima mirrors are perfect for an awkward wall or space. Also, the mirrors come with all mounting hardware so that you can do-it-yourself.


Why choose this mirror – If you’re hunting for something that is totally unique, a trio of diamond-shaped decorative wall mirrors can do wonders. The best part is that these mirrors are customizable as you can either use them together or individually. This trio of interchangeable mirrors can be used in any room that needs a touch of décor. They can also be used to reflect any piece of art or light.


21. White Oval Vintage Wall Mirror

 Kole White Oval Vintage Wall Mirror

Source: Amazon.com

Nothing can transform a space as vintage wall mirrors as they have been passed down for generations. This beautiful white oval vintage wall mirror by Kole can enhance the value and beauty of any room.

The oval shape featuring a decorative plastic frame with flourishes and curling vines makes it an ideal choice for bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, and hallways. The clear white color and simple design offer a visual elegance.


Why choose this mirror – Vintage is always classic and it offers a timeless beauty that never runs out of style. The clean and crisp white color blends easily with a multitude of home décor and furniture.

The artistic finish and vintage charm make these types of mirrors an ideal alternative to clear mirrors.




How to Choose a Perfect Wall Mirror?

You can pick any of the above-mentioned mirrors as per your requirement, preference, style, and budget. All of them offer something unique and that’s why you can also use a different type of mirrors in different rooms. Though I have mentioned why you should choose them, the choice is all yours. Check out the features, know the price, and decide what goes well with your home décor.

To make things easier for you, here are a few tips to choose the perfect mirror for your bathroom or other spaces:

  • Consider the size, shape, style, and color of the mirror to make sure it blends well with your home decor.
  • Find a shape that works for you because it can influence the impact or mood you want to create.
  • It is all about style, so choose a design that reflects your personal style.
  • If you are living in a space that is relatively small, a large mirror can be the perfect addition as it makes a room feel instantly larger.
  • If your home does not benefit from natural light, use simple but large mirrors to reflect the light into your rooms.
  • If your home lacks charm, fill empty wall space with vintage and antique mirrors as they not only add dimension but also bring light to the room.
  • If you are a person who loves art than a decorative mirror is a great option as it can be treated like a piece of art.
  • If you want to create a bold statement, go for a uniquely-shaped mirror such as a geometric pattern or an extra large mirror.


Mirrors are a simple but versatile decoration. Whether you buy them for your bathroom, bedroom, living room, or entryway, they can make any spot of your home look wonderful. Mirrors are not only functional, but also used to make smaller rooms appear larger. When we think of creating a focal point in any room, mirrors can be a great choice. These beautiful pieces can make a wonderful statement when used wisely.

Best of all, mirrors can be used to hide unsightly marks on the walls which is of course a great thing. You can easily hide some bumps, scuffs, and cavities by using an attractive mirror. A full-length mirror will do a great job to hide a mark that’s at knee height. Though you have the option to use paintings or other decorative pieces, they are not functional. A well-picked beautiful mirror can transform a wall into a centerpiece.

Though I have mentioned a lot of varieties and designs, my personal favorite are the simple ones for bathrooms and decorative ones for other rooms. I would prefer using a lighted one in my bathroom as these types of mirrors offer enough functionality. If talking about my living room, I would love to go with the decorative ones as they will entice the guests.

However, when you decide to buy a mirror or mirrors for your home, make sure you know your requirement, availability of the space, and budget. This way you will be able to pick the best for your house…

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