Design Your Sewing Room: 08 Useful Tips On Decorating

Your sewing room may not be large enough or it may be just a converted one or just a spare room in your house; but no matter what the size maybe, the more important thing is how you organize and design it based on your own likings. So have fun and enjoy designing your room and let your good vibes transfer into your sewing haven.

 A Piece Of Advice:

It’s one of the common mistakes not to decorate your room because you think it will be expensive. But there are ways to make your designs chic and not expensive. Start your DIY projects and you may also shop around your home for pieces of furniture and items which you can incorporate within your sewing room.

Tips On Designing Your Sewing Room

Here are some of my useful tips that will help you with designing:

Clear your room thoroughly before decorating it.

You wouldn’t want anything to hinder while you are doing your masterpiece; so clear out those clutter and mess. You’re in a luck if yours is a new room since it’s more convenient to begin with; but if that’s not the case, have it vacated and start anew.

Sketch your room design.

Make a floor plan of what you want your room to become. Include all the measurements and locations of the equipment and furniture you will place inside your room. You can easily finish your room decorations with a plan to follow on hand.

Choose the right color for your wall.

It’s up to you whether you want to paint it or cover it with wallpaper. If you’re confuse of what color to choose, here are some points: research shows that green and blue are cool colors. While green enhances creativity and spurs innovation; blue is a naturally calming and thus opens the mind to fresher ideas.

Whatever color you choose, make sure that it accentuates all the other features of your room and that it blends with the other items you placed inside.

Do not disregard your flooring.

Your floor adds to the total vibrancy of the room and must not be neglected. You might be thinking of installing a carpet in your room to add comfort and coziness but consider that you need to clean it up regularly for loose threads and scraps of fabrics from your work.

Instead of installing a carpet, it would be better to choose wood, faux wood and tile flooring. It is more convenient to clean every now and then and loose sewing items are easy to locate.

Choose a versatile table.

One of the most important furniture which can add attractiveness to your room is your sewing table. You can find functional yet stylish tables on several stores like MyKoalaStudio which offers a wide range of sewing tables and cabinets and they even customize. Their prices however ranges from 1,000 to 4,000 bucks.

There’s this one multifunctional table I love because it can act as a sewing and a cutting table at the same time; there’s even an additional provision beneath which can store some fabrics, decorative pieces and memorabilia.

If you’re up for a less expensive brand, you can go for Ikea. It offers extendable tables which make it easy to spread out your projects and the price ranges from 199 to 200 dollars only.

Keep your storage organized.

Your decorations will be ruined if your room is messy and full of clutter. One key to a gorgeous room is to keep it organized. Although your versatile table can easily store some of your sewing materials, I’m pretty sure it is not enough.

Start with listing all your sewing materials that need storage then have a system of storing and follow it strictly.

You might want to consider the following items to have an organized room:

  • Storage Cabinets. Cabinets are priceless pieces when decorating and they will really define your personality. If you will store your colorful fabrics on your cabinet, you can consider a monotone paint; however, if you’re like me, you would definitely splurge colors on it to make it more playful.
  • Clear storage boxes and jars. Boxes and jars are good storage for sewing items like buttons, beads and other small items but it will be more convenient if you’ll buy clear ones so that you can easily locate and pull out the things you need. Boxes and jars with colorful buttons and beads stock inside can be good decorations since the different colors add vibrancy to your room.

There are several stores selling these clear storage boxes and jars and the two of the more accessible ones are IKEA and Etsy. They are also offering these boxes which are already subdivided; there are jars which can be bought per set.

  • Apart from boxes and jars, you may also choose those pretty colorful sewing baskets that can handle all other sewing materials. These can add to your room design since it comes in pastel, floral, plain and other patterns. Choose designs that will complement all your other decorations. I personally like the aztec patterned baskets which is very colorful and chic.
  • Shelves and Racks. Definitely it will be more convenient storing fabrics on open shelves or racks. Imagine this: multiple colored fabrics with different designs stored on your enclosed 5-layer drawer – – that’s a whole lot of digging in if you want a particular fabric for your project. In contrast, folded or hanged fabric on shelves and racks will definitely give you ease whenever you are sewing. A plus point is these will complement your room designs since fabrics are very colorful.
  • Thread organizers. There are still built in racks specifically for threads. This will surely help you arrange your threads by colors. I know Embroidex have thread organizers and a typical one holds up to 60 thread spools and it costs 34.99.
  • These are also multipurpose organizers for your tools that are used regularly such as scissors. You can ask a carpenter to customize one for your needs; yet there are ready to use pegboards available in the market and it even comes with hooks and organizer bins.
  • Desk organizers. Your sewing books and notebooks of designs needs a house too because they will add to your clutter if you displace them. A good organizer is one with subsections for holding the books and a tray for your designs and other documents. It will also be good if you can look for one which has a sliding drawer.

Add some sewing decorations.

There are other decorative pieces which you can consider such as the following:

  • Your own creations! You can hang those quilts that you have sewn on your wall racks; use those slipcovers for your chairs and those drapes for your windows. You can also hang the clothing you created on the clothes rack or on the mannequin.
  • Mirrors mounted on one side of your wall. Aside from being useful to check how your dresses fit your body, it can brighten and add colorful reflections on your room. Of course, a full length mirror will be the best choice to easily see some imperfections on your clothing projects and to totally appreciate your finished work.
  • A cork board or inspiration board. This simple hanging item can be part of your decorative pieces. You can certainly design a simple cork board yourself by wrapping it with colorful papers. Paste some of your favorite quotations and other to-do-lists. I bet you’ll be surprised how your corkboard adds to the total package of your room.
  • Paintings or Artsy Frames. You will never go wrong with an artistic painting as an added decoration. There are available paintings related to sewing and it really adds flavor to your room. Just make sure that it will not be too huge that it overpowers all the other decorations inside your room.

If you are not a fan of paintings, you may also consider artsy frames as an option. You may either choose vintage frames for an antique vibe or some pastel, colorful ones for playful tone. If you want it to be somehow personal, you can choose your favorite quotations or may be your pictures.


Although there are things which will remain similar on all rooms such as presence of lightings and ventilation, designing a room will not be standard to everyone. It always depends on the taste and preference of the owner. The tips I suggested in here are just options; feel free to adopt some ideas and modify those that does not suit your styles. Because at the end of the day, your design will matter only if it is functional and efficient to answer your sewing needs.


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