Reclining Sofas for Tall man

Flexsteel Recliner Sofa Reviews – Most Comfortable Recliner for Tall Man

After a long day of work, sitting back slightly with your feet up is like heaven. Right? When talking about sitting to relax, a recliner chair is one amazing piece of furniture that not only gives a sense of relaxation but offer many health benefits. When we talk about reclining furniture, a lot of good names come into our mind and Flexsteel is one of them. Flexsteel is an American manufacturer that has been producing mostcomfortable recliners for years.

I purchased the Flexsteel reclining sofa about 6 months ago and it has been the best piece of furniture I have ever had. I searched a lot before buying the right recliner and suddenly came across the Flexsteel furniture. Otherwise, I like the features, the leather stuff, and of course the size of the sofa which allows the people with good height to comfortably sit and relax.

Alongside the features are multiple customization options and I was even able to add extra features to make it more comfortable and a perfect fit for my place. As the sofa does not come with cup holders and storage space, I had to get the features added. I have incorporated USB chargers into the design because I think practicality is as important as the design.

The recliner chairs come in a wide variety of styles and designs. They also come equipped with various features and here we’re going to discuss some Flexsteel Latitudes Miles Reclining Sofa features…

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Flexsteel Reclining Sofa Feature

The Flexsteel Latitudes Miles Reclining Sofa comes with a heavy-thread stitching, attached back cushions, and attached high-density seat cushions when we talk about the basic design. As no recliner is complete without a powerful and smooth reclining mechanism, the Flexsteel reclining sofa features a power mechanism that allows people to smoothly recline to any position with just a touch of a button.Perfect heavy thread stitching

To recline in any position with the sofa placed only inches away from the wall, the Flexsteel recliner comes with zero-wall-proximity. For easy lifting and maneuverings through doorways, the sofa features removable backs.

Coming to the dimensions, the Flexsteel Latitudes Miles Reclining Sofa features 81” Width, 41” Depth, and 41” height (approximately).


Comfortable Recliner for Tall Man

Flexsteel Reclining Sofas ReviewThe recliners by Flexsteel are designed and manufactured for everyone looking for comfort and relaxation. This particular item we are talking about i.e. Flexsteel Latitudes Miles Reclining sofa is also aimed at tall people as it is oversized and comfortable. The sofa is a solution for users in a number of environments, like from home to work and travel.

When it comes to the target audience, Flexsteel has a whole host of well designed and manufactured products including chairs, cabinets, storage solutions, and more. However, the company specializes in recliner sofas.

Flexsteel Pricing and Warranty

The Flexsteel Latitudes Miles Leather Reclining Sofa is priced at $3457.00 but you can get it at a discounted price of $2016.00. The product is available with an option of free shipping and ships in original packaging. You can also make a special order which means the product is ordered from the manufacturer and is expected to arrive within 7-14 days. The product will be shipped immediately once it arrives in the distributor’s warehouse and you will also receive the tracking information.

A few distributors also provide the financing option to make it easier for you to pay for the Flexsteel recliner sofa. You can either choose 12 or 24-month special financing or a fixed amount every week.

As far as the warranty is concerned, the Flexsteel products come with Lifetime Limited Warranty for internal structures such as springs, wood frames, metal bases, reclining mechanisms, seat cushion foam, and feathers.

A five-year Limited Warranty against electrical components, mechanical components, sleeper mechanisms, and sleeper mattresses. One-year Limited Warranty against finished wood, plastic & metal components, battery packs, filling materials, pillow fiber filling, and upholstery materials.


Why Should you invest in Recliners?

It feels really great to kick your feet up at the end of a long day especially when you’re sitting at your desk or standing for long periods just to fulfill your duties. Your lower body also needs some relief and elevating your feet above heart level allows gravity to reduce stress and inflammation.

When you recline your feet, it jumpstarts your body’s blood circulation and you instantly recover from stress. It also takes the pressure off your back and removes pressure on your spine. Sleeping in your recliner can prevent the lower back pain as it gives your muscles the ability to stay healthy. The reclining position has been found to relieve the symptoms of snoring, heartburn, sleep apnea, acid reflux, and gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Elevating your feet calm your nerves as it gives them some time to heal which is very important for your nervous system. Last but of course not the least, you enjoy better digestion as in reclining state your body digest quickly and you get quality sleep.

Why Flexsteel Recliners?

Flexsteel Reclining Sofas ReviewIf you’re looking for customized furniture, Flexsteel can design and manufacture everything according to your requirements. The company also allows you to make an existing design your own by choosing from a wide range of products that are available for personalization. A customized recliner can help you get rid of the neck, back, and leg pain in the long run.

Flexsteel has always paid more attention to the internal quality of its furniture and keep on upgrading features and specs. The company uses genuine leather which is also a key factor in its overall sales around the world. Although I don’t know much about the leather, but after using the Flexsteel recliner sofa I can say that it is of the highest quality.

Here are a few cons:

  • There’s no power headrest and storage console in the sofa.
  • The sofa does not come with any cup holders or USB port/charger.
  • The Flexsteel Latitudes Miles Reclining Sofa is neither a sleeper sofa nor a loveseat; it’s just a reclining chair.
  • The sofa is too heavy to move to change the position.

Flexsteel USA Brand

The brand is operating within the U.S. in many countries and has over 1200 dealerships in the world carrying their furniture. The company is also one of the largest manufacturers of sofas and sleepers for travel and other recreational vehicles.

The company is known to create unique products with authentic designs using high-quality materials. They also try to customize their furniture to fit your unique needs and create a completely personalized experience. The products are delivered on time and you can easily track where your new recliner is.

When it comes to Flexsteel recliner for a tall man, the company has a diverse portfolio of products to suit unique needs. The company produces quality furniture for homes and businesses and also specializes in furniture for mobile homes. Isn’t it great?

Alternative Flexsteel Product



Well! As no product is perfect, you should also take a look at other options available in the market especially when you’re looking for the most comfortable recliner for a tall man. When talking about the alternative products, Lane Stallion Recliner can be a good choice as its comfortKing construction makes it tough and sturdy. The company has also made power recline available on these chairs but in this case, it has to be custom ordered and will take 6-7 weeks.

Coming to the price and warranty, the Lane Stallion Recliner is priced at $$$ and you will have to contact the seller directly for warranty information.

Is Flexsteel Recliner right for you?

Here’s my verdict…

Flexsteel recliners are an accurate reflection of what you think about quality furniture and the company offers a wide range of sofas, chairs, loveseats, couches, sectionals, and recliners.

As I have been researching the options for a recliner that will fit a very tall person, I tried many recliners. The main concern is that tall people sit a few inches forward from the back and the heel should rest on the downward slope easily without creating pressure on the heel. So, I found Flexsteel sofa a good fit for people with height as the heel does not dangle over the edge. However, I always advise to do your own homework and compare products to choose the most comfortable recliners

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