General Finishes Milk Paint Antique White

General Finishes Milk Paint Review – A Water Based Friendly Paint

There is something about the rustic look of an antique piece of furniture that just attracts people. It also has the effect of bringing into the house an ambiance that is as antique as it is remarkable. That is the reason why I decided to test the Antique White gallon from General Finishes.

I was amazed by the results and got to see why it has enjoyed so much hype among lovers of wood products especially furniture. Their Milk Paint line is one of the most successful that I have seen on Amazon.

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General Finishes Antique White Reviews

If you need to know what milk paint means, here is a definition: it is essentially a premium exterior and interior mineral based paint that is named after its not-so-shiny sheen. It copies perfectly, the look of old furniture.

The features include:

  • The can weighs 1.52 pounds per pint.
  • The dimensions of the can are 3.3×3.4×4 inches.
  • It has been designed for use on furniture and wood products.
  • The luster is not shiny to give the antique look.
  • The topcoat is not needed unless for the frequently used areas like kitchen countertops and cabinets.

As you will find out, the paint more than lives up to the name of antique in terms of the visuals that you get when you are done.

General Finishes Milk Paint Use For?

This paint was designed to be used by all wood enthusiasts who have furniture that is starting to get old and those who have new furniture that they would like to make look old. That is why the name of the paint has the word antique in there.

The thing about it is that the paint is not made to work like the others. It does not gloss or shine the way that most paints do. Antique furniture like armoires and chair designs are the primary interests here.

If you want any exposed wood to be more durable and to look antique and smooth at the same time, get the General Finishes antique white.

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What is the Pricing of this Milk Paint?

I looked at the pricing of the General Finishes Antique on Amazon and they are selling the pint at $$$. I would say that this is a healthy price for a paint that is so amazing. The area coverage for one pint is also especially wide.

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How to Use the Milk Paint

I know that you may have seen regular paints and how they get mixed with thinner before you use. Milk paint is a much less synthetic kind of paint and is natural in a way. It is usually in powdered form with instructions on how to mix with water before you use.

The General Finishes company advice that you use a foam brush when you are painting with this one.


There are many things that have been lauded by the people who have purchased this paint and they will help you know why you need to pick it:

  1. Ease of Use

The paint is good and you will just have fun gliding over any piece of wood or furniture. It can really give a different look to any place in the house, even the bathroom. When painting, you won’t need extra brush strokes as the paint will self-level well.

  1. It is Water Based

Water-based paints have several advantages but the two most liked are that it does not stick to the brush and you will only need water to wash it out. If you want to paint in the house, you will find it easy to do so because it doesn’t stink either which eliminates toxic fumes.

  1. You Won’t Need a Topcoat

When you are painting with normal regular paints, you will find that it is imperative for you to have a top coat to prevent them from flaking and peeling off. This is not the same here and that is why people like it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have one and General Finishes provides that.

  1. Minimal Preparations

The area to be painted doesn’t need that much sanding before you start and the paint will also dry up very fast once you are done. That is something that is not common with regular paints and this one changes the game completely.

general finishes milk paint color chart



There aren’t many of consequence but:

The Boldness

This is something that you will find to be a little out there. The colors are bold as some people said, especially when you diversify from the white and use something else like purple for instance. I found it funny that too bold colors were the only complaint most people had.

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General Finishes milk paint Wrapping up

I don’t have anything that’s negative to say about General Finishes milk paint. It is novelty embodied in a can and when you put that on furniture, you get that right touch of antiquity for the best kind of aesthetic effect that you will appreciate for a long time.

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