Find The Easiest Way To Paint Furniture Without Sanding Or Priming

When one is painting, the quality of the outcome matters. No one wants to do a lot of hard work that looks awful. When starting to paint, there are things to be considered: the texture of the furniture, the type of paint to be used, whether you should paint furniture without sanding or paint furniture before or after assembly.

The process of sanding is hectic. Using a handheld sander is enough pain. It’s time consuming, messy and humdrum work. The good news is you can quickly paint furniture without sanding. With a few tricks that we’re going to discuss below, you will learn how to paint furniture without sanding to get exceptional results.

Prep using a bonding primer

If you’re not sure whether the paint sticks, prep using a bonding primer, for example, the Kilz Adhesion. Apply it to the surface as the base coat, and within an hour, it will be dry. It’s designed to make the paints adhere to a range of surfaces. You can also use liquid sander commonly known as deglosser. It dulls the shade you want to paint over so the new topcoat sticks. However, it has a nasty smell and should be used outside with gloves and protective goggles.

Use a bonding agent

Another option is using milk paint with an equal amount of bonding agent. With this mixture, you don’t have to sand your surface because the bonding agent works as a primer. Chalk paint works as it sticks to so many surfaces without prep. Mineral paint is non-toxic, durable, waterproof, stain proof and requires no topcoat. It also requires no prepping to stick to a surface, but it is more expensive compared to other paints.Painting-Easy-Rust-Oleum-Chalked-Paint

How to avoid brush marks

Now that we’ve learned how to paint furniture without sanding, you can pick whichever option works best for you. This is the first stage of good painting. Brush marks and strokes can ruin any good painting. The easiest way to paint furniture without brush strokes is to use spray paint, but some projects require hand painting. Using a flat or chalky paint hides imperfections including brush strokes. Using the right brush is very important. Brushes with long bristles work better than other models.

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Other tips

When going for details, use a small brush, but if you’re painting large flat surfaces, a large brush will work best. Ensure you use a paint with long working time, that is how long it takes to dry. This reduces the formation of brush strokes. Always paint in one direction and don’t press too hard on the brush.

Should you paint before or after assembly?

It’s also essential to know whether to paint furniture before or after assembly. It depends on the kind of work you’re doing. Most of the painting is done before assembly. In case the furniture is assembled using glue, you should ensure that the joints are bare wood otherwise the strength of the glued joint is compromised. This means as much as you paint, you must be careful not to mess with the joints. When working on a small project, like a jewelry box, you can paint after assembling. With this knowledge, you can be able to do your painting project and be proud of it.

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