zaisu japanese floor chair review

Japanese Floor Chairs Legless Style – Zaisu Floor Chair Review

The Japanese floor chair is slowly making it to the top list of the most preferred chairs on the market. We’ll tell you why in a short while. If you are shopping for these legless chairs, here is a model you’ll truly prefer. We give you a full review of the Zaisu Japanese Floor Chair to help you decide whether it is the model to bring home or not.

Zaisu Floor Chair Review – Japanese Legless Style

The Zaisu floor chair is a Japanese floor chair that looks stylish and is surprisingly comfortable.

This legless chair is made of honey oak wood. We love the neutral colored padded upholstered seat because it can match any home décor.

The back of the Zaisu chair measures 17.5 inches highs. It also boasts a thick cushion measuring approximately 15 by 15 inches.

The best feature of the Zaisu Japanese Legless Chair is that it folds making it easy to store when it is not in use.

Japanese Floor Chair? Who is it for?

 Zaisu Japanese Style Floor Chair


The Japanese floor chair is a nice alternative for those who want to sit on the floor without experiencing a strain on their backs. With this model, it becomes easy to relax when sitting on the floor. There are alternative models that are adjustable allowing you to adjust the position of the back so you can relax in any position you find comfortable.

Many people prefer these models because of portability. You can easily move them around to different locations where you want to relax.

Families with lower tables will benefit more with this legless chair. Lower tables are very common in Japan than western countries. If you prefer eating on a low table, then you want to buy a Japanese style chair that matches the table.

This wooden chair is also a great option for playing cards, video games or watching TV if this lower position is more comfortable for you.

We also recommend it if you want extra seating in your home.

It is also a great for meditation if this is something you do occasionally because it provides back support so you keep the spine straight.

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Zaisu Floor Chair Design

 Zaisu Japanese Style Floor Chair


The Zaisu Floor Chair is lighter than we expected but it is still very sturdy. Expect some good years with this model. The design and appearance of this legless chair will catch your attention because it looks quite beautiful.

And don’t worry about your interior décor because this chair has a neutral tone that matches any room décor. It boasts a well-designed cushion seat that measures 15 by 15 inches making it perfect to use during mealtime.

The honey oak wood gives the chair a clean and shiny appearance that we truly love. One thing we can say in this Japanese floor chair is that it is super durable and this is one of the reasons we love it.

You can relax against the back when you sit on Zaisu chair. The back is hinged by screws but we are not sure how much weight it can support. Overall, this chair looks quite stylish and performs pretty well.

Zaisu Legless Floor Chair Pricing

We believe this is the best price for a Zaisu Japanese Floor Chair. Actually, this is more or less the expected price range for these models. It does not dent your wallet which is a big plus. We recommend it even to the budget-conscious person because this model sells below $$$ on Amazon.

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 Zaisu Japanese Style Floor Chair


You are missing out on a well-designed and stylish model if you don’t have this Japanese style chair. The Zaisu Floor Chair looks quite beautiful and will add a nice touch to your home décor. It is a great addition to any living room space.

Another really cool thing about the Zaisu Floor Chair is that it folds easily. This folding design makes it easy to store or transport the chair whenever you want. Even if you don’t have the advantage of space, you can buy this floor chair because when it is not in use, you can easily fold it and keep it out of the way.

The Zaisu Chair supports the lower back and maintains your posture for long when you are engaging in different activities like meditation and eating.

This legless chair is also sturdy and holds your weight quite well. It is very durable and will serve you for a long time without a replacement.

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We’d imagine the reason you are looking for a Japanese floor chair is to experience ultimate comfort when you sit on the floor. Unfortunately, though, the wood hurts your back after sitting on the chair for hours. You can, however, use a pillow for the back.

While this chair is sturdy, it can break if you use it frequently.

What Buyers Say about Zaisu Floor Chair


We are yet to see some negative reviews online about this chair. On the positive side though, many customers are happy with this legless chair because it is comfortable when you want to sit on the floor. Customers love the overall design of this chair and the fact that it matches any home décor.

According to one happy customer, the Zaisu Chair is “such a comfy durable chair”. One customer asks potential buyers not to think twice about buying this beautiful floor chair because they’ll be missing out on “enjoying a well-designed cushion seat perfect for use during mealtime.”

Our Final Opinion

While this chair has its share of disadvantages, we believe that all the benefits you get make it worth every dollar spent. We, therefore, recommend this Zaisu Japanese floor chair if you want to sit on the floor but don’t want to sacrifice the comfort that comes with it.

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