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Kick Triumph Foosball Table for Office to Buy

When looking for the perfect foosball table for office, you might get spoilt for choices. Order the best available foosball table for office, Kick Triumph 55”.

About Kick Triumph 55”

KICK Foosball Table Triumph, 55 In


My manager recently obtained a Kick Triumph 55 foosball table for office and my colleagues and I cannot stop playing it. Foosball is a fun and very challenging game which requires a lot of concentration as well as creativity. It is a good way to engage family and friends.

Selecting the perfect foosball table is very crucial as it determines the quality of the game you will play. Kick Triumph 55 is unrivalled when it comes to offering a perfect foosball experience. It is worth that lunch or tea break at the office. Remember fun help create a distraction after long hours at your desk.

The Kick Triumph 55 is meticulously designed with two chrome-plated cup holders built on the side hence guaranteeing uninterrupted playing session. It has the trim which returns the ball as well as dispenser holes and round leg casters. There is no other foosball table for the office which is like Kick Triumph.

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The Best Features of the Kick Triumph 55” Foosball Table

  • It has a multi Goalie option where you can either select between one or three goalies depending on your preference.
  • It is big enough but not too large, measuring only 55”
  • It is designed with premium bearings as well as a ½” playing field.
  • The support beams have rubber surface which ensures that the table is stable and evenly balance. The height of 5” is very convenient even for young players
  • It has one Goalie kit, corner stamps as well as a rod stopper.
  • It’s two magnificent chrome cup holders which are easily attachable to the table. They can be detached anytime depending on your preference
  • The players are controlled by 8 very durable semi-solid steel chrome plates
  • You will also get two premier Kick foosball table  as well as two Soccer Style Foosballs.
  • The player control rods are fitted with non-slip wooden handles and safety caps.
  • It has a lifetime manufacturer warranty.


What you need to know

KICK Foosball Table Triumph, 55 In


Foosball has a total of 22 players, with Kick Triumph you have the liberty of selecting your squad’s formation by switching the number of midfielders, strikers and defenders in your team although there is a limit for each level.

This is the best foosball table for office as it comes with rubber fittings which are used to create a gradient at the corners hence the ball has no chance of getting stuck there.  With a  weight of 135 pounds, it is easily portable and can be moved around by two people. It will take a very short time to get it assembled.


  • Kick Triumph is made of high quality, the durable material making the table very sturdy. It is a world class when it comes to quality.
  • It is very reliable, especially under intense continuous use.
  • It is cost friendly and its durability ensures that it operates under a low maintenance budget for a very long time
  • Kick Triumph comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Its metallic design is from a different world giving it a great look and excellent durability.

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  • Requires skill to assemble, it is, therefore, advisable to get someone professional to assist you since the manual proved unhelpful
  • It is specifically made for professional foosball and might not be suitable for beginners, there are however other related products which are designed to suit your beginner needs.

Honestly, I have never seen a table foosball for office such as Kick Triumph 55”. It has always left me with the unending urge to try one more game.

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