Mango Wood Coffee Table Review - Cotton Craft Pedestal Table

Mango Wood Coffee Table Review – Cotton Craft Pedestal Table

Mango Wood Coffee Table – Everything You Need to Know

Want to give your home an instant update? You can always enhance the look and feel of your rooms by adding a coffee table. Surprised? Yes, you can create a stylish look with the well-picked coffee table. Sometimes, you just need to take a break from those large and bulky items that look cumbersome to create the right balance. There are countless options available when we talk about a coffee table but nothing can beat Mango Wood Coffee Table especially when it is hand carved on antique brown. This is exactly what Cotton Craft Mango Wood Hand Carved Accent Pedestal Table is all about.

Well! When talking about the pedestal coffee table, here’s we talk about a product by Cotton Craft and see whether it fits your need. I am already using this beautiful table and almost satisfied with the functionality. Though it is not meant to hold too much weight, it’s still worthy of holding books or some expensive artistic pieces apart from being a perfect coffee partner. Let’s dive deep into it..

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Cotton Craft Mango Wood Pedestal Coffee Table

Cotton Craft Mango Wood Hand Carved Accent Pedestal Table - Antique Brown - Handcrafted Carved Wood Accent Table - 18 Round Top x 18 High


The mango wood pedestal table by Cotton Craft is hand carved and handcrafted and comes in an antique brown color. It is a complete space saver as it measures 18 inches round top x 18 inches high and can hold up to 50 pounds. Best of all, it’s a folding accent coffee table made from 100% harvested solid mango wood. It folds flat and therefore can be used anytime, anywhere without making your rooms or patio look cumbersome.

From the design front, the table is beautiful as it is hand carved and hand crafted and can beautify any room décor. There is no storage option but it does not bother me as the table is still very practical. It is ideal for small spaces as the table does not occupy too much space and can be installed anywhere in the room, even at the unused corners.

As far as the assembly is concerned, the table comes with instructions and takes only a few minutes to assemble. However, for me, it was so easy to put together the table that no instructions were required. I bought the antique brown version and it is sturdy enough with no odors. Though the constriction is solid, it still needs some care as when I pick it up by the table top, it slips off the base.

What is a Pedestal Table?

Talking in simple words; a pedestal table is a table having a central supporting column or pillar. It means that it is supported upon a central shaft, or upon several shafts resting upon a spreading foot.  This is stylish yet functional that can not only enhance the look of your home but can also be used in the offices. The pedestal table usually falls within two size categories – side table and full size. A side table can range anywhere from 19 inches to 30 inches while a full-size one can go around 50 inches to 60 inches.

Earlier, the pedestal tables were meant to hold candles up next to a bed or chair but now everything has changed as they evolved a lot. Today, these tables have become an imperative part of home décor being grown in size and utility. Now they can be used just like other tables: as a decorative piece, like a coffee table, as a nightstand, as a desk, or a breakfast table.

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When to Use Cotton Craft Mango Wood Hand Carved Accent Pedestal Table?

Cotton Craft Mango Wood Hand Carved Accent Pedestal Table - Antique Brown - Handcrafted Carved Wood Accent Table - 18 Round Top x 18 High - Intricate detail...


If you’re looking for that ‘extra’ space in your living room or lounge, a small wood coffee table can be an outstanding choice. It not only offers that extra space but can be easily transported to any place during family gatherings. If you’re a book lover, you can also use this table in your study room or anywhere you want to keep your favorite books.

Where to Use Wooden Hand Carved Accent Pedestal Table?

Well, it is totally up to you and your needs that where you want to use the coffee table. However, it wouldn’t be a great option to use during formal meetings or dinners as the table is a bit artistic. So, use it anywhere like in your bedroom, your living room, your lounge area, or even at outdoors. The antique brown and white colors go well with any type of room or home décor.

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Why Real Wood Pedestal Table?

It’s a table that allows you to do just about anything! This table is the best piece of furniture for small spaces because there are no legs to get in the way of your chairs. Being the intersection of style and functionality, these kinds of tables are a big hit for both traditional and modern homes. It not only save your knees but offers you enough space to enjoy with your family and friends. Without those traditional legs, the pedestal tables are airy and provide maximum tabletop space. Furthermore, if used creatively these tables can be the focal point that adds a splash of chic to any room.

If you simply need a beautiful yet functional centerpiece, investing in a wood coffee table would be great.

Who will be using this Natural Wood Coffee Table?

For family time, coffee tables are great. Best of all, these tables can be used by children to study, play, and spend some quality time with family and friends. Also, these tables offer sufficient room for average height people as they can use it comfortably. However, these tables are available in many sizes and style options these days and can be used by anyone.

How to Use Pedestal Table?

Cotton Craft Mango Wood Hand Carved Accent Pedestal Table - Antique Brown - Handcrafted Carved Wood


If you want to use an artistic piece of furniture as your coffee table, a mango wood hand carved pedestal table can be a perfect choice. As it is easy to clean around and beneath it, it can be placed anywhere. In many cases, you will also find custom options regarding the size, shape, and leg of your table. It means that you can get it personalized as per your unique needs, home décor, and budget.

How to Set Up?

As discussed earlier also, the small tables are very easy to set up as you just need to follow the instructions properly. No professional tools and hardware are required to setup Cotton wooden coffee table but these types of furniture pieces require some care during installations as they are quite delicate.

Talking about Cotton Craft coffee table just lay the top face down on the floor and then position the base on it. It comes with two locking tabs and precut grooves to hold the base in place. You just have to pay some attention and you will be done in minutes.

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What Makes a Cotton Craft Mango Wood Coffee Table Unique and Worthy to Invest?

Well, we talked about the coffee table but what is that one thing that makes it an interesting and worth investing piece of furniture. It’s the material that makes it worth considering and when talking about the material there’s nothing like ‘Solid Wood’. It is a term used to differentiate between ordinary lumber and engineered wood. Also, the term refers to structures that do not have hollow space.

Solid wood is not manufactured by binding together wood strands and fibers with adhesives. The furniture made of solid wood is strong enough to last for years and can be used to satisfy a lot of furniture applications. This type of wood may have some knots, color differences, mineral deposits, and variations in grain as the material is not engineered.

Why is Mango Wood the Best Choice?

Cotton Craft Mango Wood Hand Carved Accent Pedestal Table - Antique Brown - Handcrafted Carved Wood Accent Table


Mango wood brings sustainability to your home décor and a perfect balance of style and environment friendliness. Yes! Mango wood can be beautiful, strong, and versatile to be used as a material to make elegant pieces of furniture. It is a living and breathing material and ages over time just like any natural material. Changes in weather can also cause solid wood furniture to move in shape or size.

There are three main features or characteristics that make mango wood the best choice:

  • Sustainable and Eco-friendly
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Makes great furniture pieces

My Final Words:

All in all, this particular mango wood coffee table we’re talking about is a great choice as the quality is good and it’s durable. It can be a beautiful addition to the home décor especially a great choice for those who appreciate hand carved and handcrafted solid wood furniture pieces. Most importantly, mango wood is an environment-friendly option.

Know your requirement, plan your budget, and find the best coffee table!

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