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Painting Walls with Chalk Paint – Prep Work for the Wall Before Painting

There is so much that you can do with chalk paint. Contrary to popular belief, you will find that furniture and wood pieces in the house are not the only things that you can paint with this. You will just need to find the perfect surfaces and work on them

From my research, I found out that apart from wood, I can paint concrete with it. So, if you have wood or concrete walls, there is no problem. You will just need to make sure that you have observed some of the rules that will make it lasting and more impressive in terms of appearance.

Now, Chalk Paint is a name that was copyrighted by Annie Sloan, the inventor of chalk paint and a colors expert. Annie has an array of products that can be used to make this wall painting a reality. You will find that it is not that hard to paint with the things that she provides.

Here is How You Paint Walls with Chalk Paint

There is a lot to the process but it is all simple and you will have no problems adapting to the things that you need to be doing. That is what I will detail here and all you will have to do is make sure that you have done all of it for the best effect.

Phase I: Getting Started

When you want to paint, you need to do it in steps that are carefully measured and following everything that is required. This is the first phase of the whole process. The prep work is minimal and run-of-the-mill.

  1. Gather the Materials

Gathering the Materials for paint kitchen with chalk paintWhen you want to paint, the first thing that you will need to do is make sure that you have gathered all the things that you need. This will include the paint, which you will have mixed already and the brushes that you need for this.

You will have to make sure that you have everything that you need before you get started. That is how the whole operation will go smoothly with fewer mistakes and more success.

  1. Protect The Floor

When you are painting, there is going to be dripping and that makes the floor look ugly. You don’t want any of the paint dripping on the floor. Which is why you need to make sure that there is something that is covering the space where the wall is.

Use some canvas or something that will stay in place while you paint. Then, move the furniture to make sure that nothing gets into the fabric or on the surfaces of places that you eat and sit on. This is essential as it will give you free rein to work faster too.

  1. Use Painter’s Tape on Edges

When you are painting, some of the edges will have to be left out of the whole paint job. Which is why I recommend that you use some painter’s tape to make it easy. This will prevent any accidental painting of places that do not need to be painted.

Do not press it into the edges that you do not want to paint. Just gently apply it so that when you want to remove it, it becomes easy. That is how you will keep the molding and the fixtures from getting any paint on them. This will be hard to rectify if not prevented when painting.

Phase II: Prep Work for the Wall

This is where you will prepare the walls to make sure that when you start painting, you will have no problems getting through to the end with it.

  1. Cleaning the Surface

Before you get started on that wall, you can start by cleaning it and making sure that there is no dust or any unwanted debris there. Do not mind the pock marks and such blemishes because they will make the rustic effects even more apparent.

The rustic and antique look will come from these blemishes that the wall has. But, if you want to have something that is perfectly smooth, you will need to do more than clean. When cleaning, you can use a damp cloth for perfect cleaning depending on the wall type.

  1. Priming

Even though you will not need to prime the wall when you are using chalk paint. This is because this paint will not need this treatment. It has all the adhesiveness of an already primed product but this is all about how it is made.

You will find that there is no need for you to prime but if you want to do this just to feel like you have gone through all the steps, then do it. Do not put too much or even as much as you would with regular paints. Just use a little bit of primer. And read the instructions on the chalk paint.

  1. Test The Wall

When you have finished with the mixing, you will need to test the wall to make sure that the paint will work. This will mean that you have to pick a small part of it and then use some of the paint on that part. You will have to wait for it to dry and then you can see what that is like.

This is a process that will ensure you will not paint the whole wall, only to find that the effect is not what you expected it to be. This will be a way to avoid making what I like to call a disaster-piece.

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What Is the Effect of Chalk Paint on Walls?

If you have been looking at pictures of things that have been painted with chalk paint, you will find that it is mostly furniture. However, walls can be painted with this too and you will find that to be, not as bad as you may have imagined.

Some people maintain that chalk paint will not work on walls. I can give them that but only if the walls that you have are made using plastic and metal. Even metal takes to chalk paint.

So, when you paint with this one, you will find that you give the walls some depth and perspective. This makes it all better and that is the reason why you will find that this is a favorite among the people who have used it.

Some of the Advantages of Painting Walls with Chalk Paint

There is so much that you get when you have chalk paint and that will include the effect that it will have on the wall. This will be coupled with the properties that it exhibits, to give you the perfect kind of paint and elegance that your wall needs.

  • It Is Not Toxic

This is not like other paints. It is made from natural materials and when you look at the ingredients of the most famous brand, Renaissance chalk paint, you will see that. It is approved by the FDA for food contact meaning that ingestion will not make you sick.

Now, that doesn’t mean you should drink this. You will not detect fumes that when you have this one. It will be fume free and safe to paint in the house with.

  • Not Too Much Prep Work

Before I painted a wall with this one, I was told that I would not have to sand it down too much or anything like that. All I had to do was just clean the wall and make sure that it was not flaky or anything.

This is because, with this paint, you will find that the thickness will make it easy for you to have a uniform layer. You can add another coat or wax it to make sure that it will last.

  • Easy Color Mix and Clean Up

It is simple for anyone to mix the colors up and create what they want. This way, it will give you the opportunity to have the kind of color that you want the wall to have. The texture will not be hard either.

Cleaning up the brushes is easy too. If you did not mix in primer, which you don’t need by the way, just rinse them in the sink and you are done. As I mentioned earlier, they are not toxic and you will not need to worry about them being harmful to you in any way.

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My Final Take

There is so much that you will benefit from when you see the effect that chalk paint has on the wall. The paint that I am talking about here is not made of chalk, in fact, it is far from chalk than you imagined.

The paint is not chalk, it is the effect that the paint has on the surfaces that you will apply it to.

That is what gives it the name. You will find that the paint has an effect of making the walls or surfaces that it is painted on to look antique and elegant.


  1. You ll Need Two Coats:  When you re ready to paint, you ll likely need at least two coats, if not more. This will all depend on the surface and condition of the wall you re painting and the brand of paint you use.

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