Zafu and Zabuton Yoga Floor Chair

Get a Perfect Yoga Experience with Zafu and Zabuton Yoga Floor Chair

Are you looking for a yoga floor chair? Then get yourself Zabuton and Zafu and forget all the hassle. Zafu provide a stress-free yoga and meditation experience.

I have been using Zabuton and Zafu Yoga floor chair for my Yoga and meditation for over one year. It has solved all the yoga problems I was facing.  It has a comfy thick and overfilled seat making you feel like you are floating in space, a perfect environment for meditation.

I faced a lot of challenges when I started practicing yoga a few years ago. Getting a proper Yoga floor chair was a difficult task. My meditation moments were interrupted as I tried to acquire myself a proper sitting position. I ended up with numb feet and back pains after each and every session, I was on the brink of quitting what came to be my favorite daily routine.

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The Features of Zafu Yoga floor chair

abuton Zafu for Yoga and Meditation


Zabuton and Zafu are specifically designed for Yoga and Meditation. The following features are incorporated in it;

  • Different sizes to suit your needs, Zafu; 3”x 28” x36” while the large zabuton is; 36’ x28” x 3”
  • It comes in two different colors, 2 piece black, and a grey set
  • Original and long lasting like all products from Blowout Bedding
  • Specifically designed for your Yoga needs

Zafu Yoga floor chair Description

Zabuton which is the main part of the yoga floor chair comes in two versions, the economy version, and the deluxe version.

In the economy version, Zabuton is directly sewn to the cotton batting which is attached to the cotton Twill covering. For the square & deluxe versions, the cotton is sewn onto the linen fabric giving it a firm hold yet allowing it to move freely.

The interior of the Zabuton is filled with cotton batting and has an overall weight of about 6 pounds. The economy version of zabuton is small-sized compared to the deluxe zabuton which measures 3’’x 36” x 28” while the economy Zabuton measures 28” x 28” x 3”.

On the other hand, Zafu which is placed as the chair above the zabuton is made of buckwheat and kapok fiber fill giving just the appropriate rigidity. It has a height of 7 inches and a diameter of 14 Inches. Zafu weighs about 3 pounds and it comes with a removable cover.

Using Zafu and Zabuton for yoga and meditation

Zabuton Zafu for Yoga and Meditation


Meditation requires a lot of concentration and the way you sit really matters. You will want to assume a position which will not subject your body to any form of pain. Zafu and Zabuton combination is the best sitting support option available.

Zafu and Zabuton do not require any skill and prowess, you can either choose to sit cross-legged or kneel.

  1. Sitting cross-legged; When sitting cross-legged; ensure your knees are lower than your hip bone since this will allows easy rotation of your hip bone.
  2. Kneeling; make sure that your knees are lower than your hip bone when assuming this position. The position helps alleviate stress on the spine as you will be sitting on your Zafu with your knees on the Zabuton.

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Pros of using Zafu and Zabuton

Zafu and Zabuton allow you to assume your favorite yoga position without using a lot of effort. It is the best the best Yoga floor Chair combination with this specific advantage.  Since Zafu is above the Zabuton it elevates the pelvic height way above the knees lowering your center of balance.

Forget about muscle cramps and cringes after long hours of sitting.

Finally, I honestly believe that Zafu and Zabuton is the best yoga floor chair available in the market. I am yet to come across another combination that will rival these two. Their design and quality of the fabric used is from a different dimension.

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