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Pinty 48” Professional Foosball Table | Fixtures and Furnitures

Foosball is always a fun game to play or watch. It is for this reason that you will need to find a serious table when you want to get all the things that you want to get out of a foosball table. The Pinty 48” Professional Foosball Table, is one such table that you will find to be adequate.

With the way that it has been made, you will have all the long-lasting fun that you want. The steel and MDF rods are the selling point in its durability.

If you want to have a foosball table that is not that hard to move and one that will provide more than just fun, this is the table that you will have to go for. There is so much going on for it in terms of features and that is what we will look at.

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A Description of the Pinty 48” Professional Foosball Table

Pinty Foosball Table 48''/50''/55'' Competition Sized Soccer Game Table/Hockey Table for Family Use Game Room (48

Source: https://www.amazon.com

This is a table that is 48 inches long which is just a tiny bit below regulation length. That means you have something that is as close to the pro version as possible. The rods are made using steel which means that you get to have fun for a long time.

With the duper gripped handles, you will have no trouble holding on to this one. The legs are obviously reinforced, as you will find out, and the robot-like men are made of ABS. They also look real with all the painted hair and uniforms

The look of the table and the accessories that you get are amazing. This means that you will have all the fun that you need without missing anything. The scoring system may be manual but I am not complaining about that.

The Best Features of the Pinty 48” Professional Foosball Table

There is so much about this table that you will like and we are going to look at all of the things that are a plus for the table. This will give you a valid and solid reason to buy this particular table. So, this is what is most impressive:

Scratch Resistant Surface

When foosball tables get old and are easily scratched, they will look ugly. That is why you will find a perfectly good table looking like someone took a sandpaper to it. That is why this one has been made with material that doesn’t scratch easy.

You will be able to play as vigorously as the fun allows without worrying that the table might look ugly after a while. It will get old eventually, but slower than most tables. Minimizing friction is the secret that they have here and it also means smoother gameplay.

Custom Made Anti-Skid Feet

Pinty Foosball Table 48''/50''/55'' Competition Sized Soccer Game Table/Hockey Table for Family Use Game Room (48

Source: https://www.amazon.com

Now, imagine that you are playing and you want to make that score. You know that once you turn that handle, the ball will shoot into the goal faster than the opponent can see. Then, when you put in that extra energy to do it, the table skids, just a little.

I will forgive you for kicking it then but, why don’t you just get a table that will not skid, will not budge no matter how you play? It is that simple, if the table you have played with skids, get one that doesn’t skid. This is the one. With the custom-made feet, you have it all.

Who is This Table For?

Think of it this way, who is this table not for? No one; that is the answer. Whether you are old, young or right there in the middle, games will always have the appeal and with the interchangeable tops, you will be able to enjoy what you want to enjoy easily.

Now, I have seen some of the tables that you will get and they are ridiculously priced. This is cheap and as close to the regulation size as it gets for a table of its kind. That is the reason why you will find it as much fun as any other of the pro size tables.


  • It is 48 inches in length, just a smidge of length below regulation size.
  • The table is also anti-skid to make it stable and easy to handle.
  • It has been designed to not scratch when you play vigorously.
  • The table is also made of durable steel to make sure that you can have it for a long time.
  • You will find the pricing to be healthy too, which is not common for something that is this good.
  • The gripped handles will make it easy for you to be accurate and to have an easy time with the striking.


  • It is a little bit heavy and may not be as portable as it is made out to be.

Alternative Products

There are so many products that are out there which you can have if you want to see what alternatives there are to this one. We have Warrior, Brunswick, Garlando, and Sportscraft among many others.


My Final Opinion

Well, I have to say that this is definitely a table I would buy if it was shipped to where I live. Just find it on Amazon and all over the internet to see what it can offer you. That is how you will see it in all its grand form.

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