Simpli Home Warm Shaker Solid Wood End Table Review

Simpli Home Warm Shaker Wooden End Table Designs Review

Solid Wood End Table – Small Piece of Furniture, Big Function!

A room without a table is just like a girl’s room without a dressing. Tables server several purposes, from making the rooms aesthetically beautiful to storage and display your valuable possessions. Tables are available in an array of colors, styles, textures, and sizes but the question is which one will work best for your room. Should you choose a wood table or go with the metal one. Which type of table will suit your home décor and needs?

The options are endless and at times can be challenging. But what if you can get all the benefits from an end table? A small table usually about the height of the arm of a chair, placed at either end of a large piece of furniture or beside a chair. Well! Yes, this small table can be a perfect addition to your furniture collection. Why? It is not limited to just a piece of furniture that is put beside a sofa. There’s lot more you can do with it and this is what we’re going to talk in this piece of writing.

When talking about the small tables, a real wood end table can prove to be your best purchase. As solid wood is a living, breathing material, so is this piece of furniture. I have recently bought Simpli Home Warm Shaker Solid wood End Table and I am in love with this tiny piece of wood. Let’s talk about it in detail:

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Simpli Home Warm Shaker Solid Wood End Table Review

Simpli Home Warm Shaker Solid Wood End Table, Honey Brown


The real wood end table is handcrafted using finest natural solid pine and hand-finished with a light Honey Brown color. A protective NC Lacquer is used to enhance the quality and looks of the wood. It features one drawer and one open shelf offering plenty of storage space for your favorite stuff like books, antiques, table and more.

The topmost surface of the table is sized perfectly to accommodate a table lamp, family photos, and other small items that need to be displayed. The form and function of this table make it a perfect partner to any armchair, sofa, or even your bed.

A quick look at its features:

  • Handcrafted and Hand-Finished
  • Honey Brown Finish
  • Premium NC Lacquer Coating
  • Brushed Nickel Hardware
  • Shaker Style
  • Drawer for Storage
  • Country Home Rustic
  • Tapered Legs

The real wood end table features plenty of storage space, both open and closed, to keep stuff like remote and magazines while the top shelf provides an area to show your decorative possessions. The classic lines and rustic styling of the table reminds of a country home and blends perfectly with any room décor. Best of all, it is portable enough to fit easily in your space, whether you have a big house or a small apartment.

As far as the technical details are concerned, the Simpli Home end table weighs 22.9 pounds and measures 20 x 18 x 19.5 inches.

What is an End Table?

 Simpli Home Warm Shaker Solid Wood End Table


In order to know more about an end table, you will first have to understand what it exactly is. An end table is a small table designed to hold smaller but more widely used items, like TV remote controls, books, family photos, books, and beverages.

End tables can be used anywhere but the most common use is with a large piece of furniture like a sofa or an armchair. These tables are excellent for keeping your living room in order, allowing you to reach your stuff directly from your favorite chair or sofa.

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When to Use it?

While an end table can add an extra bit of style to a room, it serves other purposes too. It adds an extra storage space to keep books, lamps, photos, and other small stuff and bring a sense of style to a room. As these types of tables are usually compact, they are an ideal alternative for smaller spaces. So, if you’re not fortunate enough to have a big space, you can always use a beautiful end table.

Where to put Simpli Home Warm Shaker End Table?

Though the end table is most commonly used beside a sofa or an armchair you can always be creative regarding its placement. You can install it anywhere you want but as the name suggest; it should flank your sofa or your favorite chair near its armrests. This way, you will be able to easily reach the widely used items. Furthermore, the end tables come in a variety of styles like vintage, modern, formal or informal; they can be used to decorate any room.

Why invest in a Solid Wood End table?

Simpli Home Warm Shaker Solid Wood End Table


There are endless reasons to invest in an end table with the most interesting being the portability and functionality. It is a small table with an enhanced function which means that you can use it effectively even if space is challenging and it will offer the same function. It comes with drawers and shelves to hold everything from toys to that stash of books you will someday read. From completing a look, to storage and display your stuff, these tables offer a much-needed space. Best of all, the end tables come in an array of materials like solid wood, shades, textures, and designs.

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What’s the Purpose?

Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern, solid wood end table will suit any home décor and solve several purposes. As this type of table has fewer surfaces than coffee or console tables, it can be easily used beside a sofa or chair to keep your small but important stuff. It can either match the height of the sofa or chair arm or sit slightly lower. Whatever the style or size is, an end table can solve your purpose of offering enough storage for small items effectively.

Who will be using Warm Shaker Solid Wood End Table

Functionality is an important factor when choosing an end table because this piece of furniture may be a perfect pick for one person while useless item for other. The table has a different function for different people. Some may want to buy it solely for decorative purpose while others may want to add a little bit of extra storage to their room. Simply said, end tables can be used any anyone, anywhere.

How to Use

Simpli Home Warm Shaker Solid Wood End Table, Honey Brown


While the wooden end table can add an extra bit of storage to a room, they can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it as a stylish accessory in your home or display your antique possessions. When appropriately used, these tables offer balance to your décor and keeping your rooms in order. In simple words, find the one to suit your home décor and use it the way you want.

How to Set Up Simpli Natural Wooden End Table

The real solid wood end table has a nice, simple design and the all-wood construction is sturdy. The top and legs are well-supported with cross pieces and end table has plenty of storage. It simply means that you don’t have much to set-up as it is a small, ready-to-use type of table.

Table Materials: Real wood or solid wood end tables are designed to last for years of use in your home and with proper care; you can easily maintain the form and function. Solid wood ages over time like any natural material and may include characteristics like variations in grains, knots, and color differences. A little care can do wonders!

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Final Verdict

All being said, I would like to add that you should pay close attention to materials, style, size, and price of any furniture you want to buy. I am using this real wood end table by Simpli Home from a while and have no issue until now. Though it works as promised by the company, you should still do your research.

One tip – Do not see small tables as just a piece of furniture; consider it an opportunity to enhance the look and feel of your home. You will definitely end up buying the best piece…

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