Renaissance chalk paint reviews – Zero VOC Interior paint for furniture

Renaissance chalk paint reviews – Zero VOC Interior Paint

Renaissance – Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly, Superior Coverage

Regular paint is a headache. Are you struggling to paint anything with ease? Do you think all the sanding, the prep-work and the thinning is too much? Well, I have just the thing for you Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint is what you need.

Painting a house has never been easier and I can attest to that fact when I look at the features that this one has. No fumes, Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly and no prep-work. That is simply amazing.

A Description of the Renaissance chalk paint – Interior paint Reviews

Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint - Chalk Furniture & Cabinet Paint - Non Toxic, Eco-Friendly, Superior Coverage


Renaissance chalk paint comes in a 32 oz can which should be able to cover areas of about 80 to 100 square feet. The paint comes in 45 different colors that you can choose from to get the right ambiance that you are looking for. That is to say, you do not have to settle for the next best thing.

The way this chalk paint works is by rejuvenating what you have in the house and putting the soft touch on it. Painting the interior of the house furniture as Cabinet, Headboard will be an easy task now.

Did you know that you can also find the same paint in a spray version if you do not want to use a brush? There is also the chalked decorative glazes that will give you the antique look you want. I honestly cannot say that Renaissance chalk paint is anything less than elegant.


I think that the paint has many things going on for it but the most outstanding would have to be the one that I am about to focus on. Pay keen attention to this because, this is where it gets interesting.

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Multi-Surface Use


Wouldn’t you love to have a paint that works on almost any surface that you have in the interior of the house? Well, that is exactly what the Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint offers. You will find it to be applicable to interior masonry, wood, metal, ceramics and canvas.

It will distress easily to create the vintage and antique look if you want that.

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Cleans Easily

Renaissance chalk paint is made in a way that it doesn’t produce much odor. The latex formula used in the making will make it easier for you when you want to clean it out. All you will need for the cleaning job is water and soap.

Fast Drying

When you have finished applying the paint, you just have to wait 20 – 30 minutes for it to dry and after that, you can apply another coat if you want. The drying time is amazing and will provide you with the kind of convenience that you need.

Easy Application

When you are doing work like this, you need to know that the application process will be easy. That is guaranteed as the paint has excellent adhesion capabilities. And this will happen even with almost no prep-work.

No Prep-Work

Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint - Chalk Furniture & Cabinet Paint - Non Toxic


Unless you want to paint on new wood that hasn’t been done anything on before, you will not need to sand, use primer or any of the things that you would use with regular paint. This will give you the chance to have fun while working.

Zero VOC’s paint

Renaissance chalk paint has natural ingredient with no fumes, nontoxic, Safe to use indoors as a bedroom, living room…

Pricing and Purchase

With Renaissance chalk paint, you expect quality and the price on Amazon is a few cents over $$ for every 32oz can. I dare say that is a bargain. If you live in the US, it can be shipped straight to you.


The really awesome thing is that with this paint, you have so many pros it is hard not to buy it. Some include:

  • There is very low odor. You do not want paint that will suffocate you when you are in the house doing an interior refurbishment.
  • The paint is water based which means that you have very low toxicity.
  • There is no paint easier to clean as you will just need soap and water.
  • The paint will self-level which means no repeated brush strokes.
  • No sanding or priming is required unless you need to do that.
  • It doesn’t take many coats to make anything you paint this with look awesome. Just one is enough.
  • The pricing on this paint is very reasonably low according to many people.


There aren’t many cons but here are some of the things that may put a damper on this awesome paint:

  • If you apply too thickly, you will leave streaks that will be ugly.
  • Sometimes with some surfaces, you might need multiple coats.
  • Some users said that their paint yellowed after a week.
  • This paint is strictly for the interior of the house seeing as water cleans it and rain is water.

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Alternative Renaissance chalk paint

When you want to go for something else that is not Renaissance, you might find names like Real Milk Paint Tung Oil, Annie Sloan and Amy Howard being tossed around. General Finishes is more prominent when it comes to another milk paints.


Some Tips on Application

When you want the best results, you will need to be careful with how you apply the paint and this means doing it right. Here are some tips that will help.

  • You will need synthetic or foam brush for best results.
  • For distressing, sand corners and edges lightly.
  • There is no need to prime except for bare wood.
  • Apply in a light manner to get evenness in flow.
  • To get an even coat, do not brush excessively.
  • Glass and metal surfaces will be better with two coats.

These will help make the job a success for you.

Renaissance chalk paint reviews final Opinion

Well, if I have to pick something that is cheap, non-toxic and well-loved by fans, I would go for Renaissance chalk paint. As you will find out, the rest of the paints like Annie Sloan are a little more expensive and sometimes double the price quoted here for the same amount and quality.

Good luck choosing the paint you will use.

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