How Much a tankless water Heater Cost – Average Price 2020

The costs of owning a brand new tankless water heater

Tankless water heater, also known as “on demand” water heater is becoming very popular nowadays because of the many benefits it gives the consumers. It claims to be more energy efficient since it does not store water and only heats when you are using it. It also saves you space inside and outside your homes since water storage tanks are not needed to be placed.

If you are considering having your own tankless water heater, this article will greatly help you. You may want to examine you and your needs, your space and of course, your budget first.  The very first thing to consider is the type of heater to choose because tankless water heaters generally come in two categories: the indoor and outdoor.

Indoor water heaters are installed inside the house. Outdoor is fixed outside since it is designed to bear elements such as storms, hurricanes and other natural occurrences. As tankless water heaters require huge amount of oxygen, it will be needing more venting when installed inside the house. If installed outside, the heater vents from flowing air.

In terms of price, there are outdoor water heaters which are a lot cheaper because you can have those portable and battery operated ones. The prices of indoor water heaters range from 98 dollars to as much as 1,800 dollars. The average cost of outdoor heaters on the other hand is 700 dollars. I will give specific prices later on.

Different types of tankless water heaters

The two categories above are further subdivided into three types namely LP or Propane, Electric and Natural Gas. Let’s first discuss the LP or Propane.


LP Gas or Propane Gas Tankless Water Heaters Price

These gas water heaters literally use liquefied petroleum gas or propane to run the heaters and can heat 40 to 100 gallons of water. Manufacturers claim the durability of propane heaters which can last up to decades. They also state that propane operated heaters heat faster than electric ones.

The popular brands under this type and their costs are:


·         TMCT 18L; 4.8GPM: $140.12

·         Marey GA5LP; 1.3GPM: $169.99

·         Camplux 12L; 3.18 GPM: 329.99

·         Bradford White; 40Gal: $784.95

·         A.O. Smith GCRL-40 ProMax Plus; 40 Gal:$806.66

·         Rheem NG; 40gal: $992.16

·         Navien NPE 240A, 200k BTU/LP: $1,700.00


·         PAICN 18L; 4.8GPM: $118.75

·         Gasland 6L; 1.5 8GPM: $158.88.

·         Gasland BE158, 6L; 1.58GPM: $184.19

·         Camplux 10L; 2.64GPM: $198.75

·         Eccotemp 10L; 2.65GPM: $230.32

·         Eccotemp 45h; 6.8 GPM: $499.00

·         Rheem RTG-84LXP; 8.4 GPM: $699.99

·         Takagi TD2 OS LP; 4.25GP: $910.90


Electric Water Heaters Price

Electric water heaters do not have heat exchanger, burner and flue system since cold water from the bottom is moved near its top when heated. These types, on the other hand, is said to be more energy efficient since no coal are burnt on the process. The installation costs are a lot cheaper than the gas heaters and the units pride is the continuous flow of hot water whenever needed.

Here are the most popular brands and the prices of each:


·         Rheem RETEX-13; 240V: $308.36

·         Eemax EEM24036; 36KW, 240V: $447.36

·         Ecosmart ECO; 27KW; 240V: $505.00

·         Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 29 KW: $758.99

·         Bosch EH17; 240vac: $375.00

·         Titan N70; 27KW; 240VAC: $475.00


·         Eccotemp, 1.5 Gal: $159.29

·         Eccotemp L10: $217.19

·         Rheem RETEX 18: $299.95

·         Water Heater Roscloud, 7KW, 220V: $168.86

 Natural Gas Water Heaters Price

Natural gas water heater is considered to be “green fuel” and is a combination of different gases like buthane, ethane and methane and can also heat 40 to 100 gallons of water. Since it develops naturally, it is considered to be safer to the environment than propane water heaters. It is said to be more cost effective than the gas types.

The known brands which you may consider and the price list are below:


·         TC Home 16L; 4.2GPM: $129.99

·         Marey 3.1; 4.3 Gal GPM: $199.42

·         Takagi T-KJR2-In-Ng: $546.00

·         Rinnai V65In; 6.6 GPM: $678.43

·         Rheem RTGH-95DVLN; 9.5 GPM: $1,168.05

·         Noritz EZTR50, 50gal: $1,040.00


·         PAICIN 16L; 4.3GPM: $129.99

·         Noritz NR662-OD-NG; 6.6 GPM: $202.50

·         Camplux Pro 26L; 6.86GPM: $499.99

·         Takagi T-KJR2-OS-NG; 6.6 GPM: $525.90

·         Rinnai V65EN; 6.6 GPM: $632.90

·         Rheem RTG-84XLN Low NOx; 8.4 GPM: $749.99


If you also prefer to purchase portable water heaters for your cabin or your next camping, there are available brands flooding the market. These brands are quiet cheaper, generally require batteries and will also be connected to propane tanks to ignite heat to the water.

Generally, portable water heater brands and the corresponding prices are the following:

  • RV’s and Campers Propane Gas; 6L BO: $63.95
  • Coleman H2Oasis; 1GPM: $105.00
  • Camp Chef HWD5 Triton; 1.5GPM: $109.99
  • Eccotemp L5 Portable; 2GPM: $119.00
  • Marey RV; 2GPM: $124.95
  • Bosch Tronic 3000 T; 4Gal: $153.43
  • Gasland BE 6L; 1.58GPM: $129.99

There are still numerous stores also offer mini tankless water heaters with the same services being offered, the only difference is a smaller water storage. The prices for these minis ranges from 290 to as much as 550 dollars.

Tankless water heater accessories cost

Apart from the upfront unit costs of the water heater, there are various accessories that must be consider if you want to achieve your greatest convenience. Here are some:

  • Hot water system protector. It reduces buildup of scales on the pipe and makes the life of the water heater longer. One of the most popular brands is AP430SS of Aqua-Pure; the price ranges from $65.00 to $80.00
  • Isolation Installation Kit. This is usually bought with the hot water system protector for periodic descaling and flushing of the tankless heater. A known brand is Metpure 3/4 which costs $154.99. Noritz HBC 1 Anti Scale replacement cartridge can also be considered to keep the flowing water clean. The price of the cartridge is $119.00
  • Drain pan. This collects and drains water leakage which can damage the finished interior. A popular brand is Camco 11476 which costs 40.56 dollars.
  • Battery backup. It is very useful for continuous water flow. A more popular brand is Hugo which can last up to 1 week of normal operation and costs 449.00 dollars.

The above categories are important when picking a brand since prices vary depending on the type, size, and capacity. Usually, you will spend around 140 to 2,000 bucks for this bathroom or kitchen appliance.  Installation costs are also factored in depending on the type of the water heater but we will have a different discussion regarding this.

It is worthy to note that the above quotations from eBay, Amazon and some friendly stores are just the average prices set on each type. I also listed those units with good ratings via consumer reviews.  Noticeably, there are only few competing brands in the market right now namely Rheem, Camplux Rinnai, Noritz, Navien and Takagi. The average price of electric heaters is cheaper than the LP and Natural types.

I also computed the additional cost when availing for those larger heaters and I approximated an additional $50 add on cost. It will worthy to note that the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act of 2015 now implements the new guidelines regarding the dimension of water heater that it must be 2 inches taller and wider than the previous heaters. This is to safeguard the energy efficiency standards of every household.

Reading this article will be your guide on purchasing your very own tankless water heater, but I must be clear on this article that the prices presented are for unit and accessories only. Other overhead costs such as installation and maintenance are not yet included.


This article will not be complete without the comparison of the expenses of having a water heater tank and that of a tankless.

The standard tank water heater is also considered by residential and commercial establishments due to its benefits such as no circuitry and natural gas line changes, it doesn’t need high flow rate and there is minimal lag time for hot water than tankless. Apart from these, the topmost benefit said to be enjoyed by tank users are the lower installation cost. To have a bird’s eye view of the expenses, here are some to be incurred, starting with the unit cost. Here are the most popular brands of tank water heater:


  • Reliance 650EORT 100, 50Gal: $454.15
  • A.O. Smith ENT 50, 50Gal: $741.52
  • Rheem Platinum; 40,000 BTU, 50 Gal: $1,021.50
  • Westinghouse 4500W; 316L, 80 Gal: $1,258.50


  • Bradford White RG240T6N; 60L, 40Gal: $784.95
  • O. Smith GCR 50 ProMax ; 81L, 50 Gal:$903.64
  • HTP SSU45, 30L, 45 Gal: $1399.99
  • Rheem G75 125, 75 Gal: $5,100


Comparing the tank and tankless water heaters by figures: the average unit cost of tankless water heater is $140 to $1,200 while tank type water heater is from $500 to $1,800.

The installation cost of these tankless water heaters ranges from $560 to $932. Its maintenance run from $215 to $290 and the repair or replacement cost is about $171 to $605. The traditional tank type water heater on the other hand costs $562 to $675 installation fee, and its repair or replacement varies from $171 to $208.

As you can see, the different expenses that will be incurred will be a great factor in choosing which type of water heater to acquire. But conclusive of all the figures presented, it is a lot cheaper to acquire, maintain and replace the traditional tank type water heater but the energy efficiency of tankless water heaters may not be taken aside. In the long run, the lowered energy consumption of those tankless will prove that it can still be a good option after all. The choice then is up to you.

How Much a tankless water Heater Cost – Average Price 2019

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