Top 8 Best Paint Brand for Furniture in 2020

Sanding furniture before painting is daunting. Hats off to the furniture-flipper who sands pieces down before painting. Using the best paint brand for furniture can, however, cut your time by half. We all want the best for our household furniture.

To make a makeover experience worth it, you need to choose a quality paint brand. The market is large, and we understand how daunting the process of finding the best painting brands can be. Here is a list of the best painting brands for furniture to help you make the buying decision.

1. Chalk Finish Paint – Furniture & Cabinet Paint

Chalk Finish Paint is a reputable brand with years of experience in the market. Among other numerous brands, Chalk Finish Paint is perhaps the most-respected and widely-known furniture paint. There are over 30 hues available to choose from, and the paints cover well. The furniture paint is not only water-based, but it is also non-toxic.

The price tag may be a put off for many people, but Chalk Finish Paint truly compensates this with top-quality products. Being a brand with decades of experience in interior design, you can rest assured that you’ve put your money in the right place.

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  • A wide variety of colors to consider
  • You do not require sanding or priming.
  • Paint sticks to most surfaces like wood, glass, and concrete.
  • Dries with a perfect matte finish
  • No need to wax or varnish


  • It is a bit pricey
  • The paint needs a new coat of protective waxing at least every six months

2. Poets Paint Waterglass Paint Chalk Finish Brands

Poets Chalk Paint is not true milk paint, but it has the same consistency as real milk paint. The mineral-based paint is widely known for its low luster sheen. That’s not all; there are many advantages of settling with this paint brand. For starters, unlike other milk paint brands that come in powder form, Poets Chalk Paint comes pre-mixed to the perfect consistency.

Secondly, you can thin it with water to dilute which makes it easier to use. Don’t worry because this is the best paint brand for furniture for anyone on a tight budget. The quart size paint can last through several pieces of furniture yet it has a reasonable and pocket-friendly price. There are about 28 milk paint colors to settle with.

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  • Highly durable and does not require a topcoat
  • Low VOC
  • A wide variety of bright contemporary colors to choose from
  • Comes already pre-mixed
  • Easy to use
  • Adaptable and UV resistant
  • Smoothes out so nicely as it dries
  • No need for sanding before applying the paint


  • It can be distressed, but it is not as easy as milk paint or chalk paint.

3. Dixie Belle Chalk Finish Furniture Paint

Dixie Belle Chalk  Paint stands out because of two things; it is quick and pretty hard to mess. The product ranks as the best paint brand for professionals and beginners alike. In fact, beginners can get the best results with Dixie Belle Chalk  Paint because it is hard to mess up.

The paint is thick with excellent coverage. It is also self-sealing, so there is no need for a top-coat. Aside from being the best paint brand for furniture, Dixie Belle Chalk  Paint is perfect on your countertops and cabinets. Dixie Belle Chalk  Paint gives you a beautiful professional finish in less time with little effort.

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  • No stripping, sanding or priming required
  • More pigment for better coverage
  • Low VOC and little noticeable odor
  • Slightly textured to eliminate brush marks
  • Fade resistant
  • Does not require a top-coat
  • Hard to mess up


  • Highly Priced
  • Fewer color options

4. Fusion Mineral Paint Brand

Fusion Mineral Paint BrandFusion Mineral Paint truly deserves a spot on this top 8 list of the best paint brand. If you want to paint furniture in cold weather, then Fusion Mineral Paint is the ideal product to purchase thanks to the zero VOC. Fusion Mineral Paint offers over 50 different paint colors to choose from which is truly impressive.

Aside from this, it is non-toxic and requires minimal prep work. The 100 percent acrylic paint has lots to offer to the beginner and the pro alike. The results are outstanding delivering an exceptional matte finish. The best feature of this paint brand is the built-in top-coat.



  • No priming or significant prep work required
  • Exceptional coverage of 75 sq ft per pint
  • No waxing or sealing is required
  • Easy application
  • A wide variety of paint colors
  • Built-in top coat
  • Durable and washable finish
  • Easy one-step self-leveling application


  • The jars aren’t large

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5. Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint – Breathable Exterior Paint

miss mustard seeds milk paintThis paint brand is true milk paint. It has all natural ingredients; therefore, it is perfect for anyone to use. It is also ideal for little ones, pets, and pregnant women. Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint contains only five simple ingredients – milk protein, chalk, clay, limestone and natural, non-toxic synthetic pigments.

The paint brand is available in 25 different colors. The milk paint is perfect for both interior and exterior applications. Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint is ideal for painting wood, drywall, and plaster.

The paint will not chip or peel and provides a breathable coating. As opposed to other paint brands, milk paint comes in a powdered form, so you mix it with water before use.

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  • Safe for children and pregnant women
  • Non-toxic and has no VOCs
  • A wide variety of colors to settle with
  • Does not chip when applied to raw wood surfaces
  • Naturally mold resistant
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Resists some pre-painted surfaces without the Milk Paint Bonding Agent

6. BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder – Paint brand for your money

B Frosch Chalk Paint BB Frosch is not furniture paint. It is a chalk paint powder that mixes with ordinary latex paint. If you have your favorite latex paint color, you can mix in BB Frosch to convert it into a chalk-based paint. The paint will bond to any surface without prep.

The best part about the BB Frosch is that it is pretty affordable and can help create a variety of finishes. The chalk paint powder distress beautifully and allows you to create amazing pieces without spending too much money. You want to buy the BB Frosch chalk paint powder if you are shopping for an affordable alternative to the pre-mixed chalk paint.

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  • Very affordable
  • No waste because you only mix enough paint you need
  • You can mix with any paint brand
  • Offers excellent coverage
  • No prep work is required
  • Creates a smooth and self-leveling paint
  • Bonds to virtually everything


  • A bit expensive than DIY chalk paint

7. FolkArt Chalk Finish Paint Brand for Furniture

You’ll want to choose other paint brands if you are on a tight budget. However, if you do not mind throwing in a few extra dollars, then you can settle for this brand.

FolkArt Chalk Finish Paint considered one of the best paint brands for furniture because of their top quality products. According to customer reviews, the brand offers nothing but the best when it comes to quality. No wonder the price tag is hefty. There are varieties of latex and oil-based paints both for interior and exterior use

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  • Different varieties to choose from
  • Available software to let you see the outcome
  • Does not fade easily
  • Beautiful and professional results


  • Too expensive

8. Benjamin Moore Paint Brand

Benjamin Moore Paint BrandAnother best paint brand that you cannot overlook is Benjamin Moore Paint Brand. The widely-acclaimed brand boasts of the best top-quality paints to meet your unique painting needs.

With numerous customer reviews, you can rest assured that you are investing in paint that will surely last for a long time. Just like the Sherwin Williams Brand, Benjamin Moore offers a wide variety of latex and oil-based paints for interior and exterior applications.

Many people love this paint brand because there are over 3,000 colors and types of paints to consider. You don’t have to look the other way if you are shopping for a top quality product because every dollar you spend will truly be worth it.

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  • A wide variety of colors to choose from
  • Does not fade easily
  • Software to see the outcome with the color you choose


  • Hefty price tag

How to choose the top paint brands for furniture

No specific paint brand works for every surface or home. Choosing the best paint brand is less important than the type of paint. However, because it is also an important consideration, here are a few factors to consider when choosing the best paint brand for furniture.

Customer Reviews

Finding the best paint brand is easy if you ask previous buyers. Before making a buying decision, it is important to read online reviews. Find out what other buyers think about the paint brand and their experience.

Price Vs. Quality

The two go hand-in-hand because high-quality paint sells at a higher price. If you are willing to spend a few extra dollars on high-quality paint, then, by all means, settle with high-end paint brands like Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. This does not mean that other brands do not produce quality. There are mid-range paint brands selling furniture paint at reasonable prices that do not dent the wallet.

Settle with your favorite hue

Start by choosing your preferred color. You can get the best paint for furniture that matches your favorite color in any brand. This process may be long and daunting, but the results are worth it. Borrow some inspiration from your interior décor if you do not know the type of color to choose.


Different brands may produce the same product, but they do not share the same experience. Paint brands with years of service on the market assure you great and top-quality products. This is not the case with every product though. If you are looking for the best paint brand to settle with, then you need to know how long it has been in service.

FAQs on Furniture Paints

For your peace of mind, here are answers to some common questions you may have on furniture paint.

Question 1: Must I sand the furniture first before painting?

Answer: well, yes and no. You do not have to sand if your furniture piece is still in good condition.

Question 2: Do I prime furniture first before painting?

Answer: No you do not have to prime the furniture first unless you have a piece that bleeds through.

Question 3: Which paint brush should I use?

Answer: For the best results, use an angled paintbrush. They are precise with excellent cutting-in abilities. Besides, the bristles do not come off in your painting.

Question 4: How many paint coats should I use?

Answer: Two is a good number. Some paint brands may not require two coats of paint like General Finishes.

Question 5: Do I need a top-coat?

Answer: Some paints do not need a top-coat. However, if you have to use a top-coat, understand the different options available and go for one that meets your particular need.

Wrapping up

Finding the best paint brand for furniture can be daunting, but the experience is rewarding. The paint is a significant investment therefore before making a buying decision you need to understand the different options available on the market today. If you are looking for the best paint brand for your next project, then hopefully you will find this list informative.


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