How to Use Chalk Paint on Wood – 5 Tips When Application Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is one of the few paints that you will find which are very easy to use and has the best effects on wood depending on the maker. You will find that to be very beneficial in the long run. There is much more about it that we do not know.

Find out everything there is to know about chalk paint to see how you will be able to know. Or where you can use this paint, how you can use it and best of all, what it is.

With the look that it gives wood, you will find it versatile. Most of all, you will make wood look antique in a way that is realistic that you will find the elegance it evokes to be more than charming.

A Few Tips to Begin With

There are some things that will either make this hard or easy. Which is why you need to know some of the things that will help make this as easy for you as possible. That is the reason why we are going to look at some of the tips that will be helpful to beginners.

Some of the things are important and others can be skipped and I will make sure to tell you which ones you can skip and the ones that you cannot skip or should not.

To be clear, some of the processes vary and this one might be a little different than the one that you may have seen. But, just a little.Cleaning before use chalk paint on wood

  • Prep and Priming

Well, you do not need to do any of this prep or priming that is needed when you are using the regular kinds of paints and that is why you will find it easier. There is nothing less intimidating than knowing that you do not need to do all the prep work for this to work well.

So, it does not matter if what you want to paint is an old piece of furniture from who-knows-when. The best thing about chalk paint is that it is meant to bring this kind of furniture back to life. You just have to remove the things you don’t want painted over and get on with it.

  • You Don’t Need Van Gogh Level Skills

This is the paint for beginners. You see, with the other regular paints, you will find that there is a lot that you will need to do to make it look right. This is because if you do not, you will find it hard to get the whole thing right.

This is because of things like leveling and such. With this one, you will not have to know all these things and how to do them because the paint will do that for you with ease. Here, the strokes of the brush don’t even have to be straight.

  • Pricing

The price of chalk paint might be a little ridiculously high when you compare it with normal paints. But then again, from a paint that can take furniture and make it look so good, what did you expect? Well, that is not a problem because that small can will cover so much space.

The thing you need to keep in mind is that you do not need to prime which means that this will not be such a hard purchase to make. It is just the paint that you need and brushes, nothing more. With chalk paint, you may be limited by the color choices but there are options.

  • Distressing

Remove-the-inside-panel-prior-to-paintingLet us talk about this part which many may not be familiar with. Well, the thing is that this is not a necessity. It is, however, very popular with chalk paint enthusiasts. It is like when you add an exhaust pipe to the one that you have so it appears like you have two.

In the same way that two or four exhaust pipes make a car look cooler and hip, distressing makes furniture look antique. You basically chip off paint on the parts that you think will have been worn down by time. This makes some splotches on the paint job for that old and worn look.

  • Waxing

There is so much that you will need to do to make sure that you have gotten this right. That is to make sure that you have distressed the piece of furniture before you wax it. Do not skip the waxing part if you want it to look as good as the ones you have seen on Pinterest.

With the waxing, you will have to distress the furniture first before you wax it if you want it to have that distressed look. If you skip that, you will not have the effect of making this look as good as it can.

The Process of Wood Painting with Chalk Paint

We have seen the tips that will help you make this a success. You will find it even easier to do this when you have a step by step process that will take you from the beginning to the end. That is what we have here and it will be beneficial to you.

Working on the Surface

Let’s get to work and see what we have. Surfaces need to be made perfect and that is how you will find it easy to work with them. Here is how you do that:

  1. Wipe It Down

Use-Chalk-Paint-on-Wood-2The furniture needs to be clean so that you can have an easy time when you paint and when you want to know how to distress. This will be easier if you have a cloth that will be able to wipe off all the dirt. Clean it so well so the dirt won’t be stuck under the paint.

  1. Remove the Hardware

This will include things like the handles, the decorative and shiny items that are there to make the whole things look better. You don’t want to paint over those as the whole thing might end up looking very ugly.

  1. Fill The Scratches and Blemishes

Now comes the detailed part of the whole thing. Here, you will have to make sure that you have filled in the spaces that have been left by scarring over the years. You can use wood filler to take care of this. Or you can leave it if you want to have that antique worn look.

  1. Sanding The Piece

When you have filled the whole thing, you can go on to sand it down and make sure that it is smooth in places that you will find to be a little off. That is how you will create the perfect surface for you to work on.

Application of the Chalk Paint

Now, you are done with the preliminaries and you will need to move on to the next step which is to make sure that you have applied the paint well.

  1. Choose the Color You Want

I said that the colors are limited in terms of how bold they may not be. However, there are so many shades for you to work with and if you have the catalog of colors, you can compare to see what fits best.

  1. Do The Test

Now, you will want to know that the effect you are expecting is what you will get. So, find an obscure corner or the back of what you are painting and test there. Apply one coat, let it dry and apply another. Just a small patch will do. Wait for the effect to materialize.

  1. Paint

Now that you have seen the effect that you were looking for is what you have, start painting. You will need to follow the painting rule which is, to always start from the bottom and go up to prevent dripping that may make the paint job look less impressive.

  1. Coating

First coat may not look so impressive. Which is why you will need to apply another. That is how you will get the best kind of look. This will need to be done in shifts. What I mean is, let the first coat dry before you add another.

Finishing Up

Now that you have done all the important things, you can go on to finish up and make the whole thing look as good as you want it to:

  1. Add Some Wax

Not that it is needed but you will find that wax is essential to make the whole piece glow and look so good it will make you giggle with glee. The durable finish that is created here is something that will help with the longevity.

Apply in a circular motion on small patches of the piece until done.

  1. Put Back the Hardware

Now that you are done, you can put the hardware back in and watch the effect that this had. The handles, untouched by paint and the decorative items will complete the look with their shiny features.

A Few More Things You Need to Know About Chalk Painting

At this point, you have what you need to make this a good job. There are, however, a few things that have remained which you will have to know that will be helpful and they will be mentioned here for your benefit.

  • Picking a Good Brush

The job is better done when you have the correct tools like the best brushes that will make this easy for you to do. That is how you will be able to have the best kind of effect. Find a brush that is exceptional like the 2” Angle Purdy brush. It may not be cheap though.

However, it will last for years and that is something that I think you will be able to appreciate. It is also softer at the ends which is the perfect form for a brush that will be used with chalk paint.

  • Taping When Needed

There are some parts that you will not want the paint to touch. These ones can be protected using tapes and that is how you will be able to keep the paint to where it is supposed to be. It is easy to do and will prevent any problems while giving you the straightest lines.

  • Bleed Through

Priming may not be needed for most wood types but when you have something like the old cherry and mahogany types of furniture, you will have bleed through. This will happen all over and you will need to do something about it to get the best look.

That is where the primer comes in and you will find it easy to keep the effect from manifesting. But normally, with chalk paint, priming is not needed.

Some More Uses You May Get Out of Chalk Paint

Now, you will find this to be an interesting part of the chalk paint. You can use it for as many wood pieces as you have. Plank walls make for good candidates. If you want to have the best effect, avoid the high traffic areas like kitchens, dens and dining room tables.

Also, this is not recommended for any plastic or metal surfaces. They just won’t do, they do not have the same quality that wood has to adapt to chalk paint.

You will have fun doing this. Now, we will look at the process that you can follow and what it can do for you. That is how you will know exactly what to do and where to start. This is the best time that you will have painting anything.

My Final Take

I think that now you know what you need to be doing with the paints and how to do it. That is why you will find it easy to get this done with no mistakes. Chalk paint has the effect of making a novelty out of old boring pieces of furniture.

Use that power and see what you get.


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